Labour Day Weekend, Southampton NY

Callie Grayson rolled her eyes, as she watched her twin Charlotte head off with her boyfriend Declan. Charlotte had made it no secret she detested this party, so it didn't particularly surprise her she had taken off the first chance she got.

They sure know how to make me feel old.

Callie was standing like an idiot beside a table, having nothing to do. It was her older brother Daniel's engagement party to Emily Thorne, and the party was going ahead in full swing. Callie had a clear view of Emily speaking with Nolan Ross, another one of the men vomiting cash at the party.

Sure her family were high on the money and social ladder, but Callie would have traded anything for a family that actually cared about her. Callie and her parents did not speak, it was an unspoken rule that had carried through to this very day. Callie barely saw Charlotte and Daniel, who were too wrapped up in their own lives to notice her.

"Aren't you a bowel full of sunshine?"

She groaned jokingly, as she recognised the teasing voice belonged to Ashley Davenport, Callie's mother's lap-dog. Ashley was nice and everything, but she took too much crap of her boss. "I'm bored..." she drawled in response, just before being interrupted.

"Fire and Ice."

Oh how poetic.

"When we first sat down to discuss tonight's occasion, I was immediately taken with the idea of an evening inspired by primal bookends. Fire and ice, beginnings and endings, and the love between a man and a woman." Announced Victoria Grayson. Callie observed Emily closely, as she nervously ended an attempted a phone call to someone. Whoever it was would be anyone's guess, but she seemed bothered by this, and was trying to hide her discomfort.

Conrad stood blankly by her side up on the stage, helping along the fa├žade that both of them were perceived as. "Tonight not only marks the end of a remarkable summer in The Hampton's," continued Victoria, as Conrad followed her to Emily, "but also celebrates my sons engagement to the lovely and beguiling Miss Emily Thorne."

The crowd had split off into sides till Emily was stood in the middle, being flashed rather fake smiles by Victoria. "Though we've only known her for a few short months, Emily already feels like the piece of the family puzzle, we never even knew was missing."

Callie resisted the urge to glare, as it was more than obvious her words had been rehearsed to her. Soon Victoria stood face to face with Emily, with her cronies close behind. "In a word, I approve!" gushed Victoria, with a hearty laugh. "And as anyone can tell you, approval is not something I give away freely," Victoria laughed along with the crowd, yet being completely truthful.

Callie witnessed Victoria lean in closer, till no one was focused on her. "Where the hell is my son?" Victoria hissed at Emily, an ugly scowl appearing on her face. Yes where was he? She hadn't seen him for a while, and it wasn't like him to disappear for this long. However before further action was taken, a loud shriek of distress thundered throughout the area.


Callie's eyes widened as they locked with Emily's, as they both recognised that the voice belonged to Charlotte. They both began to follow the other members of the party side by side, as they rushed on to the beach where Charlotte was residing. But all she could hear was the tortured shrieks of her mother calling out Daniel's name, not knowing whether or not he was alive or dead.