Zach Pov :

Hi Cammie! Everyone yelled as the beautiful blond made her way to her locker.

I just rolled my eyes.

Cammie Morgan was the hottest, most popular girls in the school who can make guys fall for her with a snap of her finger.

Everyone loved her and all the teachers thought she was an angel. I was probably the only boy in the entire school who didn't fall for her charm.

"Hey Grant" Cammie smiled and nodded at my best friend.

"Sup Cammie" Grant said grinning back. Who wouldn't? Even I had to admit she had the most dazzling smile I've ever seen.

She and I locked eyes, and as usual, I looked away, not wanting to get lost in those gorgeous turquoise orbs with golden flecks.

*~ Time Skip~*

"Sorry, I'm late!" Cammie exclaimed halting to a stop from her sprint to Mr. Johnson's History class.

He took off his glasses and glared disapprovingly at her.

"Miss Morgan, you already had two late slips. What is going on?" She bit her lip and all the guys sighed longily.

I almost gagged. What is this? Some chick flick?

"I'm so sorry Mr. Johnson, it's just that I wasn't feeling very good today, so I had to go to the nurse's office frequently. She said flus with severe headaches are common this time of year."

Cammie was an amazing liar, even I believed her! She looked at Mr. Johnson pleadingly and those gorgeous eyes looked pretty damn irresistible!

"Very well Miss Morgan take a seat" Mr. Johnson dais giving in to her like everyone does.

I swear that girl must be an enchantress or something!

Cammie scanned the room and for a panicky second I realized I have an empty seat beside me.

But there were others…. Surely she would never sit beside a looser like me…. Well, I guess I was undeserving today cuz guess what?

Cammie smirked and plopped down right beside me, her smell of perfume and soap engulfing me. Dammit this girl smelled as good as she looked!

Mr. Johnson started his lecture and I concentrate very hard on my textbook, anything other than the fact Cammie was staring right at me. And trust me. I'm not the kind of guy girls usually stare at. (Sure you're not… ;D )

"This is so boring, I honestly think History is a load of bullshit. How can it help us in real life?" She whispered leaning in so close, her warm breath tickled my ear.

Fighting the urge to breath I deeply and inhale her amazing scent, I slowly inched away not saying a word.

"So I'm having a pool party this Saturday and I was wondering if you wanted to come. My parents won't be home and the pool's heated ofcourse…" My heart sank.

Pool Party at Princess Cammie's house? I'll never fit in.

"No thanks" I mumbled not taking my eyes off the textbook.

"But why" Cammie whined. Yes actual whineage. " It"s not much, just a few friends, small get-together."

Yeah Cammie probably forgot I'm not part of her friends.

I'm an average guy with average looks, I'm not even in her league!

"Why do you want me to come ?" I asked exasperated. She pouted an adorable pout. "I'll get bored without you."

Yeah Cammie Morgan never gets bored. I heard some people call her "the life of the party."

"My parents won't let me go out on Saturday's." Lie. My parents would jump to the chance for me to go to one of Cammie's parties.

Their so disappointed I don't act like a "normal" teenager.

Cammie gasped dramatically. "But Saturday's are all about going out!"

Yeah easy for her to say since she has plans and parties every weekend. For me? Just hanging around the house. Talk about unormal for teenage standards.

"I know you're lying Zachary," she said with another one of her epic grins. God she needed to stop doing that right now.

Than the most unexpected happened. She grabbed my hand. "Please Zach? Pretty please with a cherry on top? I beg, do you ever see me begging anybody?"

I felt glares at my back. A lot of boys are going to hate me for this.

I made the fatal mistake by looking at Cammie's angelic face. She was making the irresistible "puppy dog" face and oh god those eyes….how can I say No?

I hesitated. "If you come, I'll be your best friend," Cammie added with a bright smile.

And I caved in. "Fine" I said jerking my hand away.

Cammie didn't seem to mind. Her eyes lit up. "Yay!" she exclaimed clapping her hands like a little kid. I bit my lip from smiling.

"Miss Morgan! Eyes up front!" Mr. Johnson scolded banging his meter stick o the board. Thank you Mr. Johnson I thought as Cammie turned her attention to the teacher.