There was no way he could believe it. None what so ever. Percy was the strongest demigod he knew. He even surived the Archilles' Heel's curse. Annabeth was the smartest demigod to ever step foot in Camp Half-Blood. They were almost unstoppable. Both survived the second Titan War, the Great Prophecy, the Giant War and saved the world countless times. It almost seemed impossible for them to die, yet there they are laid in their unknown coffins on a minor mission. He couldn't wrap his mind around it as he stared at the amphitheater.

Tears ran down his cheeks. He should have been there with them in the cave. It was him who sent them down there.

"Nico, it wasn't your fault. There was nothing you could do." He turned to see Hazel standing next to him staring at the burning shrouds, tears streaming down. She might as well have read his mind.

Nico just nodded dumbly not hearing what she said next. He didn't trust himself to say anything without his voice cracking. First he lost Bianica, and now he lost Percy and Annabeth, too. Percy was like the brother he never had. Annabeth was like Bianca, just a little scarier.

He focused on what was going on around him.

On the amphitheater there were two shrouds. One was a long, silk burial cloth the color green. Someone had embroidered a trident on it. Next to it was a simple but beautiful grey one embroidered with an olive tree in the front. Both were burning brilliantly. The night was clear, so no cloud broke the view of the beautiful stars.

He saw all the solemn faces reflected by the flames and then glanced at Hazel. There, in his head, an insane idea came to him. It was like something-a god or monster most likely, but what did he care-whispering to him. He brought Hazel back to life didn't he? Yeah, said the intelligent part of his brain, only because she wasn't ment to die and that's not even including the fact that she's Pluto's daughter.

The rest of him didn't listen. It was too tempted to bring them back to life. It thought how wonderful it would be if he could. He would be the first one... Yes, and the only one...Soon the possibility overwhelmed him, silencing that tiny voice.

Nico didn't know he walking, much less moving, until his nose almost touched the door of a cabin- Percy's cabin. It was against the rules to go into a cabin unless it's yours or someone invited you in, but he hardly cared now. Besides, that mostly applied to opposite genders. He looked around him to see if anyone was watching and entered.

The cabin was as messy as he had last seen it. The bed was unmade and all of Percy's junk was on the floor. He scanned the room until it rested on a slightly open drawer. Something was awfully familiar about it. There was a folded piece of paper in it in Percy's handwriting.

As he read it, realization hit him like... like... something very hard. Percy and Annabeth knew they were going to die. How Percy gained that knowledge with that thick-headed skull of his was a mystery to him, but what he did know was he had to give this paper to them ASAP. Nico hurriedly shadow traveled to the Underworld.

When he arrived, he knew he was too late. He could feel it. They had passed judgement and chose another life.

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