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"Master, now that we are all here, for what did you call us?" Riku asked Master Yen Sid after all the Keyblade wielders were gathered in the study.

"Very well…" Yen Sid said with a nod "Two couriers arrived here a day before I called for you… Two legends, who both still had a meeting with fate in their own world. Each brought me a package, but they were both not for me…"

"What do you mean?" Ventus asked confused.

Master Yen Sid took the two packages from beneath his desk and placed them in front of him.

"Kairi…" he said and laid his hand on the smaller package "They courier who brought this package is a legend from where he comes. He cheated death more than once already and through his deeds he changed his world already more than once… He only deliveres packages that he thinks will make a change for the better."

Kairi carefully unwrapped the small package and opened it. The first thing she took out was a letter.

"Dear Princess Kairi." She started to read out loud "After witnessing your power first hand, I was sure that the Darkness that befalls all worlds needed to be fought, if even the Princesses of Heart start to fight. I and the King of the Round decided that, in order to help you, Princess Kairi, and all that you see fit to be protected, we pledge our aligence to you and offer you our services. May the Light of Kingdom Hearts protect you and all you hold dear. Signed by "The King of the Sea"…"

Confused, Kairi took two small amulets out of the box.

On one was a blue scale and on the other were thirteen swords, twelve of them surrounding the biggest.

"What does that mean?" Kairi asked Yen Sid confused, who carefully took the amulets.

"Those… Those amulets are summon charms!" he explained a little bit surprised "But if I understood correct, those are not for any Summon, but for two of the high Kings!"

"Who?" Sora asked confused.

"The Four High Kings of the summons." King Mickey told him "They are the supreme rulers of all the summons."

"One already fought on your side, Sora." Yen Sid said, looking at the brown haired teen.

"Odin…" Sora realized surprised, remembering how the man easily obliterated an army of nobodies within seconds.

"Yes." Yen Sid answered with a nod "Odin, Protector of the Worldtree, Yggdrasil and King over Asgard, the home to most Summons that were once worshiped as gods. Yggdrasil connects our Realm, Midgar, to the Realm of Darkness, Svartalfheim, Asgard and the seven other Realms of our universe."

Yen Sid lifted up the charm with the scale on it "Leviathan, the Serpent King of the Oceans and the Seas, ruller over all animalic Summons, he wields the power to drown all his enemies in the waters of the sea." He then held up the second charm "And this is King Arthur and his Knights of the Round. He is the King of Vanaheim, the world were all men live, that were allowed acention into the world of the Summons. Once upon a time, long before the Keyblade war, even long before the first Keyblade was forged in the image of the χ-Blade, Merlin was a close friend to King Arthur.

Sora started to count the Kings they were told of on his fingers "But that were only three!"

The old Master nodded "Indeed, the only one missing is the God King of all Summons, Bahamuth the Dragon King. But I am afraid an entity this powerful won't offer its services to anyone…"

"So… this two Kings want to fight for me?" Kairi asked confused, taking the two charms from the old man.

Yen Sid nodded again "Yes, but be aware that summoning them costst them energy, so you have to wait before calling them again, so choose wisely when to call for their aid."

"I will." Kairi said determined with a nod.

"What about the other package?" Ven asked, eager to know what was inside.

Yen Sid laid a hand on the bigger package and pushed it towards them "Aqua, this one is for you…"

As the blue haired woman was about to take it, Yen Sid interrupted her "The Courier who brought this package, though good deep down in his heart, head darkness surrounding his person. He also warned me that this package was not sent in friendship." He warned her.

With a nod, Aqua slowly opened the package. As it was open her eyes widened as she saw what was inside. Her hands shaking, she slowly pulled out a helmet with two long horns on each side.

"That's Terra's!" Ventus exclaimed surprised.

Aqua let out a little gasp as tears started running down her face.

"This…" Master Yen Sid said sad after a moment of silence "This, I am afraid, means that the last trace that remained of the Terra we once knew is gone…"

"No!" Ventus gasped shocked, while Aqua started to cry silently next to him.

"Wait, doesn't that mean he can return to the living?" Lea asked hopeful "Like I did?"

"I am afraid, I don't know, Lea…" Yen Sid replied sad "As far as we know, when Xehanort inserted his heart into Terra, his will was the only thing left of the old Terra… It might as well mean that his heart was already gone when Aqua fought him as Xehanort's Vessel all this years ago…"

"But Master, I thought he was one of the Seven?" King Mickey asked him, shocked about the news.

"We are eight, your majesty, we are enough to face Xehanort, no matter who the seven really are!" Lea told the mouse King with crossed arms.

"This is not a positive thin, Lea…" Yen Sid said with a sigh.

"If we would face him now, fust the eight of us, he could create his final vessel out of one of us and then forge the χ-Blade…" Mickey told the red haired man "We'd literally offer it to him… And then his forces would obliterate us and everything that Light ever touched…"

"And what do you want to do instead?" Roxas asked "Just sit this out till he has his last Vessel?" Until he marches his armies here and puts us down?"

"No, we don't have another choice anymore. We have to go to war…" King Mickey muttered worried "And this is why we have to begin it under our conditions, not his…"

"The King and I had this discussion over and over again while we were waiting for your arrival and we came to the same conclusion every time…" Master Yen Sid told them, as worried as the King "Xehanort's forces are growing by the hour and if nobody will stand in his way, he will take over the worlds, even without the χ-Blade… There won't be another option than to fight."

"But if we fight him now, wouldn't he get the war he wants?" Riku asked the two Masters.

"Indeed he would…" Yen Sid answered with a nod.

"But we are still in a position in which we could stand a chance… If we wait too long, more and more worlds will fall to him and those, who would have fought on our side, would become part of his Heartless and Nobodies…"

"There must be another way to stop him. Some way we can prevent a war!" Sora suddenly burst out.

"There isn't Sora…" the King told him saddened "If there was one, the Master and I would have told you…"

"So what? You want to risk the lifes of hundreds, just to get Xehanort?" Sora asked the King angry "We could get him without this risk, I'm sure!"

"It is enough!" Yen Sid suddenly boomed "Sora, we tried, but we couldn't find an alternative. You have to understand that in order to save all, some will have to die…"

Sora turned his back at his Master and now looked at his friends "Don't tell me you are thinking the same as him!"

"Sora…" Roxas told him "There is no other way…"

A little shocked about his former Nobody's words, Sora turned to Kairi, hoping the Princess of Heart would be on his side.

"I'm as much against this as you are Sora…" Kairi told him sad "But if not even Master Yen Sid and King Mickey find another way, we have to do it…"

Though with a small frown, Sora accepted the words of the girl and turned to his best firend, hoping to at least have support from his best and oldest friend.

Riku however shook his head "I'm sorry, Sora…" he said, extinguishing the last spark of hope the teen had.

"No… I'm sorry…" Sora growled angry "For thinking at least my BEST FRIEND would support me!"

With this, he pushed Riku to the side and stormed out of the room, slamming the door shut.

"And what now?" Riku asked with a sigh after Sora left.

"We have to gater information where we can attack Xehanort…" King Mickey told him.

"Are you sure we should do this?" Kairi asked worried "What if Sora's right?"

"But what if he is wrong?" Lea asked her back "We have to act. I don't really like it either, but in the end we will have to face Xehanort and his 'Norts…"

"But… But we have to be careful…" Aqua said, whipping her tears away and slowly regaining posture again "Master Xehanort might trick us into doing something to his advantage…"

"Yeah, he probably already planned something like this…" Ven agreed.

"Let's not hope so…" Roxas said worried.


Someone was knocking on his door.

After quickly covering up what he worked on over the last few hours since he stormed out of Master Yen Sid's study, he opened the door.

"Hey, can I come in?" The green haired girl asked, somewhat nervous.

"Uhm…. Yeah, sure…" Sora said somewhat nervous and let her in.

"Roxas told me what happened…" Luriél said after sitting down on Sora's bed.

"Yeah?" Sora asked annoyed "Did he also tell you that not even he or Riku supported me?"

"He told me that you stormed out of the room after Riku told you that he's not on your side…" Luriél told him.

"Yeah…" Sora muttered angry, leaning against his desk and crossing his arms "I'm… I'm just angry that not even Riku or Roxas supported me…"

"You… you know they are right, right?" Luriél asked him worried.

"If they think so…" the teen replied.

After a moment of silence, Sora looked at her "And what about you, what do you think?"

"I?" Luriél asked surprised.

"Of course you!" the teen told her annoyed.

"Well, from what I've heard, there really aren't any options…" the green haired girl told him, but tried to change the subject as quickly as possible "Also, have you heard that a few things from the Shera's armory went missing?"

"What?" Sora asked surprised.

The green haired girl nodded "Yeah, Cid's afraid someone might try to sabotage the ship or worse…"

"Oh…" Sora muttered "Any signs of who did it yet?"

Luriél shook her head "Not really, no…"

"That's… too bad…" Sora said with a sigh.

After taking a deep breath, Luriél let out a sigh and stood up from Sora's bed, now standing right in front of him "Who am I kidding? That's not what I'm here for…"

Sora curiously raised an eyebrow, but didn't say anything.

"What… what happened to Jack… showed me that I will most likely die soon as well…" the girl said and stopped Sora, before he could say something "And… And I don't want to die, knowing that I… that I never told you…"

"Never told me what?" Sora asked her surprised, not knowing what she was talking about.

"That I… huh, I don't know how to put this…" Luriél told him, nervously playing with her fingers "Sora I… I really like you, like, a lot. More than just a friend…"

For a second, Sora looked surprised at her, but then his expression quickly turned into a sad one "Lulu…"

From the girl's eyes, tears started to roll down her face after Sora spoke "Why did I even say that? Why couldn't I-"

Before she could finish however, Sora embraced her tightly, what she couldn't see was the tear that was running down his own face "I'm already the source of too much suffering and sadness, Lulu…" he whispered "Please, don't become another reason why I am one… I'd love to say that I feel the same, but I can't lie to you…"
Taken by surprise, the girl pushed Sora away and took a few steps back. After a a few seconds, she took another deep breath "It's Kairi, isn't it?"

After a moment, Sora slowly nodded "Yes…"

"She can be happy…" Luriél muttered sad "You are something special…."

"That's… not true…" Sora replied "I'm nothing special… Riku is… he always was…"

"Why… Why are you saying something like that?" Luriél asked him surprised "It doesn't matter what he is, but what you are!"

"Kairi is my best friend…" Sora muttered, somewhat defeated.

"And what? What does it matter to your feelings for her?" Luriél asked him, now slowly getting angry "You were my best friend too and I told you. I risked everything and ruined our friendship with it!"

"No you didn't…" Sora muttered.

"Yes I did, because from now on, I will always be the girl that loves you, but that is only a friend for you!" Luriél told him, now close to tears, but still angry "But you know what? At least I told you! You broke my heart because of her, but you don't even have the courage to tell her how you feel? What happened to you? Risk something!"

"That's enough…" Sora told her and grabbed her by the arm.

"Oh, now you are throwing me out or what?" Luriél asked him angry "Can't face the truth, huh?"

"Good Night, Lulu…" Sora told her cold as he pushed her out.

"Coward!" the green haired girl shouted after him as he closed the door behind her.

After a few seconds, she leaned against the wall and slowly slid down on it. As she reached the ground, she covered her face with her hands and silently started to cry about what just happened.

On the other side of the door, Sora let out a sigh "I'm sorry it ended like this…"

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