Chapter Fifteen

I'm intrigued and don't go to bed even though we've got another big day tomorrow. I walk out of my bedroom and into the hallway of the apartment.

I ask an avox if she can find me some information on Thomas. She comes back with a touch screen pad type thing. I've never used something like this before. I mean I've seen them in the Capitol but never actually used one.

I touch the screen and it suddenly lights up in a flash. I'm startled but get back to looking for info on Thomas' family.

I'm looking for about an hour until I give up. Nothing. Nothing what so ever on his family. Nothing on his friends either. That's really really weird.

I go to Thomas' door and knock. I know full well that he isn't feeling well but I'm intrigued. He opens the door and has seemed to have lightened up a bit. An avox must have given him some special medicine to make him feel better. It seems to have dine the trick and he invites me in.

We sit down on two chairs and an avox brings us two glasses of milk. When the avox has gone he asks me why I have come.

Here goes. "Thomas, I know that you and I are both excited about going back to District Twelve. I'm excited about seeing my sister Prim. Are you excited about seeing your friends and family?" He seems to have known this question was going to come sooner or later. He sighs and drops his eyes to the ground.

"I have no family" he replies with. Oh. "My father died in a mining accident before I was born and my mother died in childbirth with me on the day your sister was reaped and you volunteered for her. I grew up in an orphanage but ran away three years ago. I've lived in the woods ever since but gone into the district once a year for the reapings. Everyone thought I was dead before the reapings. The Capitol knew I was alive but they don't care at all about District Twelve. I've lived in a small house by a lake for three years now. I've been alone for three years"

That was a shock. The Capitol never mention if someone is an orphan ever. Family of the tributes usually isn't that important until they get to the later stages of the games and they're interviewed. Maybe this is why they didn't do the interviews this year.

I lean in and give him a hug. He accepts it and gives it back. "You're not alone now," I whisper in his ear. He smiles and I get up and begin to walk out. I turn around and smile back.

In the space of about five minutes I've found out that he's all alone in the world. Apart from my family which I see about once a fortnight, I'm alone too. I've been alone for the past few years. Ever since Haymitch was taken away from me.

I go back to my room and lay down on my bed. I turn the lights off with the press of a button. I don't care if I'm still in my clothes. As soon as I close my eyes, I'm asleep. Instantly.

My eyes slowly flutter open. Someone is shaking me and I see it's Effie. She's shaking me and shouting for me to get up. She's shouting something about us being late for the train or something. Go away. I don't like you.

I throw some jeans and a T-shirt. I ask for a bacon sandwich and it appears within a matter of seconds. I scoff it down and walk out of my room and into the hallway where the two of them are waiting for me.

Effie chirps out some more nonsense and Thomas rolls his eyes. This makes me laugh and Effie scowl. Being a mentor with Thomas may actually be quite good fun. You never know.

We are escorted down an escalator and into a lobby. There is a glass walkway leading into a car. On the other side of the glass is screaming fans being pressed right up against it. In this lobby is Cinna and Portia. Portia and I kiss each other's cheeks and I compliment her dress which makes her smile. Cinna and I engage in a tight embrace. I won't see him for six months until the victory tour which is less time than the last fifteen years but it's still sad.

First into the walkway is Effie who just slowly walks in waving at the crowd.

I tell Thomas that it'll be easier if he just makes a run for it. He goes first and sprints as fast as he can and dives into the car which clearly startles and annoys Effie which is good. I then do a fast walk into the car. The door closes and the car makes it's way to the train station. We are sitting on smooth tight leather seats and the windows are blacked out, we can see out, but they can't see in. Thank god. Lining the streets are screaming crowds. Effie presses a button so the window starts to wind down but the screams of the crowds are so excruciatingly painful on the ears that she puts it up within a couple of seconds.

We arrive at the station within about five minutes and get out through another glass walkway. This time the glass is sound proof so we can see people going crazy but can't actually hear it. It's quite funny actually and it males Thomas chuckle to himself.

There's no waiting around in the station as the train is already there and two minutes after being in the car, we are on the train.

The train journey is pretty uneventful. Effie tells Thomas that she is excited about seeing him again in six months which makes him yawn. She obviously is insulted by his strange lack of courtesy but doesn't seem to hold a grudge against him. She eventually shuts up which is a relief.

We have dinner which is boring. Some Capitol food. It's nice but I'm yearning for District Twelve. A few hours from now and we'll be home.

I go to bed but surprisingly take a while to get to sleep. Probably because I'm so relieved about being back home.

I've been asleep for about five hours when Effie is knocking on my door for me to wake up.

I go through to the food cart but she tells me there's no time for food. In five minutes we'll be in District Twelve. I can already feel the train slowing down.

The train eventually comes to a stop and we are allowed off. Thomas asks if I can go with him which shouldn't be allowed but he's not very confident so I do. The doors open and the flashes from the cameras are so bright I can barely see. There's no glass walkway this time so we are escorted to a car with peacekeepers.

The car journey takes us to the Victors village which is empty of the media. This is good.

We drive around the ring of houses and stop in front of one of the ones that hasn't been lived in yet. This will be Thomas' house for the rest of his life.

"I love it" he says. This makes me smile.

"We'll be right next door to each other so if you ever need anything just ask."

"OK" he replies.

I go to my house and Thomas goes into his.

So Thomas is going to be a mentor with Katniss and that's the end! I hope you enjoyed the story, I am currently writing my next story a sort of sequel to this one. I should have the first chapter up by around Christmas and then we'll go from there.