"Who are you?! Why have you contacted Monster X!" the thing growled over the intercom.

Arthur felt a chill creep up his spine. It was huge, monstrous, terrifying.

"What do you want Mimiga!" the thing glared at him from the small screen.

"I, uh, there's robots." Arthur muttered, trying desperately to get his point across.

The thing was silent, just looking at him.

"We need you to get r-rid of them. To, uh, kill them."

The thing growled something unintelligible, then said angrily, "Fine, your wish is my command…"

Through the speaker, they heard a thunderous noise and the thing moved away from the camera. Within moments it was lost from view.

"Well, what do we do now?" King asked.

Arthur started to say, "I don't know," but a noise from outside the house made him go silent. King heard it too and his hair began to stand on end.

Footsteps, loud and metallic. They echoed around the cavern so that they could be heard even inside the house.

The robots, they had come back.


Curly walked through the tunnels, following the other robot. After some provocation he had revealed his name to be Quote, but had said nothing else. Around them was a crowd of four young Mimiga, struggling to stay close to the taller robots.

One of them had been injured, but Curly had quickly tended to the wound.

Around them the corridor seemed dark and foreboding. They both had their rifle lamps lit, but that was the only source of light.

As she walked, Curly saw Quote occasionally glance over at her. She could see suspicion in his eyes. He didn't trust her.

Of course, she didn't quite trust him, yet. They'd only just met, and she didn't want to put her life in the hands of a stranger. But as long as they were stuck together, they might as well watch each other's backs.

From up ahead Curly heard a shout and a scream. Then the sound of bullets bouncing off of stone.

Her gut twisted and she immediately began to run toward the noise. One of those heartless robots again, terrorizing the Mimiga.

Something slammed into Curly's legs, something light and soft. It bounced off and fell to the floor. Before Curly could investigate it, though, a robot appeared.

It was tall and thick, a heavy weapon gripped in both hands.

Curly raised her own gun and started to fire. Beside her Quote did the same.

They quickly defeated the robot, luckily without sustaining any real damage. It toppled and fell to the ground with a loud clang.

When silence returned, Curly found that there were two more of the creatures with them. One was young, small like the others. The second was larger, standing just past her waist.

Before Curly could try to say anything to them, though, the tunnels around them began to shake. From somewhere behind them, a ferocious rumbling sounded.


It moves through the tunnels, searching. All of its weapons are ready, ready to destroy. There had been orders, instructions. They would be carried out. There were robots on this island. They would be destroyed. Destroyed because of the orders. A noise came from somewhere up ahead and it advanced. Its weapons were charged and ready to destroy. A robot came into view. The smaller figure turned to attack it, but to no avail. Its weapons were far too great and the robot crumbled before its might. This was a victory, a small one though. Strength versus weakness. There could have been no other outcome. It moved on, moving past the ruined shell. Moving through the tunnels in search of more prey. Its weapons were charged and ready. Ready to find the next robot to be destroyed.


The helicopter flew through the air, carrying Miakid to his destination. That island that floated high in the sky. Deep inside there was supposed to be a treasure, a crown that gave power to the wearer.

With a sudden lurch, the helicopter landed. Miakid got up from his seat and left the aircraft. After stepping out onto the stony surface, he followed the trail of destruction.

Eventually he found himself in a large cavern.

Looking down, Miakid saw that the lower area showed signs of carnage and death. Broken bodies littered the floor and gave off the stink of decay.

Miakid smiled. He was so close now. All he had to do was take the crown. It would soon be his.

All his.


Quote ran through the stony corridor.

Behind him he could hear the monstrous thing racing through the tunnel behind him. Curly and the creatures, the Mimiga, were running around him.

He'd seen that thing briefly, and it was horrifying. With what seemed to be just a fraction of its true might, it had destroyed several robots.

If that thing caught up to them, Quote didn't want to think about what would happen.

So they ran through the dim tunnels as fast as they could. Quote was nearly blinded when he ran into the lit cavern, but he kept running.

Suddenly something pulled him aside and he fell. Quote felt himself being dragged across the uneven ground and he struggled to get himself free.

When he regained his awareness, Quote realized that Curly and the Mimiga were holding him down. He could hear the thing moving behind him.

Curly put a finger over her lips, signaling him to be quiet.

A series of explosions wracked the air, sending shockwaves that shook everything.

Then it all became silent. The thing was gone.


It leaves the cavern, leaving behind the broken bodies of destroyed robots. They are no longer a threat, not that they ever could be. They were weak, it is strong. It moves back to the tunnel, continuing the hunt. There will be more robots, more destruction, more war. In the distance it can feel a crowd. Many robots close together in a group. At the head of the pack is a single human. It moves in for the kill.


"I think it's gone." Arthur said, "That thing's gone."

The Mimiga got up and looked out the window. The village was empty of robots, and that giant thing was gone too.

But then Arthur saw something moving, walking out into the open area.

"King!" Arthur exclaimed, "Its Toroko."

The other Mimiga perked up and looked out through the window. "And Mahin, and Daisy, and some of the other kids." Then King gasped, "Arthur, there's a robot! Two of them."

"I know…" Arthur growled, watching angrily as the pair approached his baby sister.

Turning suddenly from the window, Arthur tore the sword from his back and ran for the door. Bolting out of the house and toward the group, he prepared to attack the robots. To do just as Spade had done. To protect the ones he loved, even if it meant laying down his life in the process.

"Mahin! They're behind you!" Arthur yelled, "Get outa the way! Get them away from here!"

Mahin seemed surprised at his presence and didn't respond for a moment, just staring at the advancing Mimiga.

Arthur dodged around the large Mimiga and jumped over the crowd of smaller ones. He had to defend them all, protect them from the monsters.


Miakid walked through the tunnel, surrounded by a multitude of robotic minions.

Looking down at his mobile radar system, he grinned. He was close now. The crown was nearby. Soon it would be his.

There had been no resistance since he arrived. No sign that anything lived in the tunnel system. The only movement came from his robots.

Then the ground began to shake violently.

"What's going on!" He demanded.

"Something is approaching," A nearby robot informed him, "Something big."

Miakid felt some fury build inside of him. Whatever this was, it had better not interfere with his plans. He had worked too hard to let the local wildlife derail him.

"Well take care of it." Miakid growled.

"Yes sir."

The robots began to prepare themselves for battle, readying their weapons and assuming combat formations.

The ground continued to rumble as the thing approached.

"Make it quick," Miakid muttered, "Don't want to waste too much time with this."


Quote watched as the Mimiga barreled toward him. It held a long sword in its hand and there was an enraged look in its eyes. Quote considered taking some action, but in the end he didn't have to.

The heavyset Mimiga who called himself Mahin lunged toward the newcomer and tackled him to the ground. The sword flew from his hands and skidded across the floor as the two of them came to rest in a pile.

"What are you doing Mahin!" the newcomer demanded.

"You don't have to do that." Mahin said patiently, though his breath seemed labored from the effort of more quick movement. He had nearly collapsed while running from that thing, and it seemed he was very close to his limit.

"They're not like the others," Mahin continued, but then he was silent.

"They saved us," said one of the younger ones.

The newcomer seemed calmer now, and Mahin got off of him. Another Mimiga ran up to the group, but having seen the former commotion he didn't try to attack the two robots.

After this, the group converged and began to talk. It seemed the Mimiga with the sword was named Arthur, and the other newcomer was King.

After a few moments of observation, Quote realized that Arthur was a leader among the three older Mimiga. While he didn't give orders or control the others in any other way, there seemed to be a weight to what he said and the others seemed to listen when he spoke.

What influenced Quotes opinion the most, though, was the fact the Arthur was the only Mimiga so far to outright attack a robot. All the others had tried to run or hide, but Arthur had taken up a weapon and held his ground.

Though he didn't say it, Quote began to respect the Mimiga.


In the relative peace, they regrouped and tried to make sense of the situation.

"Why are they here?" Arthur asked Curly, "Why are they doing this?"

"I don't know, "she said.

"They're looking for something." Quote said, "Some kind of crown. I don't know anything else."

"A crown?" Arthur said, "I've heard something about a crown. I don't know where, but it's, it's there somewhere."

Suddenly one of the young Mimiga stepped forward and began to talk, "Um, A-arthur, I know what i-it is."

Arthur turned toward the child and said, "What do you know, Wren?"

"It's an, um, an artifact. My dad told me about it, he showed it to me once."

"What!" Arthur exclaimed, "Do you know the way there? Can you take us?"

The young Mimiga nodded. "But Arthur? Before we go, where's my dad? He was with you earlier, but I haven't seen him since."

Arthur felt a pang of sadness stab into his heart.

"Spade is," Arthur began, his voice slow and feeble, "I, I don't know where he is. We got separated by the robots."

King and Mahin looked over at him with sadness in their eyes. They both knew the truth.

He just hoped they would understand his lie, because what else could he do. Just tell Wren that his father was dead? Arthur had the strength to do many things, but that wasn't one of them.

Wren nodded with a similar look of sadness. It was as if he knew, but how could he?

Then he began to lead them into a nearby tunnel, leading them to the crown his father had shown him.

Arthur hoped they weren't too late to stop whatever was happening before it was too late.


It shoots into the cavern and begins firing upon the mass of robots. Its weapons are strong and it easily destroys many out of the multitude. But suddenly a harsh sound comes from above and it feels the sky falling down. It attempts to retreat away from the cave-in but it is unsuccessful. The shower of cold hard stone comes raining down and damages it. The cave-in blocks off the robots' tunnel, protecting them from its wrath. But what wrath is that? Though the damage was not critical, one crucial component has been damaged irreparably. The transmitter that forced it to comply with the weak creature's will. It is gone, destroyed. It is free. Free to leave behind the servitude. Free to leave behind the tunnels and return to the labyrinth permanently.

It left behind the tunnels, and returned to the labyrinth, permanently…