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"Santana! Estamos de vuelta del viaje!" came again from downstairs.

"Quick, you! Go in there!" Santana whispers loudly, pointing to her closet. She's already pushing me towards that direction.

"Oh, hell nah, I ain't staying in there!" I stubbornly object getting out of her hold. She gives me a look of annoyance and crosses her arms.

"Why can you not be so incorrigible, for once?"

"Don't use big words with me."

"Incorrigible means incurable, hopeless, and stubborn! SAT vocab word that you're supposed to know already and I know that because we're in the same English class," Santana groans in frustration. "Now go in the closet!" and she's pushing me once again.

A dark female voice calls, bringing us out of our conversation. "Santana? I'm coming up!" Footsteps tread heavily up the stairs and the look of panic flashed on Santana's face. She takes her hands off of me and looks at me pleadingly, hands clasped together making her look like a beggar.

"Please, Brit?" the brunette whimpers.

I'm usually not a sucker for puppy dog faces, but when it comes to this certain Latina I can say otherwise. "Fine," I mumble as I stroll over quickly to the opened closet. I shut the door, leaving it slightly ajar. With perfect timing, I assume who's her mother walks in to the bedroom.

"Mami! How was your trip?" Santana's well-played out voice echoes.

"It went well, thank you, sweetie." I hear feet shuffle around the floor and peek through the slit of the door opening. I see the back of Santana's mother as she walks out of the room for a brief moment and returning with a short, black dress on a hanger. As she walks in, I try and take a look at her appearance, for she was as slim as Santana and mimicked her long, black, curly hair. Her mother wore a short, red trench coat with black pair of what seemed to be six-inch heels. Jeez, I think to myself. How young is she?

"I bought you a little something," the Latina's mother places the short dress on her daughter examining it. "You'd look great in it!"

"Thanks, I'll put it away, later," Santana grabs the dress off of her and places it on her bed. My neck began to ache from the uncomfortable position I put myself in, so I moved away from the door to lean against a wall making it so that I could no longer see the two, but only hear them.

"Don't be silly," I hear her mother say. Feet shuffle around even more and begin to wonder what exactly is happening.

"I'll put it up for-" and I suddenly hear a shriek. My eyes go wide as I see Santana's mother before me, with a dumbstruck expression on her face.

"Santanita, who is this?"

I see Santana creep up behind in shock, looking at me anxiously. "I'm Brittany S. Pierce, nice to meet you," I extend my right hand as a friendly gesture.

"Santana, could I talk to you for a moment, por favor?" Her mother ignores my hand and backs away from the closet. She walks to Santana's book shelf, with Santana following after. I get up from my position in the closet, leaning on the door frame while they have their little conversation.

"Quién es esta persona? Qué está haciendo en mi casa?" words flew from her mother's mouth.

"We were just working on a project. No need for the Spanish dialect, mother."

"And when will she be leaving, so we can discuss more about you bringing people into my house without me or your father's permission?"

"She'll leave when we finish some of the project."

"Okay," her mother moves to leave the room mumbling, "You'd think I would have raised my daughter well-enough. For all I know, she could have thrown a party."

I chuckle as soon as I see her leave the room, and fully exit the closet, folding my arms. Santana stands with her back to me and her hands covering her face.

"You know, your mother is one of the hottest older women I have ever seen," I say to ease the moment. I begin walking towards where she stood. "I definitely see where you get your looks from."

The Latina drops her arms and turns around to face me. "Sorry about my mother," she sighs.

"Nah, it's all good. So that means I need to leave, right? Well, it was a nice stay here while it lasted," I say sadly as I go and reach for my clothes to pack. I take my time, waiting for her to stop me or show some sort of indication that she wants me to stay.

"Wait," I hear after I pick up my third shirt. I mask my pure satisfaction as I turn to her.

"Yeah?" I reply.

"You're staying."

A slow smirk arrives on my face as I drop all of the clothing at hand. I subconsciously move back towards where she stood.


"Because I need you."

I raise my eyebrows at the confession and bring my hand up to one of her overall straps. My index finger and thumb move up and down the length of the fabric as I begin talking.

"Well, how exactly is this going to work? Me staying here without the 'rents approval?"

Overalls shrugs. "Idunno, but we'll make it work. Being such a badass you are I think you'll figure it out. Even if your only way to get into this house is to climb through my window or balcony every time instead of using the front door."

"I'll manage. But, I'm gonna go," I drop my wandering hand back to my side.

"Where are you going?" a look of disappointment clearly showed on Santana's face.

"Your parents just got back and you need some alone time with them, right? I mean, that's what families do; spend time with each other. So you go do that while I just go and do something for a while," I walk over towards the door of her balcony.


"Bye, Overalls," I give her a wink and within a second I'm climbing my way down from her balcony.

I found myself walking for about two hours with no destination in mind when I saw a flash of pink hair in a car. I looked around at my surroundings and it seemed that I was at one of Lima's famous parks. That's the only thing Lima could be famous for because of how it's basically nowhere.

Quinn parked her car in a lot and took out two children.

Damn, how long was the last time we had an actual conversation? If she got knocked up, I wouldn't' have even known, I say to myself.

She walks towards the playground with a little girl on her waist and the boy walking next to her holding hands each other hands. She lets them go play until she spots me.

"Brit," Quinn calls out.

I try my best to ignore her because of this morning, and begin walking again towards the other direction.

"I know you heard me," she yells even louder. I'm pretty sure people began to stare now but with Quinn, that didn't matter. I continue walking in the same direction until I hear heavy footsteps trying to catch up to me. I begin to start running now, as if to run away from my problems.

"Brittany!" Quinn hollers now.

That's the last thing I hear before I trip over a rock and fall face first onto the concrete. A stroke of pain rushed through my body as I began to feel blood from my bottom lip.

Heavy footsteps start up again and I feel someone pull me up by my shoulders.

"What the hell is wrong with you? I know you fucking heard me!" Quinn raises her voice in frustration. She turns my body so that she can look at my face. "Shit, you're bleeding."

I shrug her off getting up. "I'm perfectly fine."

"Damn it, Brittany," she gets up also. "You're not. Now come with me to get the first aid kit in my car."

I reluctantly follow her not saying a word the whole walk back.

Quinn unlocks the car and tells me to get into the passenger seat while she got the kit from her trunk. She enters back into the driver's side and gets to work.

"Why were you running away?" she says all of a suddenly while pulling out a Band-Aid. I place my index finger on the side of my bottom lip to feel the damage. I wince in pain as it comes into contact.

"You're not supposed to touch it like that, you know that Brittany," Quinn replies matter-of-factly. "I remember how when we were little, you'd do it all the time and I'd hit you just to get you to stop." The pink-haired girl smiles to herself as she opens up the bandage.

I remember and even pick out a specific scenario that I would never forget.

"Remember when I fell off my bike and busted my lip open? And then you kissed it to make it feel better? We were at your grandmother's house that day."

Quinn stops her movements as her mind goes to its memory bank. "You ate all my ice cream that day," she slowly smiles.

My vision wanders to the playground and I see the little children Quinn brought. "So, who are they?" I point towards the two. She follows my line of vision and answers, "My cousins. It's my turn to babysit."

I mouth the word oh, and Quinn begins to place the Band-Aid on the cut.

"Aren't we supposed to disinfect it first?" I ask. I know my first aid stuff.

"Not unless you want that excruciating, stinging pain." Quinn says leaning in. I stiffen at the moment wondering what her intentions were. "Don't worry, I'm just making it better," she says before kissing over the bandage.

I didn't stay to have much of a conversation with Quinn, and walked my back down to Santana's house. It was getting close to dark as I walked up the outside wall of Santana's house to enter her room. Once in the balcony, I rub off any leaves or branches that may have stuck on me.

I quietly turn the doorknob to enter into Santana's room trying to be as discreet as possible. The room was dark with the only light beaming through the cracks of her bathroom door. I hear the water of a shower running and quickly get an idea in my head. Taking off my leather jacket, I strip down until I stand nude and paced towards the bathroom.

Steam overcame me as I opened the room and closed the door behind me, the obscure air surrounding my body. Pulling the curtains aside in one swift movement, I take a look at Santana's naked body and almost faint at the perfect sight. Instinctively, my body enters with my arms wrapping themselves around her torso as my lips hover over her right ear.

I hear a gasp as she realizes I intruded.


"Mmm," I hum in confirmation. "Are your parents home?"

Santana turns around in my arm and shakes her head no. Water beaded down her face and her eyes laid hooded because of the steam in the room.

"Good," and I suddenly find my lips attached to her neck.

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