Chapter 3: Monday Madness

Hank woke up from the sound of kids running in their rooms. It was probably one of the biggest disadvantages of living in the orphanage: every little sound the kid in the room next to yours makes is broadcasted through the walls like an echo. So Hank has to be interrupted by a fart, gasp, giggle, or retarded laughter by some five-year-old screwing around.

Rubbing his eyes, he momentarily forgot why they were so frantic. Hank glanced at the clock next to him and sighed.

7:00 in the morning.

Looks like he had to get ready and go to that goddamn school again...

Hank put on a fresh pair of clothes and got the backpack he set by his bed ready. Some books, papers, and shit would be enough.

Zipping the top of the bag back up, he pulled out a stick of gum he kept in his pocket and began chewing on it. Of course, he didn't want his mouth to smell like the inside of a horse's ass when he got to school, but there was no way in hell he was gonna share the same bathroom with those other bastards he's forced to live with. So, gum was his last resort.

Hank slung the backpack onto himself, letting it sag down by holding it from only one end. He stuck his hands in his pockets and walked out of his room to the door. Julia saw Hank leaving and stepped in front of him to stop him momentarily. Hank looked at her with a bit of an annoyed yet bored look.

"Is there a problem?" Hank questioned.

Julia shook her head. "Hank, the year's just beginning, and I want you to make some friends before it's too late. September is the month where everyone is ready to get to know each other, but if you wait too long, it's going to get harder for you to do so."

Hank stared at Julia with a gaze that she couldn't see through. She blinked, and Hank had gone around her.

"Please Hank, just take my advice for once!" she yelled at him desperately.

Hank closed the door behind him and continued walking with nonchalance. Julia turned around with a sad expression on her face, not sure whether or not Hank had even heard her before he left. She suddenly began chasing a child wearing nothing but his undergarments, running around the halls.

Hank continued traveling his route to school. It was a ten to twenty minute walk, so he took his time. Hank didn't even bother turning his head to the students joking and laughing around him. They easily passed by him because of his slowed pace.

Finally making it to his destination, he looked up. The same dull sign he remembered from his first day here still hung on the front of the school. Sunset High School: an average school with average teenagers learning from average teachers.

Unfortunately for Hank, he had no choice but to walk in and get to class. Remembering his Monday schedule by heart, he sighed.


Oh goodie. He was gonna learn how long it takes for a body to go "splat" on the ground after being pushed off a plane.

Hank went up two floors, trying to avoid the school's notorious bullies: a group of seniors. Apparently, their leader, Marvin Dayton, was harassing another smaller student for the little money he had left in his wallet. Marvin's friends shoved the poor youth around until he gave in and passed the cash to Marvin. He snatched it out of the freshman's hands and grinned to his laughing colleagues.

After watching the five of them disperse, Hank saw the freshman pick up the books he dropped. Although Hank knew he was a freshman himself here, those assholes still haven't made a move on him.

But it was torturing enough to see other people get screwed over.

Surprising even himself, Hank began walking down the stairs and helped the young man pick up his books. He stared wide-eyed at Hank, knowing that it was a rare to actually see people help each other here, especially Hank himself.

Hank picked up the last piece of paper that fell out of his notebook. The 9th grader made a small gulp, wondering why Hank would even bother wasting his time with him. He snapped out of his trance.


Hank already had his back turned from him and was walking up another flight of stairs.

"-you..." he finished.

Hank shook his head. He wasn't sure why he just did that. Was he trying to follow Julia's words?

He heard the bell ring. Looks like he would have to keep that thought for later in class.

Andrea Lyn was the proud physics teacher for this generation of freshmen as well as for the past ten years. She had to admit, her class was hard, but so was physics.

Andrea began writing equations for the class to review and refresh on, while she added newer ones for newer problems they had to solve. Each teenager in the room had an issue on the subject of his/her own. Whether it was for velocity, time, or distance; Andrea would make sure that by the time this group of students would graduate, they would know how to solve problems far beyond their level.

However, there was one student that had enrolled in her class which was different from all the other bright children she taught.

After writing down the necessary formulas, she began handing out worksheets to everyone. Finally, she reached that one student who always found a way to put her into a state of disbelief.

Hank Shawnson.

Andrea wondered exactly to what extent did Hank's knowledge stretch out to, and decided to challenge him with ridiculous questions that she would teach to her seniors. After giving him his own special work, she walked back to her desk, pretending to mark her papers to steal a couple of glances at him. Andrea expected him to miss every question; these were topics she still wouldn't teach until late March, which was months away from where they were right now.

Hank was the only person who had ever received perfect marks on all her tests in the ten years she had taught the field, and yet, he had never done anything in class or back at home. Hank was usually spacing out whenever she would speak up at the board, he would never do any of his homework, and he didn't seem focused at whatever she was saying. But how could somebody manage to pull off such unbelievable grades without practically doing any work at all? The only answer that Andrea could think of was that Hank had been studying in his free time, but she doubted it. If he was too lazy or careless in doing his schoolwork, then why would he bother studying in the first place?

Shaking her head, she began grading exams for her next class. Hank was one of those kids that nobody could understand.

Hank stared at the paper in front of him. He raised one eyebrow up, noticing that the questions were strangely challenging compared to the usual topics the teacher would talk about to her students. He turned his head to the female sitting to his right, saw her own questions, and did the same with the male sitting on his left. Both of them had the same problems while Hank was the only one in the class with this group of questions, which obviously meant something was off here.

Hank then turned his eyes to Andrea, who was staring at him with a serious look. Their pupils met for a few minutes until Hank looked back down at his paper.

'So that's how you wanna play, huh?" Hank thought to himself.

Hank brought the sheet closer to his face. He placed it back onto the table and began scribbling answers down. Andrea was blown away at his speed. It was as if he had already mastered what was in front of him.

Whether he was faking it or not, it would all be clear to her by the time she gets back his responses.

Forty-five minutes flew by to everyone's surprise when the bell rang. All the students were glad to get the hell out of there to their next class as they packed their supplies quickly and dashed off.

Hank stood up, handing the sheet to Andrea. She looked at what he wrote for a few seconds, but because she didn't have the time to read all of his work, all Andrea knew at the time was Hank definitely had something on here.

The question she wanted to answer was; is Hank as smart as he seems?

Just before Hank was about to leave, she called out his name.


Hank breathed out deeply. Today was full of interruptions, wasn't it?

"Yes, Ms. Lyn?"

Andrea suddenly realized she didn't know what to say. But she couldn't keep him standing there! Otherwise, she'd look like an idiot!

Andrea quickly made a statement to cover her blunder. "...I-I, just wanted to say you've been doing a good job on your tests lately, but you need to focus more in class and do the work I give you every night."

Hank blinked slowly, still not changing his blank face. He nodded and turned around. Andrea sighed in relief from the odd tension Hank put upon her.

She saw Hank abruptly stop walking just before exiting.

"See you next time Ms. Lyn." Hank said in a calm yet mysterious tone as he walked out.

Andrea turned her head and watched as probably the strangest student she ever had walk out of the door. She quickly began getting her materials ready for the next group of students waiting for her outside.

Hank stuck his hands in his pockets. He had to go through five more periods until lunch.

"God dammit..."

Hank's other classes had gone through their usual courses. He kept quiet every period, not raising his hand once for an answer or for a question. In fact, because of this, the teachers who noticed Hank's disclosed nature were a bit uneasy at his behavior. Sure, they could call upon him and make him give them an answer by force, but answers to questions on a chalkboard don't really tell a person much about a student's mindset outside the classroom.

After finishing his last class, Geometry, Hank finally made it to the cafeteria. The concept of shapes and angles annoyed him not because he didn't understand it, but because a gun-shop owner doesn't need to know all that shit in the first place.

Hank saw a lone, empty table in the middle of the lunchroom. He sat himself down and pulled out a brown paper bag. The only thing inside of it was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a bit crushed from his books.

He shrugged and ate it anyways. He wasn't starving, but there was no way he was going to eat the glop of slime they served in the cafeteria and called it: "lunch".

Feeling rather bored at the time, Hank rested his head on his right arm, letting his eyes wander around the room. Almost everywhere he looked, there were teenagers making smug jokes among themselves and laughing. It was funny; Hank never really did approach anyone before in the school although almost everyone there knew about him. Hank Shawnson: the brilliant freshman that nobody could compare academically to. Still, since he left everyone else alone, they did the same to him. And that's how he liked it.

Hank frowned. Hank Shawnson? What a crappy name. Somehow in his head, it didn't click, as if it wasn't meant to be a part of him. When the orphanage first found him, they had no idea what name to use. Eventually, due to their lack of creativity, they used probably one of the most cliché names in the English language: Hank. Then, since Julia was the one who found him that night, they carried her last name to him.

And thus, Hank Shawnson was born.

...But Hank didn't like it...because Julia wasn't his real mom.

He lost his train of thought when he suddenly heard a deep, masculine voice, yelling angrily from not so far away.

Hank turned his head and narrowed his eyes.


Hank watched in disgust as Marvin shoved a sophomore down to the ground. The tenth grader sat back up, rubbing the back of his head. Marvin grabbed his collar with both hands, making the student's fearfulness more visible.

"Listen! I already told you! I'm sorry man! I had homework of my own to deal with, so there was no way I could've done your project! Just let me finish it tonight, okay?" the sophomore begged.

Marvin began shaking him violently. "I told you, you little prick, to do this for me THREE DAYS AGO! And now, you're giving me nothing? I'm gonna bash your head in punk!"

Hank rolled his eyes. He realized that his third stick of gum was starting to lose its flavor. Hank smirked and spat it out of his mouth. He put it between his thumb and index finger.

'Let's see how good I am at this...'

Hank flicked his thumb forward as if he was shooting a booger. He held down his laughter as he saw his gum get stuck into Marvin's hair.

Marvin dropped the sophomore and didn't even bother watching him scamper off. His eyes widened as he realized what was stuck on him when he traced his fingers on the back of his head.

Clenching his teeth, Marvin turned to the large group of students staring at him.

"Who the fuck just did that?"

All the teenagers turned themselves away from him quickly. Marvin was a pretty good boxer, so if he spots someone he doesn't like, chances are, that person's arms and legs would be broken by the end of the day.

One of Marvin's friends, who saw what had happened, whispered in his ear that Hank had done the deed. Marvin turned around, the fire in his eyes fueled with hate and rage. He stomped towards where Hank was sitting. Hank looked innocently at him, playing dumb.

"What's the matter?" Hank asked.

Marvin slammed his left fist on the table loudly. Everyone except Hank jumped in their seats.

"You little fucker. How stupid do you think I am?"

Hank chuckled. "Believe me; you don't want an answer to that."

Some of the students who had heard Hank's counter-statement "ohhh'ed" in shock at how a freshman would dare make fun of Marvin like that.

Marvin's face turned redder from embarrassment and anger. He gripped Hank's shirt, just like how he tormented his previous victim. But instead of seeing fear and struggle in Hank's eyes, he saw something strange.

Hank's eyes were coal black. Not even light reflected off of them. It was as if Marvin was staring at the eyes of a corpse. Marvin couldn't even tell what the freshman was thinking, and was starting to get a bit anxious at the kid who was three years younger than him.

Realizing that he was loosening his grip, Marvin shrugged it off and clenched Hank even tighter. Hank gazed at him with a tired, bored, and empty face, making Marvin even angrier.

"I'm done screwing around, you little bitch!" Marvin shouted at his face.

Just before he was going to raise his right fist up and mash it into Hank's skull, the crowd suddenly subsided and teachers began rushing in.

"Marvin! Don't make me have to put you into detention again!" one of them yelled.

Marvin growled, dropping Hank. Now, he just lost two of his targets. Hank brushed off his shirt.

"About time you showed up..." he muttered.

Marvin glared at Hank. As he walked away and lost the attention of the teachers, he turned his head back and made the "you're-dead-meat" hand sign, where he pretended to cut his neck with his fingers.

One of the lunch teachers faced Hank. "Are you okay?" she asked worriedly.

Hank sat back down, eating the rest of his sandwich. "I'm fine." he replied coldly.

Everyone had eventually returned back to their normal spots, restoring peace and order once more in the cafeteria. Some of the students were glancing back at Hank, disbelieving how calm he was. After finishing his small snack, Hank pulled out another stick of gum and continued chewing. The bell rang shortly later.

Hank groaned. Marvin took up too much of his relaxation time. Oh well, it would be only a few more periods until he was done with the worst day of the week: Monday.

Hank walked out of the school. He was exhausted, but was still on alert in case Marvin plans on sneak-attacking him.

By the time he was on the streets, he heard a car honk its horn at him. He turned to the direction of the sound and saw Julia waving at him.

Hank casually walked to her and took shotgun. She turned to him, smiling.

"So, how did your day go?"

Hank shrugged. "It was okay I guess."

"Did you make any new friends today?"

Hank smirked in the back of his head. He clenched his fists.

"Oh yeah. I've made quite a nice friend today." he told her.

Not understanding why Hank had put emphasis on the "quite" in his sentence, she drove back home. When they reached a stoplight, Julia pulled out a sheet of paper from her bag and handed it to Hank.

"Here." she merely said.

Hank stared at it, seeing all the problems on all the stapled pages. Christ, there were probably about a hundred of them.

"What's this?" Hank asked.

Julia looked at him with a puzzled look. "Don't you remember? This is your IQ test!"

"Huh? Didn't you say that you were going to take me somewhere for it?" Hank recalled.

Julia turned a light shade of pink. "Yeah, well, I actually think that it's a better idea for you to take this thing somewhere you feel safe and situated in."

Hank nodded. That was a good call on her part. Then, he sighed as he placed the bundle of papers into his backpack. Looks like he had more homework to do for tonight.

Hank looked outside. He rested his head on one elbow, watching the birds fly away freely in the blue sky.

As the car stopped again, something caught his eye.

A figure covered in black, staring at him from a rooftop.

Hank shifted back at the sight. He felt something get stuck in his eye and wiped it off. Hank looked back up.

It was gone.

He turned back to the front, confused at what had just happened. Julia noticed this as well.

"What's wrong?"

Hank glanced at his shoes in a daze.

"It's nothing..."

...or was it?

Back inside the school, Andrea cleared out the room of students. She was all alone grading another test she recently handed out to everyone. Then, Andrea saw a ray of light from the sun come down on a piece of paper she left on the desk.

Andrea picked it up.

Ah yes, this was Hank's "special" worksheet.

She didn't think much about it at the time. In fact, Andrea was thinking about throwing it out, since there was just no way Hank could've answered practically anything right here. Otherwise, he would've mastered physics three levels ahead of him.

Still holding the sheet, Andrea debated with herself on whether or not she should even bother spending the time to check his work. Andrea however, was a woman who didn't want to be left pondering about the unknown, and pulled out the answer sheet for Hank's problems from a drawer.

Andrea glanced down at the first problem. Most of her kids that were ready to leave the school struggled with this topic greatly. After glancing back to the answer sheet and towards Hank's response, her eyes widened.

'No way...'

Andrea shook her head. What was she thinking? This was a multiple-choice problem for God's sake! Anyone can guess and have a lucky shot at it!

She nodded in satisfaction.

Yes, that's all.

Just a coincidence.

The physics teacher continued to scan his assessment, but gaped as Hank answered each and every single question on the multiple-choice section correctly. Had he cheated? No, he was the only one who had those problems today, and the answers were locked away in the drawer next to her.

Andrea flipped the page again. Okay, maybe he found a pattern. But that would mean he couldn't answer the "Show-Your-Work" questions completely, right?


Andrea dropped the paper as she saw Hank had even explained how everything had worked out to his answers. He had used the basic formulas she gave the class and manipulated them to his advantage. They may have been different from how the answer sheet says, but nonetheless, it was still valid. This was the type of tactic she would see from her Advanced Placement class.

She picked the paper back up and quickly placed it into her pocket. The principal had to see this. Andrea turned one last time towards the window, thinking about Hank, who was starting his IQ test in Julia's car.

Hank Shawnson wasn't smart.

He was a genius.

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