"Yes, Overlander," said Henry as he strode toward Gregor. "But… how?" said Gregor. "How? Because of the ambition of a certain friend of mine. But that doesn't matter. Today I'm going to fight- no; I'm going to defeat you. I will humiliate you; because I have waited years for this. Years, Overlander," replied the traitor. "And how to plan to defeat an angered Rager?" asked Gregor confidently. "Because I happen to be more than that. I am a Rager who has been wronged more than you'd know."

"More than I'd know? I was torn away from the one I loved most. My greatest companion is dead. My God damned best friend is lying on the ground bleeding to death. You think you know pain? Know sorrow? Know betrayal? No, Henry. You destroyed your freaking cousin for years and nearly starved your sister to death. So don't tell me about that," replied Gregor angrily. "Ah the emotions of a boy," said Henry humorously. "We're the same damn AGE!" said Gregor as his senses heightened. He saw several highlighted spots. But they disappeared. A strike of lightning passed and a boot hit his stomach.

When Gregor looked up, Henry was lowering his foot. "As I said, Gregor, I'm a Rager too. And a much more trained on, at that. Gregor stood and charged his opponent and slashed. Henry jumped aside and received only a cut on his shirt. He slashed, but Gregor ducked and rolled around. He kicked Henry in the back, but it did nearly nothing. Henry turned around and punched him, causing Gregor to stagger. He returned this with a thrust, which Henry parried. Gregor sidestepped a jab and rolled past Henry and began running down the hall to the Grand Platform. He came to the edge, looking out at the stone city of Regalia. Henry quickly caught up and attempted to kick, but Gregor dodged and tackled Henry.

Suddenly they felt a sense of falling. They plummeted down, down, down. They were saved by several of those cloth things that Gregor forgot the name to, but he knew they hang over buildings. They hit a porch with a loud thud and roll away from each other. They glared. "You fight well, Gregor. Better than I thought you might. But I know something you don't," said Henry. "And what would that be?" replied Gregor. "I'm not giving this my all."

Henry went faster than Gregor's mind could process, but he felt it. He felt a head hit his stomach, and a blade cut his ankle. Henry rolled around him and kicked the back of his knees, causing Gregor to fall. The tip of the traitor's blade was lightly pressed to Gregor's neck, and a smug look went across Henry's face. "Any last words? I know that I wasn't going my all at first, but come on, Overlander! You should've expected that!" said Henry.

"Yeah, but about that…" said Gregor. "Yes?" "Neither was I," he finished, and he kicked up straight into Henry's groin. The opponent cringed and nearly fell, but regained his composure. Gregor thrust then slashed simultaneously, but Henry dodged then parried. Henry rolled aside then kicked down toward Gregor's boots, but missed. Gregor attempted a jump attack, but Henry rolled aside. He kicked into Gregor's chest so hard Gregor nearly fainted. Gregor stood and charged Henry but found himself disarmed and on the ground within seconds. Once again, he was at the tip of Henry's blade.

"Don't worry, Overlander. I won't kill you… but I do want your blood," said Henry. He slashed Gregor's arm deeply and collected some of the blood and flesh in a small glass vial. "Gah!" shouted Gregor in pain. "What are you doing?" he shouted as the traitor collected the last bit he could from the gash and walked away. He then turned and said, "Fulfilling a prophecy, young Gregor. As always…."

Gregor's view faded and he went unconscious.