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Seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face. If only I knew what I know today. Now I regret it so much. I would hold you in my arms and take the pain away. Thank you for all you've done. Please forgive all my mistakes.

I could feel the tension. They were giving me those looks again."Late again, aren't we Miss Wei?", my teacher frowned as I quietly sat down on my desk right next to the window. The girls behind me were surprised that I didn't snap back at my teacher as I usually did. After five minutes or so the whole class followed the grumpy old man to the school library. Seems like I missed the history class. "With books, I do not mean comics, Ethan.", he glared at my best friend. Once he turned his back on us I was on my run again. I was about turn around the corner when I heard Ethan squealing my name at the end of the last book shelf. I found him drooling over some sort of drawing of a lake. "Wow, water...", I snarled sarcastically. "Could you please just shut up for one moment and listen?" What he read from the book really captured my interest. "Legend tells of a mysterious lagoon far beyond the greatest borders of the galaxy that only the ancient people of the secret planet knows of. Deep underneath the poisonous water lays a precious treasure that many have attempted to catch, but with no success. The treasure carries-", before he could finish the last sentence we both heard the bell rang! Just when I actually was tempted to read that book. I couldn't focus the rest of the day. The book was like a siren that constantly kept calling me. Somehow I had a feeling that it was trying to tell me something important, something so important I could get my mind off it.

Ethan asked if I wanted to come over to chill at his, but I just walked away. I couldn't tell him why. It hurt too much. As soon as I came home I slouched on the couch. There was nothing on the table. He usually left behind a note. My throat felt like sandpaper. Suddenly I heard the phone ring! I picked it up to the sound of someone crying heavily. "You need to come to the hospital. It about your father…". The glass slipped off my hand and broke to a thousand pieces as I rushed out the door. My entire body was so worn out I could barely catch my breath when I arrived at the halls. My eyes fell on the woman wiping her tears in front of an old wooden door. Once I walked into the room I finally understood why my aunt cried. My jaw dropped to the floor as I ran to the bed finding him pale as a ghost, but sweating as if the room was inside a volcano. "DAD!", I yelled. I held his hand tightly as I asked him what was going on! With a weak voice he told me he was fine and everything would be alright. Of course I didn't believe it. The nurses asked me to leave, but I refused. Not now. I could see it in his eyes that he needed me. My hands were glued to his, but at the same time they were slowly slipping out. Finally I agreed to leave although it pained my heart somehow. As I walked into my aunts arms my entire vision became grey. I could still remember his face that day and all those words. Those words that made the rest of my life dark as the skies above my head tonight.

"The doctor said he hasn't much time left. So you need to stay here with me.", she told me as I entered the guest room. That night I sat up crying quietly. It was cold as ice and very lonely. Still, now was not the time to sit back and pray like my aunt said. I had to do something. Then it hit me like a lightning! People may think I'm insane, but then again. Why wouldn't it be important if I couldn't get my mind off it?

The next page which was supposed to reveal the lagoons secret was gone. Instead the book left me with nothing but a piece of the last sentence. Who were the ancient people and where could I ever find those fossils? "Would you look at that… the girl's actually reading!", I heard a voice just above my eyebrows. "Let me guess… you're trying to find out where this treasure is, right? You gotta be kidding me, Eva. How do you even know this is true?". Even though I doubted too there was still something that kept me hungering for the treasure. Without any further a due I walked over to the book shelf behind him and grabbed many history books like a excavator. Soon Ethan left after calling me retarded for trying to look for a lost planet and then when I found it, I would ask for help from some alien people. Honestly, I couldn't care less what he told me really. Then I found it! "The ancient people were highly skilled in archery and learned how to control the magic forces of the elements from the nature. Their planet was located between the Earth Coalition and the imperium of the Cr-", suddenly I felt someone stole the book out of my hands! "Go to class, Miss Wei.", the old man snarled at me firmly. Once again I was left clueless and confused.

Again and again the teachers roared at me for not paying attention. After recess I quickly ran to the library to find the books gone. It was exactly what I feared. I shouldn't have left. I should have taken them with me. "He burned the books while we had math.". My knees crippled together on the floor as my heart was slowly filled with emptiness. Two hands grabbed my arms and pulled me up. What was happening to me? Even Ethan noticed the drastic changes in me. Finally after he kind of understood why I needed them so badly, he asked if I needed help. After brainstorming everything I remembered from the book he asked me if I actually knew someone or something that reminded me of the ancient people. Highly skilled in archery? Did I know someone who was good at shooting arrows? I looked at the sky. This time they were blue. Heavenly blue. Then it hit me! His eyes. They were like the skies. "AIKKA!", I shouted making Ethan giving me raised brows. "Who's Aikka?"

"Don't you know? He's the prince of Nourasia!". It all made sense now! Aikka was extremely talented at shooting arrows, he could fly G'dar, and control forces of the nature! The only question left was how I'm supposed to get there? To Ethan, this was just an old fairytale. But to me, it meant life or death. So asked him to help me build a teleporter even if I sounded insane. What other options do I have? I don't want to let my dad die without at least trying. A bright shade of pink painted my cheek when he asked if I trusted Aikka. After many attempts of convincing him, he finally gave in. Now my only problem was how I was going to escape my aunt's prison? I waited patiently for supper like a wolf waiting for its pray. The moment she turned around to stir the boiling soup I poured sleeping medicine in her cup. Then in the middle of the night, I sneaked out feeling like criminal. I was about to turn around the corner when I all of a sudden knocked her beloved antic vase off the table causing my little cousin to wake up! "MOM! EVA'S RUNNING AWAY! CALL THE POLICE! HURRY!". Like a cheetah I ran out the house in full speed heading for Ethan's house! I'm sorry auntie, but my dad needs me as much as I need him. I knocked on the window to his bedroom as if there was no tomorrow! How could he be asleep at a time like this?! We quickly plugged in all the buttons to his computer. "I don't know if this will work, Eva…", he told me as we bringed everything to his backyard. The computer was charging like a snail. It seemed like forever! I could hear the sirens approaching in the neighborhood! "They're coming! Hurry, Ethan!", I began screaming! My whole body was in full alarm. I could feel my heart pounding like train. The blood streamed through my as I began panicking! The sounds of heavy footsteps were coming closer and closer! Ethan pushed on the button and switched the portal open as a hologram, but suddenly the whole thing broke down and failed! The policemen were just a few meters away from us now! I was in full panic! "JORDAN! HELP!", I screamed at the sky! Suddenly a lightning striked down the grass! Everyone's eyes were blended by the bright light. Then I screamed at the top of my lungs when my whole body was sucked into it! After that everything became black. The next thing I knew I found myself laying on something soft as feather.

My name. Someone was echoing my name. That voice. It was so familiar, but where have I heard it before? The moment I shut my eyes open I felt something grabbing me like a wolf attacking its pray. My body flew like a wind heading for something. Suddenly my feet stopped. I felt like someone had put two tops in my nostrils and squeezing me to pieces like a piece of clay. "Come. You cannot be here.", he whispered as we sneaked out silently through some kind of halls. The view was amazing! Was I Eldorado? Every building was covered in gold, threes that shone bright like diamonds and rivers clearer than crystals. I was in the holy city of Dol. Then something caught my eye. Tan skin. Hair shining like copper and tall as a pole. The one that was holding me was…


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