Cri-Kee and Mushu decided that the first place to check out would be the garden. The two creatures slithered and leapt from plant to plant, getting familiar with the strange enviroment. Cri-Kee then noticed a strange dragon statue. He chirped to Mushu. "What?" Mushu bounded over to the statue and investigated it, then came to a conclusion: "Well, this beast must've been pretty fast in his days, and now that he's a statue, he looks majestic."

"Why, thank you very much."

Mushu jumped three feet straight into the air. The statue had spoken! The large purply-grey and yellow dragon stood and stretched, observing the dragon and cricket before him. "Hi." he smiled.

Mushu and Cri-Kee were flabberghasted.

The big dragon reached out a heavily clawed hand. "My name's Diablo."

Mushu backed away from the hand. "Isn't that Spanish for 'devil' or 'demon' or something?"

Diablo hung his head. "It's the name my mother gave me. She said it'd make me sound like an evil, strong, mighty beast, but I don't want it. People become afraid of me. I'm really a nice guy." Cri-Kee cocked his head and chirped. "Yeah, I could change it," sighed Diablo, "but the ancestors would sue me for that."

Mushu nodded his head. "Yep. There's a rule about that."

The two dragons both recited the rule: "No guardian is to change his name or attempt anything of the sort."

Mushu growled, his pupils snake-like slits. "I hate all the rules. It'd be so much better if they all just... blew away..." Diablo nodded. "Tell me about it."

Cri-Kee, meanwhile, now had continued investigating without Mushu. He jumped from plant to plant, nothing really catching his eye, then he saw...her.

A female cricket stood on a flower not ten inches from where he stood. With an enthusiastic chirp, Cri-Kee jumped to her. At first, the other cricket was surprised, then she smiled and chirped.

Her name was Cri-Kette.

Cri-Kee sighed dreamily. Cri-Kette... The female cricket was different shades of pink, and she had long pretty eyelashes (think of Scratte from Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs. XD). He chirped to Cri-Kette, telling her that he'd introduce her to his dragon friend Mushu. She happily agreed, and off they went.


"I'm the guardian of Shang's father, but he's dead, so I guess I failed."

"Hey, I failed once and the guy lost his head."



"Dude! That's sick!"


Diablo and Mushu were locked in conversation when Cri-Kee arrived with Cri-Kette. Diablo grinned. "Looks like your cricket met Cri-Kette." Mushu stared at the female cricket, an eyebrow raised. You've gotta be kidding me. Cri-Kette chirped a greeting to Mushu, and the dragon was quite taken back with her politeness skills. "Gee, thanks."

Suddenly, from a nearby cave, a blast of ice shot out and froze a daisy that stood in the sunshine.

The ice did not melt.

Diablo looked a little startled. "That's Magnolia. Something must've ticked her off." He bravely went to the entrance of the cave and said, "Come on, Mag. There's nothing to be mad about. These guys are friends!"

Then, out of the cave, stepped a female dragon, the same size and body shape as Mushu. She was different shades of blue, her eyes the most beautiful shade of all, and she had wings that sprouted from her shoulders. And she breathed ice instead of fire.

Mushu was shocked. Not since the real Ping had stolen his girlfriend had he expected to feel this way again.