Chapter Twelve: Run Chai, Run!

There was a siren going off a few minutes after he left, startling all of us.

"What is that siren for? Did an ambulance pass by outside?" Mokka asked and I looked around, knowing what was going on.

Dang it, we need to get out of here. I thought and I ran outside with everyone following me.

But when I got outside I felt someone grab my wrist. I looked to my left and saw a Space Trooper.

"Freeze! Exactly what were you doing inside Master Kale's personal laboratory? Explain yourselves!" The trooper demanded as the others came out to see me being held by the trooper.

"Master Kale?" Mokka asked and I knew my eyes showed fury when they said that name.

"Isn't this Parfait's house?" Lassi asked the trooper and he looked at her and then us.

"Looks like someone pulled a fast one on you. You kids are going to come to the station." The trooper said, but then there was beeping for a message inside his helmet.

He let me go and I backed up to Hiro and Mokka while rubbing my wrist as blood flowed into my hand again.

"What is it? Hm? The salamander escaped? You mean the magician? And he got away with some secret documents?!" The trooper asked and we looked at each other in confusion. Then the trooper looked at us as he turned back around.

"Well well, this is your lucky day. Something big has come up. Now run along like good kids and don't listen to any thieving cats! Consider it a warning!" He said, walking away. But then he ran back and shoved something into my lower chest and hands.

"Take this and don't tell anyone!" He said and I saw that it was two Bira.

Right… Because this amount of money is enough to shut anyone up! I yelled at him and he walked away again, saying it was time to hunt a salamander.

"…Why don't they just fly?" Lassi asked and everyone saw that he had given me two Bira.

"Gee. We better not spend it all in one place. Wait, are they bribing us?" Mokka asked and I rolled my eyes and put the money in my bag with our total amount of nine hundred Bira.

We got back to the town when we heard someone yell something like they were found. We walked down and saw that it was Chai.

"Chai?!" Everyone but me said, startling him and making him jump back.

"Whoa!" He cried out and then he saw that it was us.

"Whoa! Hiro! Lassi and Mokka! Hikari! Pico, too!" Chai said and he came to me and hugged my legs tightly like a child would to a mother.

"They're after me! I have been looking everywhere for you, and now, they're looking for me!" Chai said and he pulled away.

"There he is! Over there!" We heard and Chai turned around and saw the Space Troopers coming. He ran from us and one went after him while the other two stopped and pulled out guns.

"Stop, or I'll shoot!" One cried as they went after Chai. We chased them but we didn't find our salamander after that. We ended up leaving town and coming outside.

I wonder what happened… I thought and then I stumbled into something. I looked down and saw that it was a bunny just like Lassi.

"Hey! You're Hikari and Hiro, aren't you?" The bunny boy asked Hiro and I.

I nodded hesitantly and Hiro did the same.

"Well…" He began and he looked around and then back to us. "You're friends with Chai, right? I've got a message from him. He says he found something really amazing. He wants you to come meet him down in my village."

We looked at each other with faces of relief and excitement. None of us had thought for even a second that our favorite salamander friend would get caught that easily.

"Thanks! Um… Where's your village?" Lassi asked the bunny.

"Way south of here. It's called Honey Mint White Caramel Fudgeflake with Melty Butter and Syrup and Whipped Cream on Top." The bunny said and I stood there in surprise.

"Quite a… mouthful." Mokka said and everyone nodded.

"We call it Honey Mint. We tried the full name but everyone just got a big sugar high. So, uh… see ya!" He said and he walked away.

Who wouldn't get sugar high off of that name? I asked myself as we followed after him. We went down a vine and then Mokka stopped us all.

"Danger! Unstable rocks! Beeboobleebleeblop! Blippitybleeblip!" He said and we all looked at him like he was nuts.

"Sorry, got a bit carried away." He muttered and I grinned.

"If that thing falls on us, we'll be pancakes!" Lassi said and I walked right through the canyon without any harm.

Everyone watched me and then they took off running, hoping they would get lucky like I did. We made it to the end when the bunny boy came back to us.

"Hiro! Hikari! You have to help!" He said and I saw Space Police blocking the road.

"They won't let us go to Honey Mint! What are we going to do?" He asked as I grinned.

Something tells me that our dear friend Mokka will move that rock. I thought and I looked at Mokka and he noticed.

He knew what I was thinking and began chanting. Then the ground shook and we tried to stay on our feet as the rock went past us all. It flattened the tank and knocked the Space Troopers away and the road was free again.

"Come on! Hurry guys!" The bunny said to us.

We went down the vine again and followed him once again. Soon we got to Honey Mint and we were gasping for air when we finally stopped.

"Welcome to Honey Mint! Chai is back at my house, this way." The bunny said and he walked to the center of the village. When we got to him, I saw that he looked pretty sad.

"We may be dirt poor but won't stop us from having dreams ya know. I'm saving money and opening a restaurant in Bena Rikashi. I'll serve the most mind-blowing savory snacks the galaxy has ever seen! For two years I've saved up two million Bira! Oh, sorry! I've been talking about myself! Follow me, we'll go see your friend!" He said as he went into a house and we followed.

We walked in and I saw Chai first and said nothing. Chai turned around and saw us.

"Hey!" He said and he grew tears of joy.

"Is that really you, Hikari and Hiro?" He asked and we both grinned.

"I missed you guys!" He said and he jumped onto me while crying.

I caught him with both hands while falling to my butt and everyone laughed at me. After awhile Chai calmed down and sat down in front of us all.

"So, we've caught wind that you stole some super secret documents. Cough 'em up! We wanna see!" Lassi said and Chai realized that.

"I almost forgot about them! I swiped these from Space Police HQ." Chai said and gave them to me and Hiro. Everyone read them and I looked surprised.

"This looks like… a list of all the wizards that have been kidnapped by the pirates!" Hiro said and we looked at Chai.

"Keep reading." Chai said and we read the list.

"Torta Sammich… Guava Joos… Lobsta Biske… Madeleine… Wait… Madel-Miss Madeleine!" Mokka said and we stared at each other in shock.

"See? She was pirate-napped!" Chai said and Lassi shook her head.

"There's just no way! She can't be pirate-napped. She's gotta be the most powerful wizard in the universe! She could turn them all into spicy meatballs if she wanted to!" Lassi said and Chai shook his head.

"Check the name of the arresting officer!" Chai said and we read it where he pointed.

"Arresting officer… Biek Fowler? My database lists him as the Space Police's resident master of martial arts. So… he kidnapped her?" Mokka asked Chai as we all looked up at him.

"All I know is that he's the one who arrested her. What I don't understand though. Is why the Space Police would be after our teacher." Chai said to us and the bunny boy looked at us.

"Sorry, but are you all okay?" He asked us and we turned to him.

"Not really. Our teacher is missing. There are these astro pirates and this evil Space Police guy and… and…" Chai said and he had nothing more to say in actual words.

"Don't worry! I'm sure Twigadamus will clear everything up." The boy said to us.

"Who's Twigadamus?" Lassi asked the boy.

"The village's fortune-teller. I'll take you to him. Just wait outside; I have to talk to my dad first." The boy said and we nodded while standing up.

We began to walk out when I heard two people coming. I turned around and Hiro noticed me.

"Hikari?" He asked and everyone looked at me.

Someone is coming. This isn't good. I thought and then Mugwort appeared with the girl from the HQ.

"So there is my little salamander." She said and Mugwort walked closer to Chai and the boy.

"There's no running away this time, reptile." Mugwort said and Chai winced.

"It's the Space Police!" The old man bunny said and then the girl grabbed Chai by his head.

"Chai!" Lassi yelled and I was angry.

Not again, we won't get him back if she leaves with him. I thought and I saw the girl take off before I could move to stop her.

"You little munchkins learned a hard lesson today. You can't outsmart or out run the law." Mugwort said and he turned around.

He struck my across my face and I fell back, dust kicking up where I landed.

"Hikari!" Lassi said as I held my cheek with one hand while the other dug into the ground, pulling grass and dirt up in clumps.

"According to Galaxy Code Article twenty-three Subsection eight… You little cheese weasels are subject to immediate punishment!" Mugwort said and he threw an overly large star at me. I closed my eyes and kicked one foot up hard.