"Mmmm," I slowly climb down from my fake climax and lean against the cool tile of the restroom stall.

"Was I good?" Amy, or maybe Ashley, asked kissing my neck. The bell rang then, signaling class to start.

I grab my shirt off the ground and put it over my head, buttoning my pants. "Gotta go babe," I say ignoring her question. I cup her heat over her jeans, swiftly, just to give her something to think about.

I stumble out of the stall, and fix myself in the mirror so I looked how I normally looked - sexy. Chest enhanced by push-up bra, tight shirt, short shorts, and a leather jacket to top it all off. I leave the restroom and head to my first class of the day.

I walk into English late - as usual - flashing a quick smile to Mrs. Smith heading to my seat at the back of the classroom. We didn't have assigned seats, but everyone knew that the desk in the corner, nearest the window was mine. No one dared to cross paths with me, or they would utterly regret it.

"Nice of you to join us, Miss Pierce."

"It's a pleasure." I then plop both of my feet on top of my desk, crossing them and lean back in my chair. It was fairly quite a comfortable position.

Mrs. Smith took off her glasses as if to get a better look at me, cocking her eyebrow.

"So, what have I missed so far, today?" I ask as if I was actually interested.

"I've just assigned a project," Mrs. Smith announced pulling a sheet of paper from the stack in her hands handing it to me.

I stare at words on the page and whip my head back to her. "You're shitting me, right?"

"I will not tolerate that language, Miss Pierce."

"I will not tolerate this project, Mrs. Smith."

That one got a laugh from the whole class. Well, all but the nerd at the front. She was a latina with black, long flowing hair tied into a ponytail. Brown glasses sat on her nose, and she wore overalls.

As the class laughed, the latina turned around to glare at me with a straight face. I stick my tongue out, returning the favor.

Just about having it, Mrs. Smith got straight to the point. "This will be the biggest grade of the year, and it will definitely determine whether you fail this class or not. I would suggest you do it. Especially you, Miss Pierce. You haven't turned a single assignment in."

She walks back to her desk leaving me alone in the back. I glance back down at the paper before me, reading it.

"HOLD UP. We have to do this in pairs? What the actual fuck?" I suddenly yell. "Who's my partner?"

"Language, Miss Pierce!"

I whisper a quick, meaningless "sorry". Overalls looked back at me once again with an annoyed face this time.

Mrs. Smith places her glasses back on her nose, and looks down on some sheet paper.

"You have..."

Please don't make it some dweeb. Give me somebody who'll do all the work, while giving me credit at the same time and -

"...Miss Lopez."

Well, she doesn't sound toobad.

"You can now go to your partners, and plan what you will be doing for this project. Don't waste this precious working time!"

People got up and moved all around the room to their assigned pair, and I scanned the room for anyone who was heading towards me. I wasn't sure who "Miss Lopez" was, I don't have time to fucking memorize names.

"Looks like we're partners." Overalls was suddenly in front of me with an aggravated look. Now that I had a full view of her upper body, it was safe to admit she was hot. Like, fuckable hot.

"Looks like we are!" I say a little too enthusiastic. I can't help it; this girl is too hot for her own good and the whole nerd thing is such a turn on.

She pulls a chair up and sits down. "It's Santana, by the way."

Oh my goodness, so fucking hot.

"Brittany S. Pierce. Baddest bitch in Mckinley." I stretch my hand so she can shake it.

She throws yet another annoyed look, and pushes my hand away.

"Look, I want a good grade, and I don't have much patience for you." Ouch. "So let's get to it. We can work on the project at my house today after school, if you aren't busy."

I nod my head in agreement. "Sure, you have a car?"


"I don't. I'll just meet you in the parking lot after school. Okay?"

Without answering, Santana got up returning the seat she took and went back to her own desk.

Feisty bitch. Won't take long 'til I get into her pants.

The last bell of the day rang and everyone filed into the hallways, conversing and things of that sort. I caught a glimpse of short pink hair and instantly smiled.


Quinn turned around, smiling as soon as she acknowledged me. She pushes her way through the crowd to get to me.

"Aye, Pierce! Someone got pussy, I can tell," Quinn nudged my stomach.

I laugh and give her a hug. I look around and pull her into an empty classroom. She looks at me knowing, and shakes her head.

"Listen," I lock the door behind me. "I did get some this morning, but it wasn't too good. I miss you..." I slowly bring my body close to hers and gently push her against the wall.

Quinn gives me a small smile and looks down.

We had a relationship, I guess you could say. We were bestfriends, and it started out with practicing kissing for boys. And then practicing sex for boys. Until it was just having sex for the fun of it.

It continued until she said she wanted a legitimate relationship with me before we have sex ever again. As in calling each other girlfriend.

I couldn't. Sex is better without feelings. Sex without strings attached is the best sex. But she didn't think so. So she stopped having sex with me altogether, which is when I decided to find alternative people. Both guys, and girls. Which I guess classifies me as the school's greatest slut, but who cares.

"I miss you, too," Quinn whispers taking me out of my thought at the moment. "But, I can't do this, anymore."

"Sure, you can."

And my lips crashed into hers. It wasn't graceful, but it meant something. I felt it. My hands reached for her hips, bringing us even more closer to each other as my tongue slips over lips granting for entrance.

Refusing to kiss me back, I pull away from her and nibble her earlobe.

"Remember how much fun we used to have, Quinny?" I feel her shiver as my words begin to register in her brain.

"When I would make you come by just kissing you?" I move down to her neck.

"How I would call you a dirty slut? Mydirty slut?" That got a moan from her. I grab her cloth covered boobs and massage over the fabric.

"Don't say you don't want to do it all. Over. Again." I say each of the last words with a peck on her neck.

I suddenly lift myself from her and leave the classroom. I certainly left her flustered. She'll come back to me.

I head out to the parking lot looking for Santana, as agreed before. I catch Overalls placing her bag in the trunk of her car, and stroll over to her.

"Hey, ready?" I put on my most convincing smile.

"Get in. And don't you dare put your feet up on my dash." And they say I'M a bitch.

Santana gets into the driver's seat and I quickly follow suit. She starts the car, and some 80's toon instantly starts playing from the radio.

"What the hell are we listening to?" I say leaning in to check the station.


And with that, I lean back in my seat and stay quiet for the rest of the ride.