Challenge [297]: The Masks We Wear
Title: What Matters
Word Count: 181 words
Spoilers/Warnings: BBS; a tiny reference to KHIIFM; and major, major spoilers for 3D.
Author's Note: There's another at the bottom to kind of explain the idea just for the heck of it. Written for the KH_Drabble challenge this week(s), "The Masks We Wear." (Aaand I just realized I totally forgot to explain the "mask" aspect to this... Eh, I think you'll understand.) Sorry for teh dead silence, everyone! I gotta run, but I can't wait to hear from you gyus soon! :D

He is reaching, reaching, never thinking—he left logic behind long ago, is nothing but instinct and emotion now—never thinking the other boy could never know.

How long has it been since those eyes had innocence, naivety? How long has it been since he saw himself, saw everything he wanted to be, reflected back at him?

But none of that matters now, with a face he doesn't want to rip to shreds before him, with the one he chose alive and within reach—

Burning, burning Light—burning, burning hatred—a Keyblade he didn't pass to the boy appears. Riku holds it out before him as a warning—no recognition, no sympathy.

What all has passed since that one small day? What all has he allowed to happen to his successor?

How has he failed this friend—another to add to the list…?

He pulls away from the searing, fiery Light and pulls himself back into the Darkness—where he belongs, where he suffers.

At least he was able to give Riku what they'd both wanted.

Strength to protect what matters.

Author's Note: If Young Xehanort was created from Master Xehanort's Heart and Terra's Heart and body, then when Young Xehanort splits his body and Heart, his and Terra's Heart both form Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. Also, a Heartless is a disembodied Heart, and Ansem's Guardian is a Heartless. Ergo, I came to the conclusion that Xehanort's Guardian is actually Terra. XD