Words cannot describe to you all how sorry i am. Work is slowly killing me plus i'm having some personal issues which i need to deal with, and this is going to be an extremely busy month for me. This is the first time i have actually logged on here since my last updates!

So sadly, i will not be able to update for another month or so as some of you brits may know the council tax bills have gone out, which means a busy month or so for Aisling! :(

I will do my very best to get at least one update from either of my stories soon, but i can't make any promises. Also, i'm posting this on all of my WIP stories, so if your reading this, you can ignore the other updates :)

Again, i am so so sorry. But keep pestering me and it might remind me! ;)

Thank you all and hopefully see you soon.

Aisling x