Worst Rescue Ever

"Hey, heeeyy!" Ino gasped, thrashing around as a tree branch smacked her in the face. "You are absolutely the worst rescuer ever! OW! That's my hair caught in a tree branch. Thanks a lot!"

"And you're no good at being a damsel in distress! Sakura-Chan and Hinata look adoringly and gratefully at me and you're just noisy!" He grumbled. "I'm using a rasengan with one hand, carrying you with the other and dodging projectiles thrown at me at the speed of light. The least you could do is think of a nice way to thank me!"

Ino shut up after that, but settled for plotting revenge every time she saw her glorious strands of hair caught in tree branches.

The fair-haired girl was annoyed she was even in this position in the first place. Usually it was her that rescued other people, in the forest of death, back up on missions, back up during wars… so maybe that was why she wasn't exactly very good at being rescued. But Ino still maintained that she was doing just finebefore he got there. It had been a routine border patrol mission, the odd rogue ninja were trafficking stolen scrolls and she had to stop them. It was a perfectly manageable situation until that annoying ninja used a fire style jutsu. In a forest. Causing all the trees that burned above him to fall all around them. Idiot.

And then Naruto had arrived in typical Naruto fashion, saving her from a most likely tragic death by a falling, burned tree as well as the scores of ninja that wanted her blood for destroying their business. It was a solid twenty minutes of tree hopping till he settled her down and instead of giving her a trademark, goofy grin like she had expected; he simply stared at her before turning away.

"Aww… he's checking me for injuries…" Ino thought, touched.

"Not bad…" Naruto concluded, sweeping his eyes from her chest to her legs. Jiraiya would've agreed.