Hey Everyone, Here is my new story ... I am still writing In My Daughter's Eyes... but I fell in love with Emma/Neal pairing.

Greetings from Storybrooke, Maine

He threw his bag down of the door. He took a deep breath, exhausted from the long day at work.

The sound of thunder shook the room. The wind whirled through the open window, blowing his paperwork off his desk. He walked over to the window, cursing himself for leaving it open.

He reached up and tried to pull the window shut, but it would not budge. As he was struggling to close it his cell phone fell from his pocket down the fire escape. Frustrated he leaned against the window sill. Could the day get any worse?

The pile of post and bills on the window ledge caught his eye, making him sigh. Living an honest life was harder than he imagined.

Suddenly a pigeon landed on the window sill. He stared at the bird which stared back. It seemed to be mocking him. Then he caught sight of something clutched in the bird's claw. A postcard. His hands began to tremble as he picked it up. He recognised the hand writing straight away. He shook his head in disbelief. He hadn't heard a word for so long…

He turned the postcard over in his hands, for what felt like the thousandth time. It was now dark outside and the only noise that could be heard was sound of the rain tapping on the window.

The small bedside lamp is his room was dim making it difficult to see. It didn't matter though. He traced the single word on the card with his finger. He knew the shape of the letters off by heart.

He lifted his small whiskey flask to his lips, consuming the last of it. The warm liquid burned his throat as he swallowed. He could feel the tears building up in his eyes, but he would not let them fall.

He had learnt to hide his guilt and regret well, throughout the years but not today. Today he was at a loss.

He had not heard a word for so long. But now every time he read the word 'Broken' he could not stop the pain burning up inside of him. The torment of leaving her, the regret, he could not bear it any longer.

But he only had himself to blame. It was his fault. He knew she would be incredibly angry at the way he behaved, how he left her waiting for him.

He was now unable to hide the tears which welled in his eyes as he continued to turn the postcard over and over again in his hand.

He sat there in silence for a moment. The rain had now stopped and the only sound that could be heard was the ticking clock which filled the apartment. He slowly dragged himself to his feet. He got up from the bed and walked over to the dream catcher which hung on the bedroom wall. He could still remember the day they found it.

It was at the very start of their relationship. They were both so happy, care-free. Both completely unaware of the heartbreak ahead of them.

He closed his eyes; he could still see her beautiful smile, her rosy cheeks and the way her innocence shone in her eyes. In that moment she was everything he had ever hoped for, every thing he would ever need. He thought back to that day.

"Is this what you really want?" Her eyes searched his looking for truth.

"What I really want is you..."His voice husky and low, making her whole body shiver.

He pulled her towards him pressing her close. His arms wrapped tightly around her waist, instantly feeling the warmth of their bodies against one another.

He gave her that quirky smile as he gently lifted her chin until their noses were almost touching. She could feel the warmth of his breath brushing the top of her lip. She knew what was behind that quirky smile and it made her love for him grow even more.

His hands moved to her hips, holding her as if she needed protecting. She held the back of his neck with one hand, while the other gently ruffled his dark scruffy hair. They moved closer so their lips could touch softly. They breathed their love into each other in that kiss. That kiss; hard, but soft; fiery but cool; a split second but also felt like forever.

Their kisses were normally heartfelt, gentle and soft but this was different. It was passionate and it sent a wave of heat between them.

They continued kissing when her fingers crept under his cotton vest pulling it up over his head. Slowly undressing they tumbled backwards onto the bed.

The true feeling of love and wonderment on their faces, hoping this feeling would never end. Unknown to both of them this was the last time they got to show their love to each other.

"House-keeping!" A voice called out.

They quickly gathered their scattered clothes and belongings before climbing out the back window.

They both laughed as he twirled her round before wrapping his arms around her. He looked deep into her emerald eyes. He knew he loved her more than anything. It was always going to be like this, him and her forever.

He inhaled deeply, shivering at the memory. A tear escaped his eyes. He angrily wiped it away. Tears wouldn't ease the guilt. Nothing could. One minute his life was perfect, he had everything he could ever want and in the next it was gone.

He wished that he hadn't left; he should have gone back for her. Maybe if he had been honest with her, he could have helped.

He looked down at the postcard. 'Greetings from Storybrooke, Maine'…. He had to know that he made the right choice ... He had to find her again...