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After Lou got out of the ditch Ty said "Lou I know you are angry at me for putting you on Ollie but people are getting hurt or killed by this pony so once we find him I will give him away and for now I will put you on Kermit because he never bucks off riders".

"thanks Ty but we need to tell grandfather about Ollie ran away" said Lou.

Amy said "Lou we will find him and give him a way but he might be in the wild".

3 weeks later

At night Amy Ty and Jack we're looking for Ollie and he was in the woods.

Ty said "I will feel bad if something bad happened to Ollie so if we don't find him tonight we'll find him tomorrow"'

But Amy found a body it was Ollie was lying down and not waking up.

"TY JACK I FOUND OLLIE!" said Amy and Ty and Jack raced to Amy up Ollie wasn't walking up.

Amy asked Jack "Jack what's wrong with Ollie why he is not getting up and a wake?".

Jack said sadly "Amy Ollie died".

Amy grew tears "why did he die?".

Jack said " there's blood on him and he has tire marks so he has been hit by a car Amy I know how you feel but maybe when Lou got buck off Ollie got sacred and he ran away and did not see the car so the car hit him".

Ty said as he huged Amy "Amy its OK you're OK".

3 more weeks later at 5:00 pm

It was spring time after Lou has recovered from her injury after Ollie bucked her off but now she is doing fine with Kermit.

"Amy!" yelled Ty "Luna is having her foals!".

Amy rushed to Luna's stall and the brown white blaze mare was lying down she was in pain then she got up and then Luna's water has broke.

Ty said "I have a lesson to do so you deliver Luna's foals".

"OK Ty" said Amy as she went into Luna's large stall.

Amy said to Luna "its OK girl lie down so I can help you" Luna did what Amy tolled her and was ready to have her new foals.

Amy saw the hoves coming out of Luna in a birth sac Amy said "push Luna you can do it" Luna push as hard as she can and then the foal slipped out of her and Amy looked and the foal was breathing Lou came into Luna's stall and said "Luna having her foals and I see the first one is born".

Lou saw that the foal had 4 white hoves a star on her face and had black mane and tail just like Luna.

Amy said to Lou "its a filly".

Lou cleaned the filly and Luna pushed the next one and it was out Amy said "its another filly".

"2 fillies that's great Luna" said Lou the second Filly had 2 white back hoves a blaze like Luna and she had a chestnut mane tail.

Amy said "Lou I shall let you name these fillies" Lou said "OK that foal with 4 white hoves a star on her face and had black mane and tail her name will be Sally".

"that's a good name" said Amy Lou said and the next foal with 2 white back hoves a blaze and had a chestnut mane tail her name will be Nala".

"I love that name" Lou" said Amy "I will tell Ty later".