okay guys my second FanFic this one is going to be... Storm x Female jet in this FanFic storm doesn't know jet's a girl but wave does' so enjoy storm x fem jet. no flamers

Jet's Pov'

he was looking forward at me so was his girlfriend with a mean look as all was; she never liked me not one bit she was stuck up bitch she hated me when me and sonic became friends but there's one clue to that theu- she Know am a girl? or not? not evening sonic or his friends know am a girl not even storm and that is wired cause i tell storm every thing wave knew from the start i was a girl' from my voice i mean it's not hard to tell but i guess it's hard for every one eal- to know am a girl am going to tell them on any day i pick and even wave Agreed with ,me on that part so i pick Friday I'll be the day I'll come out;

Wave's pov'

i proble- know this all ready one of my best friends i wanted to date was jet and she a girl! It's not real i must be dreaming i know am dreaming when i slap my self I'll be awake "Owww".

everyone's pov'

uh wave way you slap your self?" for some reason i don't know storm; um wave can you tell what is up with jet for some reason he sames kind kinda girly now; i don't know storm' all right people lets get ready for the race you bet sonic were going to be first place I'll see jet I'll see; ,come on guys we got to get ready if we want to when' all right sure'

~to be counited~

wow will jet or sonic team's win? will Amy stop giving jet mean looks? will storm or the sonic gang know jets truth of a female find out next on sonic x/riders