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Jack was going to invite Naomi to the cafe in the museum. Oh no, what if something really embarrassing happens? Thinks Jack for a moment. "Nah, I doubt it." Jack pulls out his map; "Now… where exactly am I?" Jack says, scratching his head.

{At Naomi's house}

"What to wear; what to wear?!" Says Naomi, throwing clothes out of her kiddie dresser in a rush. "Hmmmm… maybe a blue dot shirt? …No, too big. Oh, maybe my abandoned Gracie shirt that my mom bought for me when I was four? …No, too small." Naomi looks at her red clock. "I better call him for more time." Naomi picks up her phone.
"Ummmm, Jack, I need a bit more time."
"No prob' I was just about to ask!" Says Jack over the phone.

{Evening outside the Museum}

Jack knocks on the door. Naomi opens the door and sees Jack in a black, ripped-up-and-covered-in-mud-and-twigs tuxedo. "Huff... huff... I'"
"Ummmmm, Jack, is that a rabid villager on your ear?"
"Oh its nothing..." Naomi rolls her eyes and starts walking.
"So, Naomi, since you and me are all alone can I-"
"Look – we're here!" Exclaims Naomi , rather excited. Jack frowns, then follows.
"Look at this place, it's so-" Naomi trips and falls. "Ouch! What was that?!" Naomi looks over and sees a trash can. "Oh it's just a trash can." Naomi gets up.
"JUST A TRASH CAN?! JUST A TRASH CAN?! YOU THINK I'M JUST A TRASH CAN?!" Shouts the trash can. "Well...yah, I mean look at yourself: you're silver, you have rust on you, you smell like garbage and you open when someone steps on you." She demonstrates.
"OUCH! Don't do that!"
Jack stares at Naomi and the garbage can. "What, you can't understand it?"
"Uhhhh... noooo."He stares and remarks.
"Well I can."
"I'll show you that I'm not just a garbage can." Said the waste basket.
"How's that?" Asks Naomi.
"Well just jump into my mouth and poof! You will be back at you're humble home."
"Fine." Says Naomi, jumping in his mouth.
"Wait, Naomi, our date-" Jack held out his hand, but she had disappeared into the trash can's maw. He opens it, but nothing is inside.
"…Well." He finally shakes the rabid villager from his ear and begins walking home dejectedly.