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Grimmjow enjoyed mornings like this.

Today, Ichigo had given almost everyone in Las Noches a much deserved day-off. There were still a fair number of guards active- they're still at war- but they would get tomorrow as their reprieve.

His mate's Shinigami friends were all running around and getting drunk off their asses, despite the relatively early hour. The Hollows among their ranks either joining them, or going off to get some quality time away from them. It was a different story in the Kurosaki-Jaegerjaquez residence.

When Ichigo arose to power, Las Noches consisted of several large palaces surrounding an even bigger palace, faintly forming a flower like pattern when seen from above. After being declared the King of Hueco Mundo, Ichigo's friends had renovated to suit their tastes. The original ten palaces- previously homes to each individual Espada- were changed to suit various purposes. What were once the fifth, tenth, and thirteenth squads of the Gotei Thirteen, were now the first, second, and third Regimientos del Vanguardia.

Each Regimiento consisted of Hollows, Shinigami, and Vaizard. Members from the three former squads were in each Regimiento to maintain a balance between ideals and tactics. Former fifth and tenth division members kept the peace, resolved in-Regimiento disputes and helped improve Shinigami-Hollow relationships. Ichigo and Grimmjow had inspired others to find mates among the opposite race. The most prominent of which- if odd- were the relationships between Emilou Apacci and Abarai Renji, Mila Rose and Matsumoto Rangiku, and perhaps the most bizarre, Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio and Kotetsu Isane.

The former thirteenth squad members were often those most at odds with the Hollows because of their quite natures and "big-heartedness". Sentaro and Kiyone being exceptionally "big-hearted" and not so "quite natured". Even now, despite the wonderful turn Ukitake's health had taken- still a mystery- they fought over who was better at their job. Only now, many of the kinder Hollows had taken a real shining to the man and proved earnest rivals for his attention. As was his way, Juushiro took it all with a smile and stride.

The fourth Regimiento consisted of the miscellaneous other squad members; Ikkaku, Yumichika, Shuuhei, Nanao and Yachiru-to name a few- and a small portion of former fourth squad members. They were the primary medical practioneers, and saw that each Regimiento had a small medic unit at their disposal. Those who were not originally from Unohana's squad spent their time training the other members, i.e. they were muscle.

Each Regimiento had a designated palace/barracks which they tore down and rebuilt as was their want. The outerwalls were painted with the former squad's colors, with a large black flower in the center. The palaces which weren't used as barracks, housed bars, shopping outlets, restaurants, etcétera. This had attracted many evolved, intelligent Hollows who were welcome as long as they didn't cause trouble, and they even developed a bartering system. One palace, once belonging to Szayel Aporro Granz, was even turned into a school and nursery facility because of all the Hollow children popping up.

It was actually a problem. Hollows who didn't want to raise their offspring, but cared enough about them to want them to be safe, had developed a habit of abandoning children near if not within Las Noches. Unfortunately, orphans weren't getting homes. Most of the residents of Las Noches had no interest in becoming parents soon, much less to someone else's brood. Luckily, those who didn't mind children as much, or actually liked them, had volunteered to work with them. It was called, Casa De Los Angelitos. Sometimes interchanged with, Casa De Los Maldito Demonios. It was run by Harribel and her fraccion, Cyan Sun-Sung and Coyote Starrk. After centuries of putting up with Lilynette, he had no trouble tolerating the new youngsters. He was especially popular come nap time. It wasn't uncommon to lose sight of El Primera under a pile of small bodies. Lilynette had never displayed so much jealousy.

The former Taichos and Espada were now referred to as "Commander" and "Comandante" respectively, to distinguish them from the ranks of Soul Society. Several battles had been waged between the Vanguardia and Soul Society. The defection of so many Shinigami had seriously affected their prowess but it made their efforts stronger from desperation, as they rebuilt their forces from the ground up.

Kuchiki Byakuya had withdrawn from his post as a Taicho of the sixth división and his clan declared themselves nuetral in the conflict, making Rukia very happy because she wouldn't face him in battle, and she could meet him discreetly to asure him that she was safe; getting stronger by the day, even talking about Bankai. He was certain Hisana would be proud.

It wasn't easy, for Ichigo or Grimmjow because they oversaw everything. But it was infinitely better than working beneath someone as power hungry as Aizen, or as cruel as Baraggan Louisenbairn. In the unforgiving desert, it was paradise.

Generally, Ichigo was the one who saw over their domain, while Grimmjow insisted on being at home with their sons whenever possible. He spent his fair share of time helping Ichigo, don't misunderstand, but he was fairly protective of their progeny and didn't like being away from them for very long.

Hollows who had children (and wanted to keep them), like Grimmjow, made very loving and doting parents. During the pregnancy, Ichigo had thought that Grimmjow would run off after giving birth. He wasn't very happy throughout and complained about it often and loudly. That all changed after six hours of labor. He claimed he just wanted to see the "two parasites who hijacked my body for nine months" and it was instant love. He ended up refusing to let them go, purring and cuddling and acting very 'motherly'. (No one dared say it to his face.) They brought out a softer, gentler side to the normally rough man that amused and relieved many a Hollow, Hybrid and Shinigami alike.

The house Ichigo and Grimmjow declared as their own wasn't actually a house. The huge center palace had been split in two, horizontally through the middle. It was so big, it didn't affect operations and with the children they had, they needed all the space they could get and it made sense for the King to live in the epicenter of his Kingdom. It was cordoned off from the public by automatic doors which only opened for a member of the family or "authorized personnel", the Commanders for instance and even then, only in an emergency.

Their house was full at the moment. Aside from Ichigo, himself and their sons, a select few others also lived with them. Yuzu and Karin, Ichigo's sisters, were a given. They each had their own room down the hall from the master bedroom, and across from their nephews. Nel was also a part of their family. Her fraccion had sacrificed themselves to aid in the defeat of Szayel and Ichigo couldn't just leave her. Thanks to Orihime, the break in her mask had been healed. However, she hadn't returned to her adult form. She was just going to have to grow up. Fortunately, she was growing almost as quickly as a Human and so was older and more mature than her brothers. She was still known to lead them into trouble though.

Grimmjow had awoken later than usual this morning. He'd taken the chance to sleep in and unwind from all the stress his body was under. Pregnant for the second time, he'd been rather maternal lately- endlessly fussing over the cubs, and the quality of his nest. He figured Ichigo needed a little break from his hormonal demands. He'd finally gotten up when the smell of bacon struck his nose and the unborn cub threw a tantrum in displeasure- why wasn't that heavenly meat in it's belly yet?

He waddled- pregnant for four months, he was far enough along for his hips to have widened and affected his gait- into the kitchen to find Yuzu over the stove piling bacon, eggs, pancakes, and an assortment of fruit onto platters. Karin was playing a video game with Nel in front of the flat screen in the living room and Ichigo was wrest/tickle fighting with the twins on the couch behind them. He crossed his arms and allowed himself to smile lightly. There wasn't anywhere he'd rather be.

Noticing him, Yuzu greeted him over her shoulder, flipping Ichigo's Secret Recipe Pancakes on the stove. They were called that because nobody could weasel the récipe out of him. All he would say was that he'd been taught by Masaki how to make them this way and wouldn't tell anyone, ever. Until each of the children was grown and had a family of their own, at least. The unique yummy scent and the batter in the large glass bowl by the stove mean that Ichigo had started breakfast, but passed it off to his sister. Most likely, the terrible little duo had awoken and demanded his attention.

Said terrors were the next to realize he was there. They trampled over Ichigo and the couch to scrurry over and wrap his legs in their arms. Warmly, he mussled their hair, returning their mewls affectionately. Still quite short, they kissed their palms and reached up, standing on tip toes, to touch his expanding middle, expressing their love for the sibling they hadn't met yet. The reiatsu inside him riled a little for them and induced nausea in him. Urging them to go play, he shook his head, sighing. 'Hold yer horses in there. I'm goin', I'm goin'.'

Ichigo caught him off guard with a passionate kiss, arms looping around him and, literally, sweeping him off his feet. They didn't break their liplock until Ichigo was setting him down in a chair at the bar on the island in the kitchen. Ichigo grinned, hugging him from behind, his hands roaming the pregnant belly, "Morning Sexy."

"Mornin'." He replied huskily. He wasn't feeling particularly frisky but he appreciated the lift. The chairs in the kitchen were tall bar stools and required some work getting into for those who weren't expecting. It was almost impossible to get up on one by himself now that he was showing and Ichigo didn't mind helping him up.

"Ugh! Keep it in the bedroom, would ya?" Karin interrupted. Despite her words, she was grinning when she gave him a cup of his favorite decaf coffee blend, patting his stomach as she returned to the living room. Yuzu had loaded a plate with a small mountain of food and placed it before him cheerfully. She then came around and hugged him, kissed the bump and dashed to the stove because the pancakes had flipped.

Ichigo's arms tightened around him momentarily before he also returned to the living room to play with their first litter. Nel ran up to him and only just managed to reign it in. Climbing the back of the chair, she grabbed the material of his shirt in her hands and kissed his neck, dropped, hit the ground and rushed back to pick up on the game she'd left off. "Good morning, Grimm!"

"Heh." He couldn't help preening some after all the attention. Digging into his meal, he watched his family relax, play, and honestly wished for the war to just end already. Surely, it would mean more days like this.

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