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It had been a long and hard trip, but finally we had made it home. Now that we were back I had only one thought in mind. Snow must have known what I was thinking because she followed me down the main street without commenting. I didn't know what time or day of the week it was or where my son would be, but something in my gut told me to head towards the apartment.

That's when I heard the most magical sound, my son's laughter. My pace quickened as I moved closer to my destination. There was Henry sword fighting with his grandfather. I stood still in shock. My son was perfect, he looked happy and healthy. He had grown too, a few more growth spurts and he would be taller then me.

Not wanting to be apart anymore I shouted, "Henry!" I watched his head whip around and confusion appear on his face until his eyes met mine.

"Mom!" he screamed and ran straight to me.

I opened my arms wide and lifted Henry up swinging him around. I never wanted to let go of him again.

"I missed you so much mom." Henry whispered into my ear.

"I missed you too kid." I replied back.

"Don't leave me again." I could hear the fear in his voice and knew there were going to be set backs in the progress we had made in the year.

The longest we had been apart was 24 hours when he was in the hospital last winder. Now we had been apart for weeks, who knew what had through my son's brain during that time.

"I don't plan on doing it again." I kissed his head hoping to get ride of the fear.

I lifted him up higher onto my hip so that he could wrap his legs around me. He had gotten too big for me to carry him like this, but I didn't care. Henry needed this; I could deal with a little bit of pain.

"How did you guys get back?" I looked up from Henry to see Snow and David…no James wrapped in each other's arms. I had been so focused on my reunion with Henry I had forgotten they were there.

"A magic compass and some dust from the wardrobe." Snow answered.

"The wardrobe?" Henry picked his head up from where it rested on my shoulder.

"Yes the wardrobe. Come on let's go back to the apartment and we'll tell you everything." I reluctantly put Henry back down, there was no way I was going to be able to carry him up the stairs. It made me sad when I realized this, my little boy wasn't so little anymore.

Henry grabbed my hand as soon as his feet hit the ground. As a family we walked back to the apartment. As soon we got inside Snow set to work making hot chocolate for us. I had missed the drink. I sat down on the couch and pulled Henry onto my lap.

"You need to tell me everything that happened to you too kid." I said and kissed his head again.

"You and Grandma have to go first, your story is more exciting then mine."

"I doubt that." I laughed. Henry had a way of making boring situations more exciting.

As soon as our hot chocolate was ready Snow and I explained everything from the moment we woke up and were dragged by Mulan and Aurora, to walking around my old nursery, and the big final of stealing the ashes from Cora to finally getting home. I even went into detail about my climb up the beanstalk.

This lead straight into dinner which Snow and James cooked for us. It was then Henry and James explained what had been going on in Storybrooke. I wasn't too thrilled that my son had stolen from Regina to only end up almost getting attacked by vipers and later getting attacked by Regina's dead fiancé. Even with me gone Henry had a way of getting himself into trouble. I just had to remind myself that he was safe now, though we might be having a little chat later about his need to put himself in dangerous situations.

"Alright kid I think it's time for bed." I said once we had cleaned dinner up.

"But I'm not tired." Henry whined, a huge lie.

"Well I am. Now go get ready for bed." I knew the best way to get him to go to bed without a fight was for me to pretend that I was the only that I was the only tired one.

With a groan Henry marched off to the bathroom. As soon as the door slammed shut I turned to James.

"How bad was it?" I asked in a hush tone.

James sighed, "It was hard at first, but I kept him busy during the day and he did a little better."

"Has he slept?"

"No. The few times he managed to fall asleep he woke up screaming. He ended up in my bed most nights."

I sighed, my worst fear had been confirmed. I plastered a smile on my face when Henry came out of the bathroom. I didn't want him to know how worried I was.

"Say goodnight to your grandparents then head up stairs. I'll be up soon."

I headed into the bathroom enjoying the first moment of alone time I had had in a long time. As much as I wanted to jump into the shower and stand under the hot water for hours, I had to make sue Henry got a full night sleep. Even if it was a school night I would be fine with Henry skipping a day to catch up on the sleep he had missed. I was going to be doing the same thing with work.

I finished up in the bathroom quickly and bid Snow and James goodnight then went right up the stairs. Henry was in the middle of the bed with the book on his lap.

"Really kid? Don't you have the thing memorized by now and the characters to talk to if you forgot something?" I joked.

"I thought it would be fun to re read it." He smiled at me sheepishly.

"Fine, but just one story then bed."

It was nor surprise when Henry picked the story of Snow and James first meeting, their stories were his favorite after all. He curled up at my side as I read, I even tried to do my best impressions of Snow and James's voices which the kid found hysterical. By the end of the story Henry was fast asleep. I quietly closed the book and placed it on the nightstand.

I took a moment to just watch my son. I hadn't truly been alone with him since I told him we were leaving Storybrooke and he ate that poised apple tart. I just wanted to enjoy this one peaceful moment before something else happened, because something else was going to happen.

I kissed my son's head before getting out of the bed to change. I knew I probably should go downstairs to talk to Snow and James, but I couldn't bring myself to do son. I wasn't ready for another heart to heart with them. Plus I had a good excuse. Not only was I exhausted, but I needed to make sure my son slept peacefully through the night.

I quickly changed into my pajamas then crawled back into bed. Immediately Henry rolled closer to me and I wrapped my arm around him. I needed the kid by my side to sleep just as much as he needed me. This probably was not healthy for either of us, but I didn't care. I liked having my son close to me as I slept, that way I knew hew was safe. Nothing bad was going to happen to him as long as he was tucked under my arms. I kissed his head once again, I couldn't stop, and closed my eyes. It didn't take long for me to join my son in deep slumber.