Blaine sipped his Medium Drip, pretending to listen to Wes as he rattled on about songs to perform for Sectionals. Nick and Jeff were poking eachother from underneath the table, thinking that none of them would notice. David kept pouring sugar into his cup, and mixing it with the wooden stick that came with his drink, and Thad and Trent were looking towards the group of girls a few tables away from them. Blaine sighed to himself as he peered around the coffee shop, his eyes stopping on a lonely looking boy. He wasn't even wearing a coat, he must have been freezing. Without thinking, Blaine muttered a 'be right back' to the group, before he found himself queuing up and ordering two cups of coffee. The boy looked so thin, so Blaine ordered him a Grande Mocha.

When the barista placed each cup into a cup holder and smiled broadly at him, he handed her the money and told her to keep the change. He spun around and saw his friends looking at him in mild interest, apart from Wes, who looked at him with a slightly irritated expression.

Blaine spoke with the sad boy as he sat down across from him. Kurt, the name suited him.

"And may I ask why you are outside without a coat on? What would you're mother say?" Blaine said teasingly.

Blaine was surprised when Kurt flinched when he said this.

"My mother's dead."

Oh, shit.

"Jeez, I'm sorry. I don't have a filter, I don't think before I say things. I-"

"It's alright Blaine; it was a long time ago." Kurt said, brushing him off. "And I just left it at home."

"That's understandable. What school do you go to?" Blaine asked with interest.


"Ooh I've heard a lot about that school. We might be competing with their Glee Club at Sectionals."

"I'm in the Glee Club." Kurt said, blinking up at Blaine. "That means we're not supposed to speak. If Rachel found out, she'd have kittens."

Blaine snorted at Kurt's humour.

"Very Romeo and Juliet. But of course not in the love part, I mean, it's just, um-"

Blaine smiled sheepishly when Kurt started laughing at him. The sound was like hearing the Angels sing, he could listen to it all day.

"Well Kurt, are you doing anything for the rest of the afternoon? My friends and I have a free afternoon." Blaine asked whilst checking his watch.

N-nothing." Kurt replied. "I was just going to stay here for a bit, I don't really want to go home just yet, let alone school."

"How would you like to join me and my friends for a movie night at Dalton?" Blaine asked hopefully. He was pleased when Kurt looked as if he was actually thinking about it.

"I, I can't." He stammered. "I don't have a car to drive up there, and I'm working this afternoon…" Blaine gave him his best puppy dog face. "I suppose I could ask Ian to cover, he owes me a favour. But how will I get there-"

"Nuh uh uh, you're my guest, that means I'm also you're escort. Are you ready to go?" Blaine said.

As Kurt finished off his drink, they both disposed of their empty cups. Blaine dragged Kurt over to his friends, who smiled at the boys.

"Guys, this is Kurt. Kurt, this is Wes, David, Nick, Jeff, Trent and Thad. I invited Kurt to our movie night." Blaine said brightly.

"I-if that's alright," Kurt said still sounding unsure.

"The more the merrier!" Wes called. "We should be heading back now if we're going to make a stop at the supermarket to get our sugar sweetness."

"Great, Kurt and I are all ready. I'll take Kurt, Nick and Jeff in my car, Thad can you take everyone else?" Blaine asked.

"Sure, as long as David doesn't start singing Barbie Girl again." Thad said gruffly, looking at his car keys.

Thad was starting to make Kurt feel quite nervous, Kurt already felt like he was intruding in their friendship. He'd only known Blaine for no more than ten minutes, and the way Blaine was talking to him was as if they had been the best of friends for their whole lives. Kurt called Ian, who happily accepted to do Kurt's shift, and told him he needed a night off anyway. Kurt thanked him and told him how grateful he was before ending the call. He then preceded to text his dad to tell him he will be back late. Not that he would get a reply anyway.

Kurt decided that he really liked Nick and Jeff; they made sure he was included in every conversation during the car ride, and Jeff was talking to him about music. When they pulled up at the supermarket, they all got out of the car and made their way into the store, with Kurt shuffling awkwardly behind them.

The Dalton boys piled their shopping trolley with sweets galore, about ten large bottles of Coke and Lemonade, crisps, chocolate, and more junk food that made Kurt's stomach do flips. His heart picked up when they reached the cashiers, and the boys were discussing how much they all should contribute. Jeff seemed to have sensed Kurt's discomfort, as he spoke to him quietly.

"Are you okay Kurt?" Nick asked.

"I, I don't have any money. I'm so sorry, I'll just walk home. I don't want to disrupt you're day anymore-"

Kurt was about to walk away from the group, when Nick put his arm around Kurt's narrow shoulders and faced the group again.

"Guys I'm paying for Kurt's share, since he's our guest." Nick told the group.

"We weren't expecting Kurt to pay anyway," Trent said, smiling at Kurt.

Kurt felt very guilty then. He just wasn't used to friends like these boys. Wait, where they my friends? No, I've only known them five minutes. I'm just an acquaintance; they'll get sick of me by the end of the evening and drop me. That's what usually happens.

When the 'shopping' was all packed in the car, they made their way to Dalton. Blaine blasted out numerous P!nk and classic rock songs, and the four boys shouted over eachother singing the lyrics, including Kurt, who was having the most fun he'd had in weeks. Jeff, who was sitting next to Kurt, turned his head to face Kurt when he started to sing, Kurt immediately stopped singing, waiting for the guys to start judging him.

"Jesus Christ we didn't know you could sing? And you're a Soprano; Wes is going to fall in love with you." Jeff gushed.

"Wait, what?" Kurt asked, clearly confused. He'd never had this kind of feedback before.

"Dalton has been looking for a Countertenor, a Soprano, whatever you call them these days, for years. The last one we had was in the 1950's. Their very rare, so expect Wes to pounce, just a warning." Blaine said.

"O-okay," Kurt said, sinking into his seat.

The night was great, Kurt felt so at home with the five boys. They watched I Love You Man, followed by Paranormal Activity, and finished the evening off with Mulan. Somehow, Wes had managed to spill half a bottle of Coke onto the carpet, and Nick went crazy from the sugar. While they were watching the movies, Kurt just sat on the floor quietly, arms wrapped around his legs with his chin resting on his knees. He didn't want to get in their way, so he tried to make himself as small as possible.

Suddenly, Blaine hopped down from the bed and sat next to Kurt on the floor, draping a blanket over them. The floor was covered in sweet wrappers and crumbs. Blaine placed a bowl of cheesy puffs in the middle of him and Kurt, who looked at them apprehensively.

"Don't tell me you're one of those dieters?" Blaine asked in shock.

Kurt did want to eat some, but he was worried if he'd keep it down. Back in middle school, he stopped eating when the bullying got so bad. He managed to keep it up for two and a half weeks before his dad found out. Back to when he actually cared about Kurt's wellbeing. That memory struck a chord inside of him; he remembers how his dad was so supportive and loving of him, and he pulled him out of that middle school and home schooled him for a while.

Kurt picked up a cheesy puff carefully and slowly placed it in his mouth, drowning in the flavour. His stomach gave a satisfied growl, so Kurt grabbed a handful and started to eat them. He probably looked like a psychotic cannibal, but he was so hungry he didn't even care.

"Whoa careful, we don't want you to choke." Blaine joked, handing Kurt a cup of Coke, which he downed almost immediately.

"Sorry." Kurt said, face turning red from embarrassment.

Before anyone could say anything else, the sound of Lady GaGa's Paper Gangster filled the air. The boys immediately turned to Kurt, who fished his ringing phone out of his bag sheepishly. He put the phone to his ear without even checking the caller ID.


"Where the fuck are you?" his father growled.

Kurt felt his stomach drop.

"Didn't you get my text-"

"I got you're text, but it's 10 O' fucking clock and you were supposed to be at work."

"But, but I asked Ian to take over-"

"Yeah, he took over the afternoon shift. There was no one to count the money and sort out the paperwork. I had to come in and do the last of it you little shit. You get home right now."

Kurt shakily hung up and swallowed hard. His hands wouldn't stop shaking, and the boys could clearly see this. Blaine crawled over to him and put his hand on Kurt's back.

"Hey, what's wrong? Who was that?" Blaine asked concerned.

Kurt cleared his throat and pocketed his phone in his pocket.

"I-it was my uh, dad. He-he was wondering where I was." Kurt stammered.

"Oh, shit it is pretty late. I'll give you a ride."

Kurt looked at Blaine wearily, wondering why a stranger was being so nice to him.

"It's okay, I can get a cab, or walk-"

"There's no way you're doing any of those things. You'd collapse when you walk down the stairs to the foyer. Come on, you ready?"

Kurt nodded and gathered his things. Just as he was about to leave, he was stopped by Jeff, who brought him into a friendly hug.

"I hope to see you very soon Kurt Hummel. Oh by the way, when you weren't looking, I put all of our phone numbers in you're phone. Just in case you needed to talk."

Kurt's eyes watered at the boy's thoughtfulness. Never would any of his 'friends' in New Directions even think to be this kind to him, they were all absorbed in their own lives.

Kurt smiled and nodded stiffly. The other boys gave him a hug and waved goodbye.

Kurt thought the ride home would be awkward, but it really wasn't. The worry which was tying knots in Kurt's stomach seemed to fade everytime Blaine spoke to him about nothing. It really took his mind off what was yet to come when he got home.

As soon as Blaine drove down his street and parked outside in the driveway. Kurt's hands started to sweat as he saw the light in the living room turned on, he was sure his complexion had turned a lighter shade of white.

"Is everything okay?"

Kurt's head turned at the suddenness of Blaine's voice.

"Yes, of course it is. Why wouldn't it be?" Kurt said, trying to play it off.

"No reason. You know you can talk to me anytime, I'm a great listener." Blaine said, placing his hand on top of Kurt's.

Kurt's heart jumped at the touch, Blaine's hands were quite rough, but then he did remember Blaine mentioning how he played the guitar. His olive skin making Kurt's skin look like paper.

"Thank you. And, thanks for the lift, you really didn't have to."

"I wasn't going to let you fend for yourself. I would like to see you again, this time without the boys. If-if you want to?"

Kurt smiled bashfully and nodded. Blaine's grin widened, he looked like a puppy.

"Great! How about tomorrow after school? It's Wednesday tomorrow so I don't have Glee rehearsal. Is 4 O'clock okay?" Blaine asked.

"Yeah, um can we make it later? I would get the bus, but there's all the Neanderthals at my school on the buses and I would like to avoid them as much as possible, and it's quite a long walk-"

"I'll pick you up from McKinley, I have a free period last lesson so I'll text you to tell you where I am. Jeff texted everyone from you're phone so we all have you're number." Blaine said slowly, unsure if they had done the right thing.

"It's fine Blaine, and thank you. I really need a friend like you in my life right now."

Before Blaine could ask anymore questions, Kurt was out the door and running up to his door. He turned to Blaine and waved as he drove off. Kurt sighed deeply before jamming his key in the keyhole.

The stench of dust and alcohol flared up in his nostrils as he stepped inside the house. Kurt tried to tidy up as much as he could, but it was difficult when he'd come home from the garage exhausted.

Kurt's body shook as he slowly made his way to the living room, dreading what his punishment will be.