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Hogwarts is more dangerous than ever, even with Lana's black book to guide them. Harry finds that things don't always go to plan; he's hearing voices in the walls and the castle is crawling with Auror's, how's he meant to sneak about now?

Chapter 1 – Discovery

It was the middle of the first week in the summer holidays and so far Harry was thoroughly enjoying it. He'd been training in the morning and then in the evening with Lana, Marie and Orion, wrote letters to his friends and sent them out with Hedwig who was possibly the most intelligent owl he'd ever met, and the most beautiful. Marie's own owl Orpheus was quite taken with her and Harry often found him perched beside Hedwig cuddling up to her. Marie had charged Harry and Orion with redecorating 12 Grimmauld Place because Orion had decided that having a magical paint ball fight in the house was a good idea. First, they had to scan the walls for any spells that would prevent them from decorating, starting from the top floors to the bottom, and so far, decorating had gone without a hitch. It was only when they got down to the kitchen that Harry found something.

"Orion, I think there's something here…" Harry called loudly, warily stepping back from the faint glowing outline radiating from the wall. Orion poked his head around the entrance to the kitchen and seeing the glowing outline stepped quickly forward to put himself between Harry and the wall.

Orion waved his wand over the outline and muttered spells under his breath. "I've done the lab in the basement and the rooms around it – no spells there; I thought I'd check even if Marie didn't want anything done to them." Orion said as he worked, brows pulled down in concentration. A faint pink mist emerged from Orion's wand and covered the area inside the outline. "There's a passageway behind here. Best stand back Pup, it's going to get messy."

Harry transfigured the table into a solid barrier that merged with the floor. He made a small, wand sized peep hole for Orion to fire from.

Orion looked impressed and patted Harry on the back. "Well, that's not exactly what I meant, but it's much safer for both of us. Good one." Jumping behind the barrier with Harry, Orion aimed his wand through the small hole and cast a blasting curse at the wall, which wasn't what Harry had expected him to do at all. The plaster burst apart with a cloud of dust and rubble, he fired another at the layer of bricks which disintegrated, and another which removed a layer of wood.

Harry had thought that maybe Orion would slowly unward it, take his time to remove the nasty enchantments his parents had placed there, take down the walls and, with a minimum of mess too.

Once the cloud of dust had settled and Harry and Orion had finished coughing – placing the Bubble Head charm over their nose and mouths – Harry transfigured the barrier back to its usual purpose and stood beside Orion to examine the damage.

"Wasn't there a more controlled way of doing this?" Harry asked as he looked around the dust covered kitchen, noticing the dirt everywhere. "Marie's going to be mad, making so much more work for Kreacher."

Orion shook his head, dislodging a layer of muck from his magically-dyed red hair. "Nah, he loves cleaning – look, did you really expect my way to work so well?" Harry shook his head, examining the large hole they'd made in the wall. Harry squinted trying to see but it was pitch black, and he knew better than to go in. "You see, my family have always been tricky buggers, and every single one of them has been in Slytherin, they'd never expect one of their own to use such a Gryffindor approach and just blast their way through. Check it with the spells now; you'll see because the walls the spells were linked to have been blown to bits, the magic has dissipated."

"It was probably really old too." Harry murmured scanning both the rubble and the surrounding wall and hole for any lingering magic. Other than supporting structural wards which hadn't been damaged at all, everything else was gone. "Nothing there" Harry confirmed.

"Right, now get behind me Pup; we're going to check this lot out." As Orion spoke the bubble around his nose and mouth wobbled, blocking off the scent of stale air that seeped from the hole.

Holding his wand firmly in his hand Orion moved his arm back over his shoulder, his wand pointing down towards the floor, before he flung his hand forwards, a bright ball of light shooting into the hole and down the passage, lighting up the way. They watched, Orion with excitement at having a part of their house revealed, and Harry looked on with trepidation.

"Should we take the Bubble Head Charm off Orion?" Harry asked, looking nervously around as he followed Orion in, his wand at the ready.

"Nah, keep it on, the air's probably a bit stale down here."

Orion's light illuminated the whole area, revealing a dank, stone corridor which was made of thick stone slabs. Rusted metal sconces hung on the walls covered thickly with cobwebs; vines snaked over the walls and floor, some coming from the ceiling further down. As they moved along the light inched further down the passage illuminating another passage that branched off to the right. Orion turned right, Harry trailing behind.

"Orion..." Harry asked eventually, this place gave him the creeps. "Have you ever been down here before, do you know where it leads out to?"

"Nope," Orion said, surprisingly cheerful in such a gloomy place, "must have been covered up before I was born." Harry followed close behind Orion as he turned right, his wand held out in a defensive position, checking over his shoulder every now and then, lighting cobweb covered sconces as they went.

"Honestly, this place must cover the whole of the street!" Harry whispered looking behind him and the distance they'd travelled when suddenly he bumped into Orion. "What—"

"Turn around Harry." Orion said quietly, "Don't look." With his free hand Orion nudged Harry back.

"What? What's wrong?" Harry tried to look around but Orion extinguished the lights, turned and guided him out of the pathway quickly. When they reached the original corridor and Orion sealed the one behind them with a stone door that had no noticeable opening. "Orion, what was that all about?" Harry asked, confused and a little worried. "Was it a Boggart or something?" When they'd initially moved to Grimmauld Place, it was filled with all sorts of horrors that a poorly maintained wizard's home is capable of acquiring. There were doxies, boggarts, failed charms, robes that wanted to strangle you and all sorts of horrible cursed items that he had to let Lana, Marie and Orion handle while he stayed at a safe distance.

"Nothing you should worry about, pup, now, let's go see where this one ends." Said Orion firmly, turning him around and steering him on.

Orion was looking decidedly less excited with a grim set to his jaw as they pressed on, Harry lighting sconces as they went. Eventually Orion got tired of almost slipping over the roots and told Harry that they were to slice and vanish them as they went. "Might as well clear up as we go along." He had grumbled. Harry noticed that large roots and vines that spread over the floor and walls became frequent and larger the further they walked, until the whole floor was totally obscured by them.

"This is so creepy" Harry had whispered at one point, looking over his shoulder at the distance they'd traversed and Orion had reached back and enclosed his Godson's hand in his larger one, the gesture comforted both of them as they continued on, chopping and vanishing the roots. The corridor wasn't straight like they'd first thought, but seemed to twist back and forth several times with false walls like those at Platform nine and three-quarters. Harry was becoming completely frustrated with the maze of tunnels when they encountered what looked like steps.

"Where do you think this leads to?" Harry asked, sending a ball of light towards the roof to skim along the top and see whether there was an opening or door of some sort. The light only illuminated more roots.

"I have an idea but I'm not sure whether it's right." Orion stepped forward and chopped and vanished the roots covering the stone steps. "Now, I'm going to go up, and you're going to wait here until I tell you it's safe to join me, okay?" Harry looked as though he was about to protest, but nodded and took a step back.

"Be quick."

Orion climbed the stairs and went out of sight leaving Harry to wait in the corridor, palming his wand nervously. A chill washed over him in the corridor and, to feel safer, disillusioned himself and pressed his back against the wall. Orion had been gone a whole minute…two…three…four…and Harry was getting antsy when he heard steps. Wand at the ready he pointed his wand towards the sound, just in case it wasn't Orion, although who he was expecting it to be if it wasn't his Godfather he didn't know. Thankfully, it was Orion, and his face was bright with an excited grin.

"We've got a garden!" he exclaimed, but grew confused looking around for Harry. "Pup?"

Harry's eyes went wide with excitement and he removed the disillusionment charm making Orion start in surprise, "Big enough for Quidditch?" he asked hopefully.

"Big enough for two games of Quidditch!" he enthused with a wide smile. "But it needs a lot of work since it's a bit overgrown."

"Marie and Lana and Kreacher can help – that way we can get it done faster, c'mon let's go!" said Harry hurriedly, snatching his laughing Godfather's hand. Harry ran with Orion back down the corridor, twisting and turning until finally they reached the opening that led into the kitchen and burst through, breathless and laughing with a stitch in his side, only to come face to face with two wand tips and Kreacher's wrinkly outstretched hand.

"What on earth is going on?" Marie huffed, lowering her wand as soon as she realised it was Harry and Orion. "And what the hell have you done to my kitchen!"

Since Marie's incredulous tone was directed at Orion, Harry took this chance to explain. "We found a secret tunnel that leads to a garden. Orion saw it! You've got to come and help – quick!"

Lana looked interested. "I never knew we had a garden. How big is it?"

"It's true," said Orion, "needs a bit of fixing up though, won't know until it's done." He looked down to Harry who was bouncing with eagerness to get started, "Will you help with the clearing up? I'm afraid that if something isn't done soon then Harry's going to explode" Harry pouted when they all chuckled at his enthusiasm.

"I'm twelve, not two!" he protested.

Marie looked over their shoulders into the hole in the wall "so you just take this tunnel?"

"Corridor," Harry interrupted, "there were vines and roots and everything but we cleared them up so it's just the garden we need to do now."

"Are you sure it's safe then? If there were vines and things growing through the walls then vanishing them could have made them unstable."

"We can go slowly," Lana suggested, never able to resist Harry's pleading gaze, "scan the walls and put in some strengtheners, maybe an extra coat of conjured stone if there's any problem – we can always get a team in to check it over if we find something." Noticing Kreacher had moved over to the hole in the wall and was peering cautiously in Lana asked him a question; he'd been here longer than all of them. "Kreacher, did you know there was a garden attached to the house?"

The old elf looked over his shoulder and shook his head, "If there was a garden, Kreacher would have known it. Kreacher would have cleaned and kept it tidy, and thinks it must have been hidden before he came here."

"And how long ago was that?"

"When Kreacher's old mistress was just a young babe."

Marie nodded at the elf's answers, "So will you help?"

"Kreacher will help."

Marie smiled and turned back to Orion. "How overgrown?"

"Positively wild" said Orion gleefully.

He always did like a challenge. Maybe that was why he kept pursuing Marie; she'd turned him down a thousand times already.

"But don't worry, if you need any help, I'll make sure to rescue you from the vines."

Lana snorted, "If I remember rightly, your Herbology mark wasn't that great Orion." Lana transfigured her t-shirt and denim shorts into long sleeved and ankle length clothing to protect herself before waiting for Marie to do the same. Stepping over beside Harry and clasping his hand she climbed through the hole. "Come on then, let's get this over with."

Harry followed quickly, a large grin on his face when he turned back to see Orion wrap an arm around Marie's waist, smile winningly and murmur "For your safety, of course."

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