Chapter 1: Prologue

A woman ran down the cold, rainy streets of a Nevadan city - not for her sake, but for her child's, as any mother would.

In a battered raincoat, she tore through large puddles with black boots that splashed away the water. She stumbled as her feet struck a small pebble, but quickly regained her balance. The bundle of cloth slid away slightly, revealing a petite, cherubic face in her arms.

Realizing she was putting the safety of her child in jeopardy, the frantic sprinting came to a rest. Her head sharply faced the left, and then to the right; it seemed as though her pursuers were nowhere in sight, however that tingly sense was not just a "feeling", but rather, an omen.

She slowly rose her pale and slender hand to brush aside a lock of brown hair which had fallen into her eyes; there was no time to rest.

Once again, the rapid beating against the sidewalk continued. A soft flickering light bloomed into her sight, illuminated only by a cheap incandescent bulb.

'Almost… so close...'

She stumbled, but continued to pick up her pace. It was frigid, and her light coat wouldn't have the power to warm her this chilly night. But her aching heart pained her far more than her numbed legs.

Somewhere in the heavy rain, she heard people shouting. Could it be her pursuers? Or was it anyone who could help her?

She chose not to take the risk.

The mother stopped for a moment of respite. Raindrops battered the pavement, the sound a chaotic symphony of a thousand drummers. Her heavy breath formed delicate mists in the air with every exhale. With a small gulp, her hand gently undid the safety pin which fastened the bundle on her chest. A strand of cloth fell aside.

A baby.

Her baby.

Tears stung at her face as the relentless rain pounded away. With utmost care, she placed him on the front porch, where he squinted at the dim, yellowed glow of a lone incandescent bulb.

A pause; there was no turning back now.

She knocked once on the plywood door. A droplet slid off her hood and hit the newborn's forehead, eliciting a loud wail of discontent.

The mother bit her lip, caressing the side of her child's head. "I'm so sorry..."

Footsteps. She instinctively looked backwards, thinking they must have finally caught up. This was the end.

… No, she was mistaken. The footsteps came from behind the door.

"Not even enough time for a goodbye", she thought sadly.

Just before the footsteps drew closer, she dashed off, gripping the hem of her hood tightly, hoping that the years to come would be kind to her son; hoping that all his memories would be washed away with the rain.

Hearing the rattling of the wooden door, a caretaker from inside the building trudged her feet drowsily towards the entranceway.

The door opened, creaking of old age.


She poked her head outside and looked both ways, curious to know who had just came by at such a late hour. Her return to the warmth of the house was halted however, by a trembling, tiny voice. The caretaker looked down, her eyes widening when she saw the a newborn, bawling and wrapped in ragged cloth.

She picked him up with both arms carefully, not knowing where he had came from. With one last glance around her to see who was to blame, she tried comforting the child by rocking him gently, closing the doors behind her before they would both catch colds.

Little did she know, in her hands she held the child that would decide her fate, and that of the world.

And thus, his legacy began.

Hank's Legacy.

Starting Credits:

Cover: "Seeing Red" by Rhunyc

Story by: Spirit9871, Sacrom, MCG, Alias-Maxima, and Zanouji

Extra OC's: By rightful owners (more will follow on who made what after each OC is introduced)

A/N: Just as Final Salvation, this is the revised version of Hank's Legacy (now Version 2.0). The only thing that'll be different is that we're only going to edit the first 11 chapters because that was before Sacrom came into the picture. A download link won't be available for the original version of this fanfic however, because Hank's Legacy itself is still in continuation as of 12/21/2014. I will put up a download link if people request it, but otherwise, I'll just keep the original saved in my file storage in case.

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