disclaimer: I do not own Heartland they belong to the rightful owners but I do own Luna Dusk Ollie and Kermit.

One day Amy was out side because she has 3 new horses coming to her barn and 1 pony was outside when Ty was bringing him into the barn.

"Ty who will ride Ollie today?" asked Amy.

Ty said "Lou will be riding him at 5:00 pm".

When 3 new horses came in Amy put them in their stalls and Lou came and saw the 3 new horses and asked Amy what there names are.

"Lou the two mares names are Dusk and Luna and The boy horses name is Kermit and one more thing before you go to the tack room Luna is pregnant with two foals" said Amy.

"wow Amy that's great I'm going to change horses for 6 o'clock see you later" said Lou as she walked away.

At 4:30 pm

Lou looked on the broad and she was riding Ollie.

"Lou who are you riding?" asked Amy.

"Ollie" said Lou "and why did Ty put me on him Ollie bucks riders off and riders are getting hurt and there's a show this Sunday and I don't know what I will do".

Amy said "I'll tell Ty if you get hurt because of Ollie ok now go tack up your pony and I'll tack up Dusk".

At 5:15 pm

Ty said " Amy and Lou pick up a posting trot".

Amy kicked Dusk and she went but with Lou Ollie will not go she kicked she smacked him with a crop but it did not work so Ollie had to follow Dusk and every time Lou got more space for Ollie he will not go.

At 5:40 pm

Ty said " Amy and Lou I want you to go out to the wall and I will asked you to pick up a trot and jump over this x".

Lou kicked Ollie and he was going but Dusk got too close a little but Amy was away from him but Ollie backed up and was bucking Lou screamed because she was afraid.

Ty tried to stop Ollie but he took off and gallop and broke the jump and Lou fell off and crashed into a bush and she fell into the mud.

Ty and Amy ran to see if Lou was ok at the bush but Ollie was gone Lou was hurt and Amy said "Lou are you ok?"


Ty and Amy felt sorry but Amy said to Ty "Maybe you should have not put Lou on Ollie she's getting too mad about this maybe put her on Max the horse so Lou will not have a hard time".

Ty said "Amy I will do that ok but I might have to give Ollie away to another owner we can't have him bucking riders off".

End of chapter 1