Hello everybody, This is my version of KHIII. It's set a short time after DDD.

Who already read my Story Reawakening of Darkness will know that this is the prequel of it (yeah, I wrote a story after KHIII first and then a KHIII. Problem^^)

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Let's just get started with Chapter 1!

He dodged out of the nightmare's way. But he was hit by one of its claws.

"Fuck!" he yelled at himself.

Faster. He needed to be faster. Much faster.

He trained nonstop for the last four months now. He had to be harder, faster and stronger.

"You need a rest" Roxas said in his mind.

"I'll rest when I have the Mark of Mastery."

"You will be dead by that time! You need to fucking rest. The last time you really did is over two months ago!"

Sora didn't answer him. He knew Roxas was right, but he didn't want to fail again. He had one month left before he had to return to the Mysterious tower.

He blocked the attack of the other Dream Eater. He managed to grab the head of the Dream Eater.

"You start to piss me off!" he muttered, before he casted a Firaga spell direct in the head of the Dream Eater. The creatures head was almost completely burnt off. As he dropped the already fading Dream Eater, the second attacked him and sunk his claws in his back.

Sora gasped surprised but turned around and stabbed the Dream Eater in the chest.

The Dream Eater faded and Sora smirked.

He looked around. He stood in front of Memory's Skyscraper. He needed to be fast enough to reach the top of the tower before his Keyblade would arrive. He threw his sword in the direction of the top and started to run.

He reached the top a few seconds after his Keyblade.

"Fuck!" he yelled down on the streets.

"As I said before you need to rest. After you slept enough you will be able to be much faster." Roxas said to him.

Sora sat down on the top of the skyscraper. He laid back and looked at the sky. The clouds were gone for a while so he could see the stars. He wondered what his friends were doing. Especially what Kairi was doing? He sighted and closed his eyes. He immediately fell asleep.

He dodged away as she almost hit him with the Keyblade.

"Damn, you became skilled over the last months. You will pass the exam with flying colors." The silver haired boy said out of breath.

The redheaded girl also panted.

"Guess you are right, but I don't know if it will be so easy."

"C'mon Kairi, don't be so negative. And besides, a little bird told me that Sora will return to take the exam with you." Riku laughed. (Missing you, KHII OST)

Kairi blushed "And why do you laugh?"

"Kairi, do you think I'm stupid? You like him, it's obvious."

Kairi blushed even more "Sure I like him! He is one of my best friends!"

Riku grinned at her "You know what I mean, Kairi."

She attacked him again. Riku barley managed to block all of her attacks.

"So I'm right?" he asked the girl.

Kairi pushed him away and attacked again. This time Riku wasn't so lucky with blocking, and got hit multiple times by her.

"C'mon Kai, Just tell me. I won't tell Sora. I promise."

Kairi smirked "I'll tell you how I feel if you defeat me."

(End Missing you)

"Okay, de-" but before Riku could finish the sentence Kairi pushed him back and hit his knee. He got down to his knees. Kairi pointed Destiny's Embrace at him and smirked "Too bad for you Riku, you lost."

Sora opened his eyes again. He still laid on the top of Memory's Skyscraper. But the stars were gone and it rained again. Sora wondered if the rain woke him up. He sat up and yawned, he felt like new born.

"See? Your power is at its maximum again." Roxas said in his mind.

"Let's try it out, then." Sora muttered and jumped down the tower.

"You know this will hurt like hell, don't you? "

Sora just smirked. As he hoped, two Dream Eaters appeared under him.

He managed to stop his fall by grabbing the neck of one of them. It broke immediately.

The second tried to attack Sora, but he jumped in the air and stabbed the Dream Eater in the back.

"Damn you are fast!" Roxas commented.

Sora pulled his arm back to throw the Keyblade with all his power "Let's see how fast I really am." (Sora, KHII OST)

He threw his Keyblade and started to run.

He was shocked, when he reached the top of the tower, his sword had only past half of the way.

He couldn't believe it. He actually was faster than his sword.

"Oh, shit" Roxas said as he realized that Sora didn't made any move to catch the Keyblade.

Sora felt Roxas taking over for a moment and moved a step to his right. His Keyblade reached the top and would have hit Sora's heart if Roxas hadn't moved him.

"How about a thank you?"

"Yeah thanks, Roxas."

Sora still couldn't believe he was that fast.



"I think we go back a little earlier."

He could almost see Roxas smile. "Okay."

After a few minutes of doing nothing Sora realized a failure in his plan

"Fuck, how am I supposed to leave?" he asked himself.

"Don't you remember the Star Shard the king gave you before you left?" Roxas asked.

Sora pulled the shard out of his jacket.

He remembered what King Mickey said to him: "Take the shard and concentrate. If you are concentrated enough and with a bit of luck you will land where you wanted to go."

Sora closed his eyes and concentrated on the shard in his hand.

He felt like he was shot in the skies.

(End Sora)

"You know this was cheating? " Naminé asked Kairi as she walked away from Riku.

"Cheating? I would never cheat!" Kairi laugh in her mind.

"Oh, sorry I have mistaken you with my other somebody." Naminé said sarcastically

Kairi giggled and entered the Mysterious Tower, her home for the last four months. She walked up the stairs and entered her room. She locked the door behind her and laid on her bed.

Only one month she thought.

Kairi had to smile. In one month would Sora return and they would take the Mark of Mastery exam together.

"What would I do if I fail it?" Kairi asked herself.

"You'd probably take it" again. Naminé answered:

"I don't know if I want to take the exam again."

Kairi sighted, she just wanted Sora to return.

She didn't knew Sora was already on his way.

He opened his eyes again and was surprised where he was: on the Twilight Town clock tower. Sora looked around. Two teenagers looked shocked at him, both dropped their Sea-salt ice cream.

Sora grinned "Hey Guys, what's up?" he asked them and sat down on the edge of the Tower.

"What the Fuck did just happen? Why is Sora here?" the blond boy asked the girl.

Sora grinned and stood up again "Relax, Hayner. I didn't wanted to ruin your moment. I'll be gone in a few seconds."

Sora opened the door to the leader and left. He was pretty sure he just busted Hayner and Olette's date. As he reached the main hall of the train station he looked around if the train to the Mysterious Tower was in the hall.

After he didn't find the train he decided to just walk around Twilight Town and do something.

He entered the usual spot and looked around.

Roxas sighed in the back of Sora's mind.

"I miss those days, even though they weren't real."

"I know."

Suddenly Sora had an idea how to protect this world.

He lifted Olette's part of the couch and hid three pages of paper under it.

"Did you really hid spell formulas there?" Roxas asked surprised "Take them back! They gonna get killed if they can use them!" He added angry as Sora nodded.

Before he could answered he heard a train arriving at the station.

He decided to ignore Roxas and look if it was the train to the mysterious tower.

As he entered the hall again, he was relieved to see the blue train.

He would finally return to see his friends again.

Sora planned to spend his remaining time on his own world. Seeing Kairi again was his number one priority.

He suddenly realized he left without a word to Kairi, or even seeing her.

Would she even want to talk to him? He was suddenly afraid of entering the train.

"Should I really go to the tower?" he asked himself.

"Just embrace your dreams." Someone said behind him.

Sora turned around and looked at a black haired man "Huh? Are you talking to me?" Sora asked.

"Uhm kind of. You remember me of two friends of mine. One of them looked a bit like you and the other had as spikey hair as you have. Wonder how they are doing."

"Who are you?"

"Does it really matter? Anyway you should go to this tower. Maybe your goal is not too different from mine."

"And this would be?"

"Don't know. Become a hero, returning to the girl you love. This kind of things." The man said and turned around to leave.

"Uhm, thanks…" Sora said as the man left the station.

He turned around and entered the train.

His training would end today, he would return to his home and see Kairi again after almost half a year.

Sora sighed. Would she forgive him for leaving?

He thought about the man he talked a few minutes earlier. Who was he?

The train started moving and the scenery of Twilight Town moved in front of the star-shaped windows. A bright light replaced the town with a sea of clouds.

This is it. His training was over.

Over the past four month he archived much. He became stronger and even faster as he ever imagined.

The train stopped.

He sighed and left the train. The disappearing of the train still gave him chills down his spine.

The tower didn't change much, but the trees did. Many had burned or cut off branches.

Sora wondered if there was a fight while he was gone for training.

He entered the building and looked around for signs of a battle. Nothing.

Sora was confused. What happened out there?

He continued his way up and entered the portal to the flying stairs. As he entered the stairs he was ready to summon his Keyblade if needed.

To his surprise, and disappointment, no Heartless or Nobodies appeared on his way up. He reached the last magic door leading into Master Yen Sid's room. He took a deep breath and entered the room.

The first thing he saw as he entered was the silver hair of his best friend.

Master Yen Sid, seeing him first of course, jumped up in his chair "What are YOU already doing here?" he asked surprised.

Sora scratched the back of his head but before he could answer, he was interrupted by someone tackling him in a hug.

"Sora, You are finally back!" the familiar voice of the person said happy.

Sora looked down and was surprised to see familiar red hair. He overcame his surprise "Kairi?"

The girl nodded still hugging him. He quickly hugged her back. A few seconds later a second person joined the hug.

"I'm glad you're back already!" Riku said happy.

"Yeah, I am glad too."

Riku let go of Sora again.

"Uhm Kairi, I'm glad to see you too but could you please let go of me? I kinda need my body to fight." Sora asked the red haired girl he liked so much

"C'mon, I know you don't want her to stop." Roxas said in Sora's mind.

"Shut up."

Kairi immediately let go of him and blushed a bit.

"Well, if this isn't my favorite Keyblade wielder and somebody of my nobody's best friend!" a red haired man said with outstretched arms.

"Axel, good to see you again!" Sora exclaimed.

"Actually it's Lea, got it Memorized?"

"I know you're not Axel anymore, Lea."

Sora had to laugh about Lea.

"So, to repeat my question: What are you already doing here? You still have one month until your and Kairi's Mark of Mastery exams begins." Yen Sid asked the newly arrived.

Sora's mouth dropped as he heard that he would take the exam together with Kairi.

"Y- You are going to take the Mark of Mastery exam?" he asked surprised.

Kairi nodded with a big smile.

"And what about Lea? Did he already finish his exam?"

Riku broke out laughing "Don't ask such stupid questions! Of course not!"

"Hey, I am here too you know?" Lea said angry.

"Lea is still struggling summoning his Keyblade, but as soon as he is in full control of his new weapon he will take the exam." Yen Sid explained.

Sora nodded "Okay, but what will I do over the next month?"

Riku slammed his hand on Sora's back "The same thing Kairi will do."

Sora was excited as he heard that, but tried to remain calm "And this would be?"

Riku grinned "Training, of course!"

Sora frowned.

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