Hi, my name is kitty chu crossing and this is my first fanfic, so don't be too mean. Enjoy!
P.S. These are just oneshots. they aren't supposed to tie together in any way.

A New Resident


The train stops at the train station near my house.
"Its here!"I say, running towards the train.
Anyways, my name is Naomi and I'm 17, about to get on the train to my new life. I step into the train, and as I walk through the aisle, people stare at me until I'm out of their sight. Which was very annoying.
I finally found a seat at the back... Beside a cat... With no face...
"Hi." I squeak.
"DRAW ON ME, PLEASE!" Screamed the cat.
I look away as fast as I can, when a cat with, strangely, no nose, on my left sees me and says,"Hi, are you going to Bettington?"
"Yes."I say.
"Awesome!" He smiles."So whats your name?" He asks.
"Naomi."I say.
"Nice! Im Rover."He replies."Do you have a map? 'Cause i have an extra."
"Oh no I forgot mine, can I have it!?" I plead.
"Yeah, sure!" He says joyfully.
"Bettington. Betting be next!" Calls the train driver.
"Oh that's your stop! Go on ahead and enjoy your town!"

I can't believe it! This is it, living on my own for the first time, but I forgot my wallet at home!
Well, maybe I should go find someone around here for directions.
Then I wandered over to a nice looking house. I knock on the door, and a boy with a grumpy looking face opens it.
"What?"He grumbles.
"Hi, I'm looking for the town hall... youdoknow where that is right?" I say.
"Are you that new girl that everyone was talking about?"He asks.
"Yeah, I guess so." I reply.
"Well, you should check the next house okay? 'Cause I don't wanna waste my afternoon talking to you - got that? Good. Now go."He says, annoyed.
"Uh, um, okay..." I stutter, as I walk towards another house.
"Oh! I have my map!"I remembered. I follow my map, but end up bumping into a big, brown building. Then I struggle to open the door.
"Urrrrrrrrrrr!" I grunt with effort.
Suddenly, the door pops open and I go flying, landing on my butt.
"Well... that was interesting..."I mumble, suprised. Then I walk in and see people screaming at a lady who is running from counter to counter. I huff and walk to the green mat, yelling over the ruckus.
"Um, I'm new." The lady gasped:
"You're Naomi, right!?"
"Yeah." I reply.
"Oh, perfect, just enough houses!"She mutters, seemingly elated. "Your house is located on your map right... there!" she exclaims.
"Good luck!" I hear her call as I close the door behind me.
All right, here we go...
I find the house and go inside. I see a very small room - it smells like a chicken coop. It has a small desk lamp and a little stereo in the corner.
"This room needs a little bit of work." I mumble.
Then I walk out of the house, and just when I was about to leave, a plump racoon comes running at me and starts to shout:
"Hey! So, do you like the house? Comfy, hm?"
"Uh not really..." I snap.
"Oh? Do not worry a bit. For a limited time, I can offer people like you-"He eyed me up and down. "a partime job at my shop. I give money for paying off your house loan to make it bigger!"
"Uh, sure." I respond, as he begins to trot his fat, little body away.
"Great! Then, I will meet you at my shop - so, don't be too long!" He shouts from a distance.
"Wow." I remark, Then I go and find the store that looked suspiciously similar to my house, in that it was old and shack-like.
I walk in and see him standing at the door.
"Welcome to Nook's cranny!" He says."Now that you're here, you can start by putting these work clothes on. Just say the word when you're done, hm?" He orders as he passes me a dusty shirt. I grab the shirt, and a spider falls out of the arm hole.
I finally forced myself to put the shirt on.
I will definately regret this.
"Perfect!" He exclaims. "Now here, let me help you load some of these deliveries on to the bycicle, and youcan have fun delivering them!" He says. I feel something crawling around in my shirt.
Things are definately gonna be tough around here.
I think to myself as I try to start to peddling the heavy load. Giving up for a moment, I pull a random delivery out of the back. The tag reads: 'for daisy. ' "Hmph. Well...sounds easy enough." I say, nervously.