I dedicate this chapter to Suzan Collins, and JKR who both inspired me to do this.

I am not wiser than Dumbledore therefor I am not jk rowling.

I am not as witty as catnip or gale therefor I am not Suzan collins.

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"sorted what does that mean?!" Katniss screeched the question out.

"while you are staying at Hogwarts in 2012 you get sorted into a house and with that house you sleep, eat and go to classes. So you want to get sorted?" harry explained that surprised even Dumbledore.

Katniss nodded.

Accio sorting hat! harry shouted. "here you go" he said placing it on her head.

Hem...your smart, very smart.Katniss jumped yes I talk miss evergreen, you are smart and wise like ravenclaw, bold and brave like Gryffindor, loyal like a hufflepuff, but also cunning like slyterin, where to put you...that little girl is very loyal, and yes she is alive, she will surly get in shuffleboard do you want to be with her? yes, please. very well but be mindful, not everyone in our world does not want your further, you and rue must decide, weather to go back and one of you win the competition or try to change the future. You'll be a...