Harry was laying alone in his room thinking, just thinking. Like always. That was all he ever did now.

'How, how, how, am I going to get out of these stupid fucking chains' he sighed into his pillow.

'All I want is to free like everyone else gets to be, all of my old friend's, they all get to prance about like goofs while I sit here wallowing in self pity and piss thinking about how to kill a monster. I mean I'm only 15 for Merlins sake. I should be worried about shagging boys rather than impending death and slaughter.'

Harry sat there, chained to his 'bed' damning Dumbledore for the millionth time that day. Harry Potter was 15 soon to be 16 years old but at the age of 12 knew the true horrors of the world. That said, he knew most of them before hand, but after what his Uncle had done when he was barely 12 he had realized that his dear loving Headmaster was no better, if not worse than the Dark Lord. Dumbledore had damned him to this hell for 14 years. No matter what Harry said or how much he begged for him to relent and rethink, this is were he stayed.

Yes, the Dark Lord was the main reason he was stuck with the Dursleys, but Dumbledore was the reason he had to stay here every summer holiday, the reason he had to be tormented by Dudley's gang, the reason he was forced to clean; cook; garden and serve like a common house elf for the Dursleys.

Dumbledore knew Sirius was innocent and still let him be taken to Azkaban, leaving poor little Harry all alone in the world. With no-one to love him. He knew Vernon was beating him from day one, and Raping him since he was 12. But he did NOTHING.

Dumbledore caused so much pain in his life, and you would think he could go to his friends for help, wouldn't you? Harry learned that he was alone in the world, since 2st year. They didn't give a shit about him, they were only 'friends' with him for the money that they had been stealing from him over the years. And the fame they could gather from saying his name to anyone.

Hermione could get in to any school just by saying they were friends; Ron's family would be rich when Harry married Ginny (he of course wished to do no such thing) and Dumbledore would remain the most powerful wizard known, if he could remain to keep Harry under control.
They had been using potions and glamor charms on Harry for years now. Dumbledore had also bound his magic and the only time he would release it was the time Harry had to face Voldemort. The glamor that had been used on him was painful and had made his only possible ally (Snape) hate him. He had been made into a mini James Potter and the only thing that even remotely reminded any one of his mother was his eyes.

Those beautiful green orbs that had seen so much pain and suffering over the years. The eyes that held so much pain and suffering in themselves. He had been through too much. It seemed the only way one could see into the soul of one Harry James Potter would be to look deep in his eyes. The same eyes that held no remorse at the time.

As Harry lay there, he thought of all they people he knew he could trust. Neville Longbottom, his dorm-mate and true friend. He shared a connection with this herbology nerd, both of their parents had been through torture and for Harry death it seemed, and they both struived to avenge those sufferings. Then there was Luna, she was like the little sister he never had. Then there was Fred and George, they kept saving Harry when things were at their worst in Privet drive with the Dursleys. Them along with Bill, Charlie and Percy were the only Weasleys that cared.

Much to most peoples surprise Percy did care for Harry, he just hated Dumbledore. He had helped Harry out over the past years by using a two way journal that the twins had invented. Percy had informed him on politicians that were corrupted by Dumbledore and how the ghastly man had infiltrated the ministry even more that the Dark Lord himself.

Them along with some of the order members that were fed up of Dumbledore and had left were the ones that Harry trusted. That's why he was able to take all offered O.W.L's.

Moony had helped with Arithmancy and History of magic.

Charlie had helped with C.O.M.C., Charms and Transfiguration.

Bill had helped with History, charms and potions.

Percy had helped with Ancient Runes, Muggle Studies, (which was only because Harry didn't know much about the history of Muggle's) and Astronomy.

Fleur, who forever was his friend and a bit like an older sister. She helped him with Charms and helped him learned French and Latin.
Krum had made him a better flyer along with helping him with dark arts.

Neville always wrote to him to help him with herbology and for moral support.

And Luna showed him the true way of Divination, Luna said that he DID have the power of a sear but something was blocking his magic and that when that was gone that he would be able to show his true self. He had no clue what that ment but you never question Luna.

He was already good at D.A.D.A. and is wasn't just a show like almost everything else about him was, but he couldn't think about whom he trusted for long. He always ended up thinking about his parents. Harry wondered, again, about what he got on his O.W.L's and if he would have made his parents proud. About what he was doing for the world, what he was letting others do to him.

But as the clock ticked closer to Midnight Harry's thoughts turned to the love he hoped his parents held for him. The love he hoped to would one day see again before he died at the hands of Voldemort.

The clock on Harry bedside table struck Midnight and his body started to Burn and Glow ferociously.