Ok, now all the Oc's are chosen! And the veteran contestants will hate Chris for this, which will amuse im, and will make the story even better! And of course, Chris will torture us all. No surprise there. Other than that, let the new season of Total Drama...BEGIN! :)

"Hi! Last season, Cameron surprised everyone by beating the football jock Lightning for the million! And then I got arrested. But I'm back! And I'm bringing 11 veterans and 11 newbies back to where it all started, Camp Wawanaka! Except there's less toxic waste. With this new batch of contestants, what drama will come up? Will I get arrested again? And will the contestants ever get here!? Find out now, on Total! Drama, Blow-Up!"

*Theme song plays, Chris is on the dock of shame*

"And we're back! Since you people know them so well, I'm introducing the veterans first! Our first duo arriving, the couple that hooked up behind Courtney's back is season 3, Duncan and Gwen!" The punk couple come off the boat, holding hands, whispering to eachother and laughing, until Chris blows an airhorn in their ears, making them deaf for a few seconds, and pissing them off.

"What the hell, Chris?!" Gwen asked with murderous rage in her eyes. "Sorry, had to distract you. Now, go sit in your chairs!" They sat down in the chairs with their names on them...which, as it turned out, were on opposite ends of the row. Which pissed them off more.

"Hah, I love this job. Next, the season four aura reader, and schemer that got her kicked off! Dawn and Scott!" Dawn stormed off the boat, but it took Scott a little longer, seeing as Dawn kicked him in the balls on the way here. "Really Chris! Out of all the people to pair me up on a boat ride with, it's him?!" She screamed, beyond furious. "Hey, it wasn't exactly nice riding with you either, moonfreak." Scott retaliated. And that comment got him another kick to the balls. Dawn at down in her seat, while Scott limped over. During all this, Gwen and Duncan were laughing the entire time.

"I knew that would happen. But there will be a MAJOR cat-fight with this next duo! The two people most heartbroken by the Gwen/Duncan hookup, Trent and Courtney!" When the boat got to the dock, nothing happened at first. But, all of a sudden, you hear a scream, almost like a war cry. And believe it or not, it wasn't Courtney! It was Trent, who jumped Duncan and started punching him to death! "YOU JERK! YOU STOLE HER! AAAHHH!" Finally, someone pulled Trent off, and it was...Courtney!

"Come on Trent! They're not worth it anymore." Courtney says scornfully and walks to her seat, which happened to be next to Gwen. Gwen looked uncomfortable, while Courtney completly looked the other way. Trent shot one last murderous glare at Duncan, who now had a black eye and a busted lip to add to his face, and sat in the middle of the group. It was silent for a few seconds, then Scott and Chris started laughing.

"HAHAHA! That was gold! Loved it! Ah, I love it when they hand me ratings on a silver platter! Well, the next duo will give me ratings no problem! Let's bring the ultimate villians of this show, Heather and Alejandro!" The evil couple walk off the boat looking disappointed. "Chris, where's the real comeptition you promised?!" Heather demanded, Alejandro nodding. The people already there got pissed, and almost jumped them. But before they could, Chris answered them. "They'll be here! Don't get your panties in a twist!" Then they huffed and sat down.

"Jeez, they can be so impatient. Anyways, here's the next contestant, it's our favorite insane gal, Izzy!" She backflipped off the boat before it got to the dock. "Hey Chris! Glad to be back! Oh, hey guys! Why are the evil people here? Everyone hates them!" Gwen, Courtney, Dawn, and Duncan snickered. "They get ratings! Now SIT!" Chris told Izzy, and she complied...when they tranquilized her.

"I knew that'd come in handy. And last but not least, our favorite gay dude with the eye candy from season 1, Noah and Justin!" The boat docked, and everyone heard Noah shout from the boat, "I'M NOT GAY, I WAS EFFIN ASLEEP, GET IT THROUGH YOUR THINK SKULL!" He then walked off the boat and began to read a book. While Justin just walked off the boat, and winked at the girls, but they didn't even flinch. Justin sighed, not knowing what went wrong, and walked to his seat.

"Well, that was fun! And now it's time to introduce the newbies! Hehe, fresh meat for Heather and Alejandro as I like to call them!" The said contestants smirked, knowing Chris made it too easy for them.

"First up, we have our nerd for the season, and a boy who's a total jinx, Erin and Jonah!" When the boat pulled up, a girl with waist-long black hair, pale skin, and silver eyes comes off the boat, wearing a turtleneck, a ruffly skirt, and a lab coat. When the guy came off the boat, it exploded. "Really?!" Jonah yelled, while Duncan, Scott, and Chris laughed. He had caramle hair styled similar to JB, and bright hazel eyes. His shirt was black with the Chesire cat on it, beige khaki shorts, and green Nikes. He also wore a headband that said "#blackcat"

"Wow dude. You just got here and something already exploded because of you!" Jonah glared at Chris. "Shut up!" And sat in his chair. But as soon as his butt touched the wood, it fell apart. He grunted, and just sat there. This time, everyone laughed, besides Dawn. "Well, that was fun! How do you feel about being here, Erin?" She walked to her seat while saying, "Glad to be here, not glad to see you." Chris was shocked, while everyone else laughed.

"Ok, enough! It's not funny!" It took a few minutes, but it finally got quiet. "Ok, our next pair is a pretty silent writer who looks a little gothic, and our stunt dude for the season, Arianna and Adam!" The boat docks, and girl with blood red hair and black streaks walked onto the deck, and just sat in her seat, not doing much to entertain Chris, which annoyed him. But the dude skateboarded off the railing, onto the deck, and didn't fall! He had a hair cut similar to Ross Lynch, but the color was vermillion blonde with dirty blonde roots.

"Dude, that was AWESOME!" Duncan shouted, and hi-fived Adam. "Thanks! I've been working on that for a while now." Chris just looked even more annoyed. "Come on! The boat was supposed to explode!" Eevryone turned to Chris at that statement. "Forget what I just said! We need to introduce the next duo anyway." When Adam and Duncan sat down, Chris got his host face back on, and was ready to introduce more people.

"Next, a very flirty girl who's so bubbly Gwen might puke, and a dude who's known for being a strategist and player, Analisa and Tyler!" Analisa jumped off the boat, having had too much chocolate on the boat ride here. A girl with long ombre hair down to her belly button and light brown eyes, said in a frenzy, "Hi everyone! How're you doing? Oh it's Chris! My dad says if I ever get hurt, he's goinna sue your butt, you know that? Oooh, a butterfly!" And ran off to catch it, but landed in her chair. Everyone was just staring at her. While Izzy looked at her in amusement. "Yay, a new buddy for Izzy!" Then we all see a guy with a wild blonde mane of hair and green eyes walk off the boat. "Hey, nice to be here." He walks off the boat, and winks at bErin, but she just scoffs and looks away.

"Ok, honestly, I didn't expect her to be that crazy. Oh well! The next pair is a dude looking for a girlfriend, and another dude who already has a girl in mind, Zane and Dustin!" Both of them walked off at the same time. Zane had brown shaggy hair that fell in his hazel eyes, but one eye had a contact in it, giving his left eye a purple look. And Dustin had short brown hair with some blonde streaks in it, and green eyes. "Hey ladies!" Most of the girls looked at him, and looked away. He shrugged. While Dustin kept looking over at Dawn.

"Oh, I already sense some romance brewing! And our last pair! They both love music, they both hate the same things, and they both wanna win! And maybe find a boyfriend, of course. It's Bella and Skylar!" Just then, a boat pulled up, and you could hear various rock songs being played from the speakers. The both jumped off the boat, looking happy to be here. "Hey everyone!" Bella said. She had Dark brown hair that almost black that was down to her butt, with a streak or purple, pulled into a loose ponytail. Her eyes were big, bright and caramel colored. Skylar had bright orange hair, which everyone could tell was fake, straight down to her shoulders, and with side swept bangs.

"It's so good to be here! Although I'm scared of what Chris is gonna put us through." Skylar looks back at Chris with scared eyes. "Ha, you should be!" Skylar then yelped a little, and sat down, but not before stealing a glance at our favorite sarcastic genius. When she looked away, Noah stole a glance at her.

"Oh I love it wheh they're already scared of me. And our last contestant, finally! She's the smartest teenager I know, and could give Noah-it-All a run for his money! Please welcome Sally!" Then a girl with long straight blonde hair with a chinese bang, and pearly blue eyes, skips onto the dock. "Hey Chris! How are you? And do you know what 13 times 13 is?" Chris just looked weirded out. "Just go sit down." "Sir yes sir!" She saluted Chris and sat down in her chair, which happened to be right next to Noah, much to her pleasure, and much to Skylar's annoyance."

"Ok, we FINALLY have everyone introduced! In the next episode, we'll have everyone settled into teams! AND our first elimination! Who will hook up? Will some couples break up? What drama will ensue? Will rivalries take place? And will I get any hotter? Find out next time on Total, Drama, BLOW-UP!"

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