Paul collapsed on the couch and started snoring immediately. He looked kinda cute.

'Stop it Alena,' I scolded myself. 'Anyone with dirt everywhere, that much idiocy, and looks like a shaggy dog is a... a... Oh, never mind.' I looked at him again. 'But he doesn't deserves a backache in the morning; that's for sure.'

Gently I moved him into a more comfortable position. The bushy mustache man in the wheelchair that let us in gave him a blanket and poured a yellowish liquid down his throat.

"He'll be fine child." He put his hand on my shoulder. "Let's get you a room where you could stay for the night."

He led me to a guest room. As he closed the door gently after wishing me a good night, I plopped into the bed and entered a fitful rest.

When I woke up, not knowing where I was, I panicked. Then, all of the events of yesterday came back. The mansion, the train, Nico disappearing, traveling to Camp, the fight, Paul's chopped off finger... I was finally in Camp Half-Blood.

Downstairs, the same handicapped man wrapped fresh bandages around Paul's hand. Another boy about my age fed him the same yellowish liquid I saw yesterday.

"Good morning, Alena. You missed breakfast and lunch I'm afraid. Would you like something to eat?" I stared at him stunned, but reminded myself not to be rude.

"No thank you. How did you know my name?"

The man chuckled. "Your mother, Hailey, told me."

I pursed my lips. "She's not my mom."

He decided to ignore my last comment. "My name is Chiron. This is Jacob, son of Apollo and one of our best healers. He will be nursing Paul back to health." Jacob gave me a shy, little wave and turned his attention back to Paul.

"I'm the activities director and a centaur. Do you know what that is? Of course you do! You were raised by Hailey. Well, I guess you might not be so surprised." I stared that him questionably. What the heck was he talking about? I'm pretty sure a centaur is half horse and man, but Chiron seemed fully human to me.

Though, that was before he began to get up from the wheelchair, his upper half seeming to stretch while his legs stayed as they were. Then horse body and legs appeared, unfolding from the 'wheelchair'. How he fitted in there I may never know. He stood before me, head almost touching the ceiling, in his centaur form. The wheelchair acted like a box with wheels and his disabled 'legs' sat undisturbed and definitely on connected to him. It was kind of gross watching it really.


Jacob grinned. "Newbies always react this way when every he does that," he muttered.

"Now," he said as I walked and he trotted out to the front porch, "that boy with the black hair and grey eyes over there is Luke. LUKE, MY BOY!"

A cute boy about 10 jogged to us, and when I said cute, this time I meant the you-look-adorable-like-my-baby-brother kind of cute, not the I-want-to-date-you kind. Anyways, his messy hair most likely never heard of a comb before, and he had an athletic build of a swimmer. Somehow, he also made the grey eyes that somewhat reminded myself of me and black hair work.

"Yeah Chiron?" Now where have I heard that voice before?

"I want you to show Alena around. You'll be excused of all classes."

"Sure. Come on."

He showed me the volleyball courts, the major and minor gods' cabins, the stables, the canoe lake, arena, the armory, the forest, and the beach. As we strolled, people pointed, stared, and gave us quick glance as if they're trying not to look suspicious. I guess new campers are rare.

"Every demigod is assigned a specific cabin according to who their godly parent is. Right now, we don't know who your parent is so you'll have to stay in the Hermes cabin until you're claimed." He sensed that I was going to speak and said, "Don't worry. You'll know when you're claimed. It's usually a special moment, and everyone goes nuts."

The two of us kicked our feet in the sand every time we took a step. The bright setting sun on our backs gave me a heads up on who was behind us. I could never be too careful after last night. It was an old trick, but hey, it works.

"Just wondering, who's your godly parent?"

"I don't have a godly parent. My mom and dad are both demigods. Did you see the one cabin between the major and minor cabins? That's where my sister, all of the other mixed-bloods, and I stay."

He started talking about all the weird adventures his parents had gone through. His parents have gone everywhere, Hoover Dam, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Empire State Building, Greece, Rome, and even Olympus a couple of times.

"Yeah, they're pretty cool." He turned around to give me a smile but then frowned. "Just wondering, how old are you?"

"Thirteen. Is something wrong with that?" I put my hands on my hips. I know I'm short (that's why Hailey was so happy), but that doesn't mean he had to rub it in.

"No," he said slowly, scrutinizing me from head to toe. "It's just that you look a lot older. If you ask me," (which I didn't), "you seem like approximately fifteen or sixteen."

"When I'm this short?" He snorted at my reply.

"Short? You're like a head taller than me, and I'm 4" 11'." I stared at him, surprised that I'm looking down at him. Just yesterday I was only five feet three.

A conch horn sounded, shaking me out of my bewilderment and making me jump. Luke chortled at my reaction, the conversation before forgotten.

"That means it's time for dinner. Hurry up. Chiron would want to introduced you to the rest of the half-bloods."

That was exactly what Chiron did in the mess 'hall'. Many murmured among themselves, showering her with nervous glances and stares. Under ordinary circumstances, I would've ignored them and went on with my life, but the way they pointed at me made me uneasy, like I'm an imposter of some sort.

In a table near the back Luke acted like everyone else as if seeing me with a new light and then avoided my gaze. A blond little girl about nine shook his arm violently, but he ignored her and continued eating. Frustrated, she turned to me and made a signal with her hands quickly that I somehow understood. I'll talk to you later.

I gave the tiniest of nods. Seeing this, she started chatted with her friends like nothing happened.

Sensing my discomfort a little too late, Chiron hastily led me to the Hermes table where they half-heartedly welcomed me.

After the dinner, everyone went to the campfire but the girl pulled me aside. She expertly pulled me through the crowd and into a dark cave underground near the arena. The mouth of the cave was expertly hidden, almost impossible to spot unless you knew it was there beforehand. The nine-year-old pulled me deeper into the network of caves and tunnels, changing tunnels every so often. Once satisfied we weren't followed and deep enough, she suddenly faced me, nearly making me bump into her.

"Were where you from? How did you discover this place? And who is your godly parent?" she ask all in one breath. This girl didn't waste any energy with formalities does she?

"California. Hailey and Nico. And uh, I don't know," I admitted. Something about the blonde made me spill everything. She paled almost immediately.

"No, no, no! This wasn't supposed to happen," she muttered so quietly that I could barely hear her. "Did anything special occurred during your birthday?"

"None that I could remember." Gravel shuffled somewhere near the mouth of the cave. Instinctively, I grabbed my knife. The girl pushed me against the hard, cold walls, turning off her flashlight in the process.

"Keep quiet," she hissed.

Painfully slow moments of anxiety passed without another sound or any indication that someone besides us was here. The nine-year-old sighed in relief. "I think whoever it was is gone."

I was about to agree with her until I felt a hot breath near my neck. I gripped my knife even tighter all too aware of how easily the person could kill me.

"Alena? Are you ok? You look like my mom when she sees a spider." She shivered. "I hate them too but not as much as her..." Her eyes nearly bulged when she saw the person behind me.

Stuck in a dark cave alone with some creep and nobody knowing where we were, we were doomed for sure.

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