Lord Of Magic

Hogwarts had gone through a huge change over the last few days, firstly a large number of students had arrived in shining bright red robes with a letter of Ancient Protection; Dumbledore who was already in enough hot water over running away had to allow them in. He was not a happy person. Neville had started a group and all the people in it were well trained; well-trained indeed for the Leviathan worked them harder and harder every day. Katie Bell and Cho Chang could now hold their own against him for a few minutes (before he grabbed them with his spider legs) while Ginny Weasley had mastered the art of stealth. She had disowned her family but in some ways he missed them, in others she only wanted someone else; someone she had lost and she didn't know why.

The other girls were more adept in other areas of combat and while a few could not hold their own against the Leviathan for long they gave it a very good try. Luna however managed to beat the creature once; as he had lunged she had side stepped and caught it off guard, she was the first and the Leviathan hoped she would be the last. When Lucia had got his reported apparently laughter had echoed around Azkaban, on the boy's side however things had also improved.

Neville had lost all of his fat tissue which was now replaced by muscle and primarily skilled with a mace, he didn't carry it round with him but during training that is the weapon he would choose. Seamus and Dean used swords and were the most skilled fighters with them in the group by far; Fred and George had left after deciding to stay with the Ancient who were funding their joke shop enterprise. The Ancients wanted to be involved in all areas of the world and business turned out of to be one of many, obviously they had learned from last time when families wanting more power sided with Dumbledore and cut off some the god supply to the Ancient supporting families.

Everyone in the group had improved dramatically and they as a whole could probably take over Hogwarts on raw strength alone. However today's meeting began and ended slightly differently.

Ginny Weasley was walking down the halls of the sixth floor; she was in a rush and was going to be late if she didn't hurry. However she wasn't expecting Ronald Weasley to jump out at her and force her against a well. Obviously this was another one of his attempt to get her back under the control of Molly but she was having none of it, instead using her training she pushed against the wall and punched him square in the chest. He was winded but she didn't stop, instead she launched herself up on the balls of her feet; punched him in the face and kneed him in the groin. It seemed like a random attack on his part but as she ran off; ignoring the cried pains of her brother she didn't see Dumbledore and her mother emerge looking slightly shocked from an alcove. It was a trap and if they she hadn't fought him off then she would have suffered the same fate as Hermione.


Harry was flying through the air; once more he took the form of hundreds of tiny creatures but he no longer cared what form he took. In some ways this was form of a pure Ancient and he was acting on some advice from Lucia, apparently Neville's group was going to be officially formed tonight and Lucia wanted an Ancient represented to be there. So she had chosen him, it was going to be a busy couple of days; the location of the second gate was known to them now. It was the same graveyard Voldemort had risen from but how they were going to open it was another matter. They were going to visit it tomorrow but first Harry was returning to Hogwarts, the first time he was going back since his imprisonment. He was slightly nervous but at the same time; it was good to know that people even living under Dumbledore's roof were turning against him, he could already see the castle and the boundary enchantments he cut through like butter and no one took notice of him. No one cared enough; they were busy gossiping, chatting and getting with their evenings as he flew by, then he approached a window and slipped inside; it wasn't the room of requirement that he was directed to but was instead the Gryffindor common room; this was going to be good. So he simply walked out, ignoring the screaming first years as a supposed murderer entered the room and blowing the wands out of the hands of any who drew them. Most just cowered in fear and even the fat lady made some scared whine, the headmaster was going to love this! Eventually he reached the room and took everyone by surprise as he entered.

"Harry!" Neville exclaimed surprised, they were sitting at a round table and it looked like they were waiting for just one or two more people to turn up. The round table! Harry smirked slightly as he got the reference to King Arthur and Equality.

"Hello," he greeted, the room was silent and held only together by shock
"Why are you here?" Neville asked eventually not expecting Ancient company.

"Lucia sent me, she wanted an Ancient representative at the forming of your group and as she's busy trying to unlock the next gate, she sent me," Harry explained cheerfully. He nodded to the Leviathan in the corner; this must be their trainer and it made a slight bow as Ginny charged in.

"Sorry I'm late," she apologised quickly before taking her seat, "Harry?"

"Evening Ginny, Fred and George say Hi," Harry replied nodding to the girl. Luna was next and she didn't seem surprised to see Harry at all and instead nodded to him and took her seat.

"Well then let's get started," Neville announced after everyone got over the shock of Harry being there, Harry himself remained standing and stood close but not next to Neville.

"Ok so a few months ago when we stared out… new way of training…" he continued

"Brutal way of training," Seamus corrected provoking a laugh.

"Ok Brutal way of training we decided that after we got through the basics we would start a group, Harry's here I think to show Ancient support of the idea…" Neville trailed off but Harry nodded twice to show he was correct.

"So we got through the training," Neville continued

"Barely," Cho commented provoking another laugh.

"Anyway so if we're all serious about the idea of our own group then today's the day we form it, now it's a commitment. We will look out for each other and we will have to stay true to what we agree here today," Neville continued, everyone looked enthusiastic about the idea but he was trying to tell them it wasn't all going to be a walk in the park.

"All in favour!" Neville announced; he had decided it was going to be a democratic group which would vote on their actions. Everyone raised their hand into the air

"Ok then, we need a name and we already agreed on principles; I'll read them out now.

We work towards equal right and freedom for all

We do not fight among ourselves

We do not work for anyone but people can ask us for help if they want it

Anyone from any house can join but they have to go through a test

Everything is permitted to reach our goals.

Everyone nodded in approval at these and Harry nodded, they were all good ideals and had obviously been thought through,

"Also we need a name," Neville announced, people looked deep in thought and Harry was curious as to what they would come up with. A few people shouted out names, some were purely for the purpose of humor while others were serious.


"The bethator"

"How about the secaure" Ginny suggested. The group had heard the words before

"It's what the Leviathan called us in training," she explained.

"It means warrior or assassin in Ancient Tongue," Harry interjected, the words seemed to assemble in his mind as did all words in Ancient tongue it was part of his gift.

"Not a bad idea Ginny, not a bad idea at all!" Neville announced looking pleased, a few other people also nodded. The name meant they were assassin warriors which seemed appropriate given their mix of talents,

"All in favour," Neville called, almost everyone raised their hands. Neville nodded

"Then the Secaure it is!" He decided.

As the meeting came to end and people began filing out; needing to prepare for lessons the following day Harry walked up to Neville.
"Well done," he smiled, Neville seemed to be quite inspirational and everyone respected him it seemed. Neville beamed at him

"Thanks Harry," he answered proudly. Harry then withdrew an object from his robe, it was mace surprisingly and had been weighing him down for the last few hours. It was encrusted with red gems that seemed to move and glow in the dark, it looked very intimidating and Neville seemed surprised when Harry handed it over

"Now I'm no expert but Lucia said that this was the mace wielded in battle by the first lord of magic, a Lord of Magic was a title given to most loyal Ancient followers and the greatest men. The gift was magic, the Ancient created it but it was Dumbledore who betrayed them, he was once a lord to but he stole the gift and duplicated it. This was used by the very first magical lord and has crushed the skulls of many oppressive men and Lucia hopes it will serve you well," Harry explained. Neville looked like he was going to protest but then thought better of it; the Ancients wouldn't take no for an answer and it was a weapon that could be used to symbolise the order

"Thank you," he conceded after a while, then he thrust it into the air

"To the secaure!" he yelled, Harry smiled as his voice was echoed by all the remaining people in the room.

Little did he know that these words would one day strike fear into the hearts of their enemies, for this was the beginning of the group that be respected all over the world. A symbol of peace and order that would help anyone who needed in any way they could.