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Treasure Chamber

Lightning, Lara and Cyclops were pleased to find that when they reached the bottom of the hole, it was a soft landing, despite Vorserkeien's quiet groaning somewhere in the pitch black under their feet …

"Err … I think we might need a light," said James quietly. There was then silence for about two minutes, as everyone tried to figure out how and where they could get light from. Then of course, Lara came up with the most ingenious plan that no one could have ever thought of:

"I know, I'll use a flare!"

Everyone groaned (especially Vorsie, but that might have been something to do with that she was lying face down in the dirt, with at least two heavy objects on top of her).

"Well done, Lara," came Lightning's sarcastic voice out of the darkness. "We've been waiting for you to light one for the past two minutes and twenty-six seconds, from when I started saying the twenty in the twenty-si …"

"Okay, okay, I get the idea," answered Lara, sounding very cross. She took her bottomless backpack off her shoulders, and put it down where she was sitting. The floor made a groan beneath her. "I think we should move off as quickly as possible," she said. "The floor doesn't seem too stable."

Lara found a pack of flares in her bag, and lighted one. Compared to the darkness before, the room lit up with a flash of gold and silver. Lara immediately spotted a flame holder, and threw the flare into it. The room lit up fully, showing a narrow path surrounded by huge stacks of gold coins, glimmering jewels and silver plates (neither Lara nor Lightning can figure out why the silver does not become oxidised to form silver oxide after thousands of years). At the end of the path, a small, modest door stood closed, with a small slot next to it, which looked like a coin slot.

"Well, lets start searching for that coin it looks like we need to get through the door," sighed Lightning. She turned around to see a rather dirty and dishevelled Vorsie get up off the floor.

"Honestly Vorsie, what have you been doing! Stop messing around and look for that coin!"

"Are we there yet, Mr. West?" Asked a very angry Powell. Alex, now very wet after discovering that some areas of water were deeper than others, turned around, and nodded.

"Someone has already opened one of the trap doors, look." Alex pointed downwards, towards the trap door, which Rebs fell through.

"Good, lets go," replied Powell quickly. Alex shook his head.

"No, the map reads that we should go on another five meters before opening a trap door with the lever on our left."

"Well, if you recall, Mr. West, your map said that we should take the right path, not the left!" Shouted Powell angrily.

"Fine, take that route, but I'm going up ahead. I need to reach that crystal before Lightning does." Replied Alex before walking on ahead. This time he was right.

Because he knew what he was looking for, it was easy for Alex to find the lever on the wall. He pushed it, to see the trap door opening easily. However, the trap door was slightly bigger than he expected, and opened slightly quicker as well …

Soon all of the men were falling very quickly down a very long way …

Lightning, Lara and their group only saw a flash of colour and screams as their enemies fell through the trap door, and through another one below. However they did hear Powell's voice screaming to Alex, before the lower trap door closed again.

"We missed them!"

"Too late, we'll climb back up when we reach the bottom!"

"If we reach the bottom!"

Lightning sighed, "Well, lets get looking for this coin, as by the look of the rate that this water is flowing down, we have roughly 2 minutes before the passage is filled with water."

"What does it look like?" said a very wet Nightcrawler, who had been dragged down with Powell's group.

"Oh, great, he's back," muttered James. Lightning sighed before telling Nightcrawler.

"Like all the others, but different somehow."

"Huh, how does that work?"

"It's all the translation on that door gives us," sighed Lara. "Well, lets get going now."

Meanwhile, Vorsie and Legolas were sitting in a large mound of gold.

"We're gonna be rich, Leggy, look at all of this gold!" squealed Vorsie. "I've never seen so much in my life!"

"Yeah, and you're going to die rich too if you don't get moving now," said Lightning. "And believe me, you'll die pretty soon …"

Yet Vorserkeien ignored her, so Lightning went back to work, shuffling through a large pile of treasure next to her.

Vorserkeien was also admiring her gold, when, underneath some gold coins, she found something to her disgust.

"Ergh … why did they put this silver coin into the pile?" she asked, tossing the coin into the water. Suddenly Lara looked up.

"Did you say, silver coin?" she asked. Vorsie didn't even have time to answer. Lara pounced upon the coin before it went under the water.

"Of course," said Lightning. "The same pattern, but a different element! Quick into the slot!" Lara paddled as fast as she could to the coin slot. The water was now up to their necks. Lara just managed to push the coin in.

It all happened very quickly. Firstly the trap door above them closed, then the door opened, flushing them all down some steps. Just on their way down, however, they saw a sign appear above the coin slot.

Thank you for using this coin slot. We are sorry no change can be given.


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