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Kingsley was stunned. There seemed to be another group against Voldemort, and they seem to be faster, more talented and care more than the Order did about winning. He looked around the Alley, there were very few injured civilians and there were no deaths. Most of the shops were still intact and the only shop that was damaged was Olivander's.

Kingsley started to feel hope, an emotion he hadn't felt in years. For a long time Kingsley had been worried about what Dumbledore was doing. He peeked when Tonks told him about Harry Potters room but the next day when he tried to ask her about it she acted like she had no clue what he was talking about.

He thought she might have been Obliviated. He didn't want that to happen to him so he kept his mouth shut, thinking he had no other choice of action. He didn't agree with You-Know-Who, so that left Dumbledore's side.

Unfortunately he couldn't start his own side, as he wasn't powerful enough and he didn't know of anyone else who was against him.

"Kingsley come on, we need to go see Dumbledore" Tonks said. She was just as shocked as Kingsley was, when she saw the other group who fought against the Death Eaters and was mirroring his thoughts on the matter.

She had been Obliviated but she was an Auror and a bloody good one at that, she could tell her mind had been messed with and so she had undone it. That was the trick with memory charms if the caster wasn't strong enough, and didn't really want the victim to forget then over time the charm could come undone.

It mostly happened if they realized that there was a blank area in their brain. This was something Aurors were trained to do, so she knew she could fix the problem. And so she relived what she saw in Harry's room, talking with Dumbledore about it, him trying to throw her off with poorly veiled lies all ending with him pointing his wand at her and sending her on her way.

She had told Kingsley, but it didn't seem like he knew what she was talking about so either he knew and didn't care or he to had been charmed like she had been. She wanted her family safe and, Harry who could have grown up as her little brother if Dumbledore hadn't given him to that ghastly family, well taken care of. A sad mess that could have been avoided if both Aurors stopped doubting each other.

"Right" Kingsley said distractedly. "Did you see them? That was amazing they must have trained together for years." He said vaguely, which of course was untrue, they just trusted each other and knew each others strengths and weakness. Something that is key in being able to work and fight together. Aurors were told to keep there secrets close to their chests, like Slytherin's.

But this, alas, was not true. And if they just trusted each other a little more then they would be a lot safer and would be able to win against the Death Eaters.

"But that was amazing I've never seen a group of people take on Death Eaters so easy. I do wonder where their from?" Tonks said innocently.

"France I think, just going by the voices I heard" Kingsley said. "Come on don't want to keep Dumbledore waiting."

-Grimmauld place-

Once everyone had calmed down and the animals had settled down, Harry called everyone downstairs. He was standing at the head of the table, in a room, that last year had, had trouble housing the Order. Now they fitted just fine. 'For some random reason' Harry thought, Sirius and the goblins had something to do with it, but he couldn't be bothered right now to question it.

"All right, now that everyone is calm again we can get started Bill, Fleur what happened with you two?" Harry asked them.

"We took down the Carrow brother." Bill said.

"Xeno, Snape, what about you side?"

"We were able to stop the Death Eaters from doing any real damage, but most of them were just low level and useless, so there was no real point in attacking them." Snape said rolling his eye at the end. Harry just snorted at him and turned to Xenophilius.

"Well, the Order and Ministry along with the Death Eaters should know who we are now." He said in his normal Airy voice.

"Even if, they don't know how to read" Fleur muttered. Harry and a few other in the room laughed.

"All right Oliver, how was it from above?" Harry was making it known whom were to be the leaders of the smaller groups, on each of these little battles, he didn't know why he was doing it, but he had a vague idea it was to show that he wasn't the only one in charge.

"So, we were able to shield your groups, attack the Death Eaters who were trying to kill you and all without getting injured or loosing one of our own." Oliver stated proudly.

Harry beamed " Well for the first time out of the group that only fully came together this morning I'd say it was a pretty good day. And its only" he looked at the time" 3:45 in the afternoon." Every one smiled feeling proud, even the snakes.

" Right so that's two major players down a Carrow and Greyback. Okay, I want all the information anyone can give me on the Death Eaters, a list of them along with there allies. Same with the Order. Speaking of which, I'm guessing there will be a meeting tonight, so I want our Order members to go and watch peoples reactions, to see if there's anyone who you think might come to our side. All right Knight's, well done to day" Harry said to finish.

-At the Order meeting-

Albus Dumbledore prided himself on knowing the inner workings of everyone's mind, what everyone really wanted to do and what was happening everywhere.

He was at the centre of every inner circle, everyone went to him for what they wanted. And so when they all started talking badly about him last year, it pissed him off and so he blamed his normal scapegoat; Harry Potter, the brat.

He couldn't even make himself look at the child, but he had his uses. And he seemed too good at spoiling everyone's plans, and defeating Voldemort's evil plots. So, the Ministry came crawling back to him, tail between their legs, endlessly apologizing for their misguided beliefs that he was a mad and 'lost his marbles' old coot. That was until a new ministry was put into place, and all of his laws and ideas were chucked out of the proverbial window.

It pissed him off and now there was another Group of people out to fight their war. Trying to take the place of the Order and they were doing a better job to. Dumbledore knew the Ally was being attacked but unless they left lasting damage and some dead they would take the Order for granted and forget about him. So he let a few people die. This Round Table fought hard and fast and was able to save the ally before they could even go in and try and take the spot light.

This Round Table Resistance, well, were fairly amazing, and if he weren't so vindictive and manipulating he would have been immensely proud of a group of such well trained witches and wizards.

"What do we know about them?" Dumbledore said. Standing in the middle of the staff room, that was filled with the staff of Hogwarts and Harry's 'friends'. It was the only room being enough for all of the main people Dumbledore wanted to see. For some reason Hogwarts wouldn't respond to his commands. And he couldn't pass the wards on Grimmauld place.

"They are: fast, agile, strong and they seem to know each other inside out. They knew that the Death Eaters were to attack, and so they saved everyone; took down the higher ranking Death Eaters; and left all before we could even bat an eyelash." Kingsley said, with awe laced into his voice.

Many around the room were disgruntled that it wasn't them that saved the day. They never worked together as well as the Round table seemed to. A few were impressed, but only a few. These were the people the knights were watching, gagging for their reactions and seeing if they should be approached later on.

"Who are they?" Someone said.

"Where are they from?" Asked another.

"What were they doing here?"

"We think they might be French. When they were yelling at the Death Eaters, I heard a French accent. And one of the men, I guess he was the Leader, came up to me for a moment before he told the Knights to leave, he talked to me. He said that they are after Olivander. When we went to his shop he didn't find him. Just some ripped clothing that looked like it had come from one of them and Greyback's dead body."

"Knights. Round Table, how stupid, what does that even mean?" Hermione said in a huff, with a disgusted and disdainful look on her face.

"Their obviously following the rules of the Knights of the Round Table, Granger, I'm surprised you haven't figured that out already. You did, if I am correct in thinking, grew up in a muggle environment, yes?" Snape said harshly. The girl really wasn't as smart, as everyone claimed she was. She heard but didn't listen.

Ron was about to have a go at Snape.

"Don't talk to Herm-" Ron started, but was soon cut off by a look from Snape, one that he had gotten from Harry.

The whole room seemed to be still for a moment. Till Arthur Weasley cleared his thought, and ended the awkward silence before his son could wet himself.

"Shouldn't we try'nd get them on our side, and see if they will work with us?" He said.

'Yes, yes that could work. They must have powerful people on there side and rich probably if they knew how to fight so well. Maybe He could get the under his thumb.' Dumbledore, thought; inwardly smirking.

"Yes, Yes Arthur that's a grand idea, but first we need to find out what it is they want, so I want every one to try to find out what we can on these people, and see if we cant get a spy into their camp to see what they are up to."

"And if they really are French, then I will be speaking with madam Maxine soon." Dumbledore said.

Many were shocked but kept there mouths shut.

They all started to head towards the headmasters office so they could floo home.

Once the Weasleys, Fleur and Hermione were seated in the burrows kitchen, Ron opened his mouth...

"Have you ever heard of them Fleur?" Ron said dreamily staring at the Veela.

"No." Fleur said shortly, not even looking at the boy who was openly feasting his eyes on her body.

"Hey, where did you get that necklace?" Ginny cried, pointing at the Pearl necklace that Harry had personally modified for her. In the centre there was a Chocolate diamond representing Bill. Harry said it was so that she would always keep Bill close to her heart.

"'Arry gave it to me as an 'erly wedding gift." She said with a wistful smile. Harry was like her little brother, she was so proud of him, for taking over the reigns of his life. He had played matchmaker, and paired Fleur and Bill together and they were both trying to think of a way to bring Harry into the wedding.

"How does he know you're getting married?" Arthur asked. He thought Harry's gift was very kind.

"I told him of course, we do keep in contact; he saved my sister; brought me and Bill together and you don't just forget someone who has done so much for you." Fleur smiled.

Ginny, Ron and Hermione were fuming, inside

"You should see what he gave Bill" Fleur said. Knowing she was just pissing them off more.

"Oh yeah, wait a tick, I'll grab it" Bill said running up the stairs. When he came back he was holding a Ruby incrusted, goblin made sword.

"It's beautiful right?" Bill said smiling. He still couldn't believe Harry had given him one of Gryffindor's legendary swords'. It was one of the same swords that the great man himself had duelled with. Except that there was a very beautiful Aquamarine, that replaced the ruby that Godric had on all his weapons.

"Harry had the jewel changed, to Represent Fleur. He said it was so that I would always know what I would be fighting for." Bill smiled looking over at Fleur. To that day he still couldn't believe he had gotten so lucky, and he had Harry to thank for it.

"Why hasn't Harry ever given me a sword?" Ron said with a sneer, plastered on his freckled face.

"Or me a Perl necklace, I'm his girlfriend?" Ginny said.

"Are you getting married?" Fred asked.

"Has he ever asked you to be him girlfriend?" George asked.

Both Ginny and Ron sputtered.

"No?" Fred said rising and eyebrow.

"Didn't think so." Gorge said.

"Well, they are very lovely gifts, He has given you." Arthur said timing his comments just right so as to stop any arguments.

"You know I don't really think Harry's even in to girls, I mean who describes their first kiss as wet?" Fred said. Of course when Cho jumped him it had not been his first kiss and the date after that had been out of pity, Harry was very glad when it all ended.

Hermione had told Ginny - who had told the rest of the Weasley about Harry's 'first kiss'.


"You sure on that?" Charlie asked. They all knew Harry was tired of hiding and that by the start of the next school year, he would be out of his metaphorical closet. Its not like he could hide anymore, not with his plan to have Draco as his partner the end of the summer. They saw it the Weasleys boy had longed for a time to find someone for Harry and today they had seen just who is was the set him off. The twins and Percy had been ashamed for now seeing it before. They knew when Harry did get Draco to go be with him there would be no hiding it. Shifters were very possessive of their mates. Charlie deemed it a very good thing that all Malfoy's were just as possessive.

"What would you know about it, Charlie? Your hardly around Harry." Hermione said in a smug voice.

"Ah, but gay men know who's gay, Granger" Charlie said with a smirk. Outing himself and Harry at the same time. The Weasleys wouldn't know what hit them.

"Charlie you're gay?" Mr. Weasley said. He didn't have a problem with it, he just want him to be happy.

"Yes, dad I am." He said with a weak smile. He didn't care what his mother thought, but he cared for his father.

It would seem that Arthur could tell that Charlie was worried and he smiled at his son, giving him a quick and firm hug.

"As long as your Happy son, I'm Happy. And I wish you and Harry the bet of luck with your relationship."

Charlie laughed. His brothers were smiling as the already knew and Ginny, Ron, Molly, and Hermione were all stood at the table in shock.

"I'm not with Harry dad, But I do have a boyfriend, Oliver Wood. Remember, the Quidditch Captain?"

"Well, I'm happy for you son and if any of you see Harry, you can tell him I don't care which way he swings, I will always see him as another son of mine." Arthur said with a smile. He didn't see Molly getting ready to explode.

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