Hello! Welcome to Gone With The Wind! I had the plot all worked out for this, so I figure I would post it now. :) It's the sequel to A Sword Is Like A Knife, so read the first or this won't make any sense. At all. This is going to be a lot less high school drama, and more crime and violence as Cato and Clove start to take a darker route in life… But it will start off light and humorous. :) I don't own The Hunger Games. :(

IMPORTANT: This is set towards the end of summer break, although the times and months from ASILAK probably don't add up. Just go with it, okay? :)

Eight Months Later:

"Ready?" I asked.

"Oh yeah." Clove responded


"I'm set!" Annie yelled

"GO!" I shouted, pressing the 'go' button on my phone stopwatch. Annie and Clove raced through airport, both pushing carts loaded with luggage. I laughed and watched Annie scream as Marvel's bag fell off her cart. Katniss, me, Marvel, Peeta and Finnick were waiting in line for the bag check-in. We were an hour so the desk hadn't opened yet. Clove was bored, so Finnick and I had set up a course for her and Annie to race. I told them that we'd add on the amount of bags they'd dropped onto their time. There was seven of us and each cart held seven bags because we had carry-ons as well the bags we were about to check in. It was five o'clock on a Saturday morning, so the place was almost empty. We had been planning this trip to Spain for about five months now. We were staying in a hotel in the Costa Del Sol for two weeks that was four stars and near the beach.

"She's going to make me pick that up." Marvel grumbled, pointing at his bag on the floor.

"Probably." Finnick chuckled. I pressed the 'lap' button when Clove crossed the finish line. I pressed the 'stop' button when Annie crossed it too, a few seconds behind Clove. I quickly counted the bags up.

"Annie, you dropped two. That makes your time 3:43. Clove dropped three. That makes her time 3:39. Winner!" I declared, grabbing her wrist and lifting it in the air. They were both breathing pretty heavily. I suppose I would be to if I had spent almost four minutes sprinting around an airport, pushing seven heavy bags in front of me.

"You seriously thought you beat me, Cresta?" Clove raised an eyebrow and grinned. I dropped her wrist and wondered off to pick up the five bags.

"You cheated!" I heard Annie yell as I picked up my carry-on that Clove had dropped going around a bench. I picked up all of the bags and walked back over to the others. The seven of us were me, Clove, Annie, Finnick, Katniss, Peeta and Marvel.

"I didn't cheat." Clove muttered as I wrapped my arm around her shoulders, after placing the bags back on the carts. She wrapped her own arm around my waist and pressed her face into my shoulder.

"What's up?" I asked.

"I'm bored again." She mumbled into my shirt. I rolled my eyes. Clove hadn't done any training since school ended and she was going slightly crazy. I was hoping that this vacation would distract that she was bored half the time.

"Only a few minutes until the desk opens." Peeta said, checking his watch. Clove groaned and I kissed the top of her head, knowing that a few minutes would feel like hours for her. It was probably the same for everyone; we were all pretty excited for this vacation. In total, Clove and I had been together for a year. The time had flown by, it felt like just yesterday we were in the TTE together. The gang had left me alone, but I was kind of suspicious. I had the scar going down half my back to prove how brutal they could be. I found it hard to believe that they'd just let me go like that.

"Earth to Cato. Do you read me?" Katniss clicked her fingers in front of my face.


"The desk's open." She rolled her eyes. I released Clove pushed one of the carts up to the desk. We checked in all of our bags, except our carry-ons, and then abandoned the carts. Annie started freaking out when we reached security.

"Something'll go wrong. Something always goes wrong!" She pointed out. After Finnick had calmed her down, we took turns walking through the metal detectors. We all got through fine, until it come to Marvel. The alarms abounded and he was pulled to the side to get patted down. When they couldn't find anything, they made him walk through again. The alarms sounded and he was taken away for a more 'thorough' check. I glanced at Clove who was stood next to me, snickering.

"What did you do?" I asked.

"I put a small hair grip in his pants pocket when he was asleep on the way here." She grinned. I couldn't help but laugh. When Marvel finally came out of the small room, he looked extremely pissed off. He handed Clove the hair grip.

"Yours, I think. I can't believe they only found it after they had done a strip search." He frowned. The group all burst out laughing, which caused Marvel to blush.

"Come on. Our flight's in forty five minutes." Peeta laughed. I whooped and he led the way to the gate.

-Line Break-

"So, how come you didn't invite Cashmere?" I asked Marvel as the plane took off. He was sat to my right and Finnick was on Marvel's right. Katniss, Annie and Clove were sat in front of us and Peeta was sat in the aisle across from us.

"Come on, man. You know I don't do serious relationships. Cashmere's just been a friend for, like, four months now." He grinned.

"Really good friends." I smirked. Finnick laughed and punched Marvel in the shoulder. It was like that every time Marvel broke up with someone. He told them that he just wanted to be friends with benefits, so he was probably still seeing Cashmere, but on more relaxed terms. He was probably seeing all his girlfriends, but knowing Marvel there wouldn't be many. Nobody taught him how to do commitment.

"Whatever. I'm hoping to meet a nice Spanish girl and get with her, anyway." He grinned again before popping his earphones into his ears. Katniss turned around and faced us through the gap in the seats.

"Did he seriously just say that? I thought he was seeing Fox." She frowned.

"Where did you get that idea?" Finnick asked.

"They've been on, like, six dates. I thought they were official now." She frowned again.

"Marvel doesn't do 'official' unless he knows he won't get bored." I chuckled.

"That's horrible! Fox isn't boring!" Katniss protested. Clove reached over the back of the seat and thwacked me on the head.

"Don't be mean." I heard her say, but she didn't turn around.

"Yeah, Cato. Don't be mean." Peeta grinned from across the aisle.

This was going to be the flight from hell.

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