Warnings: Swearing, Angst, Homophobic Slurs, Amnesia!Burt.

This story is set during the Grilled Cheesus episode. Instead of Burt having a heart attack, he's in a car crash.

Not Alone Anymore

Kurt kept staring down at his dad, afraid that if he blinked, something would happen. Kurt was taken out from his French class by a stricken Mr Schue and Miss Pillsbuy, telling him that his dad is in the hospital after being in a car accident while returning a car to Columbas. Mr Schue drove them all to the hospital, they waited for nearly two hours before a doctor came and told them the situation.

"Your father was brought in in a critical condition. He has a broken arm, and he sustained severe head injuries. We're monitoring his condition, especially his head injury for signs of swelling."

"W-when can I see him?" Kurt asked tearfully.

"I'll take you to him now, but I have to warn you Mr Hummel, your father is in a coma."

That was five days ago, and Kurt was certain that his dad would never wake up. Finn was sitting on the end of the bed watching the football game that was showing on the TV in the room, and Carole was sitting on the opposite side of Kurt, gently stroking Burt's shoulder. Carole had been great these past few days, she offered Kurt a place to stay while his dad was in the hospital, she spoke to Burt's employees about the shop while Kurt was in school, and Finn would drive him straight from school to the hospital, where afterwards he would go back to the Hudson's, cry into the cushion on the sofa, and start the day again in the same order.

Kurt's eyes kept closing slowly, he'd been getting hardly any sleep lately what with everything happening. Kurt jolted awake when he felt a small pressure around the hand which tucked in his dad's.

"Dad?" Kurt asked, and watched as the grip on his hand got stronger.

"Finn, go and get the doctor!" Carole called, standing over Burt and stroking his bandaged head.

Kurt also stood up, but kept Burt's hand firm in his, squeezing back, letting his dad know he wasn't alone, he was right here. Before Finn could reach the door, Burt's eyes blinked open. Finn ran over to the bed and stood next to Carole, and Kurt smiled brightly at the blue eyes of his father.

Burt first looked at Carole and Finn, offering them a smile, recognition in his eyes.

"C-Carole, Finn." Burt whispered horsely.

Kurt waited patiently for his dad to notice him, and when Burt looked down at their hands entwined, he ripped them apart. Kurt looked into his dad's face, hurt on his face as his dad looked at him strangely. Before anyone said anything, the doctor came in, and started to check Burt's vitals. Burt remembered everything, from the accident, to what he ate that morning, but then his eyes casted to Kurt's again.

"E-excuse me, but, can we help you?" Burt asked.

Kurt looked at him in confusion.

"Dad, it's me." Kurt said, thinking his dad was just playing around with him.


"It's me, Kurt..."

"Who?" Burt blinked. Kurt looked into Burt's eyes, and saw no recognition in them.

"Burt, this is Kurt...your son." Carole said carefully and gently. Finn was looking at Kurt in horror.

"I, I don't have a son."

With those words, Kurt ran out of the hospital room, ignoring the shouts from Carole and Finn. Burt's words echoing in his head.

"I don't have a son."

I know it sucked, but I'm in a rush! HA!