Harry Potter and a Triad Prophesy

Many years in the past –

The elderly man stood above an eerily lit cauldron. He occasional stirred an effervescent blue potion within the cauldron's depths. The bubbling brew kept his attention as it revealed images that caused the bearded man to gasp "Oh, my…my… that is very interesting!" in steady streams.

He continued to give the translucent concoction his attention for many hours into the night until the sun rose and a snatch of sunlight set on the cauldron's rim, ending his spell. Tired, excited and weary from all that had been revealed to him, he took a scroll and began to write what he had seen.

The single focus of the ancient ways will spread his legacy to the four.

Then they shall spread knowledge all over the isle to shape the future.

In time after, measured by thousand, comes a dark heart, a perverseness set apart.

Intelligent, crafty and slick as the night, he grows in power, a constant for naught.

His banner cry of blood impure, he inspires the wicked and those corruptible few.

They travel the land bringing eaters of darkness, frightening and killing for spite.

Out of the shadows grows a child of light, forged by lightening. Hurt by others, undaunted he seeks love and the kindness, of those, he has been denied. The love of two witches unbinds his power. One from Darkness, his dog father's family he cannot forsake. The second of light she his wisdom, his conscious voice, a whisper of trusts for many of his years- Both his angels of hope.

E. Merridan In the year of our lord 978

The old man duplicated the scroll and rolled both before he placed his ring seal into the wax and tying his signet ring to one of the messages. He turned to his faithful familiar of many years and gave him a look that spoke many words without sound. His phoenix let a merry trill before placing the letters in his bill.

The old man walked towards the door and turned before exiting "Fawkes my friend I must bid you ado. I shall not see you again. What I must do will take me from this realm and I wish you the best in your many years ahead, thank you for all that you have done." The phoenix replied with a sad trill before he lurched up and flashed away.

The present day -

The darkness of the evening sky sank heavily on the occupants of a once opulent mansion near little Haggleton. It, like many of its' new resident's souls, had decayed and its' interior was rotted from years of neglect. The once elegant staircases, now had worn boards running up and down its curved ramparts. Neither it or its' current residents could ever be repaired or brought back to a condition any other would find acceptable and with a sallow groan it awaited its fate.

On an upper floor, a woman paced back and forth in front of her window. A stream of curses flew from her thoughts. Her world had changed one month ago. What she thought was insanity and madness had become clear in her mind. It happened the second she watched her cousin fall into the veil. All that she had become, all that she had endured had come down to one faithful contract that her own father and her current husband had signed. It cast a dark spell upon her soul.

The realization that her father had knowingly sold her to be used in a blood ritual by her husband was unbelievable to her. She knew it was the truth and it tore her heart from her chest. She remembered everything now, her anger fueled by that betrayal. Her last few weeks had been spent in working out her escape and most importantly her revenge for those that had done this to her.

As she was pacing, two flashes of light occurred in her room. She ducked into a defensive stance with her wand drawn, a letter dropped in front of her to the ground. She carefully looked around the room and noticed no other danger and then feeling relieved, she focused on the scroll.

She placed many revealing spells and charms until she was sure that the letter was safe to touch. She opened it and began reading the hand written script before she promptly fainted. She awoke many minutes later to her husband slapping her face. Without reflection or thought she pulled her knife from her thigh holster and slipped it viscously into her husband's throat.

The surprise in his eyes was almost satisfying as she kicked his body from falling on her. She kneeled over to look into his eyes "Consider that a divorce you pig!" she spat into his face.

She stood up and looked at him as she slowly chanted "I divorce thee Rudlophus Lestrange, I divorce thee Rudlophus Lestrange, I divorce thee Rudlophus Lestrange." As she said the last, she saw the light of life dull in his eyes and he gasped his last breath. With a satisfied smiled she kicked him and then turned and grabbed a small bag of her things she could not leave behind.

She stood by the window and held an arm up as she called out "Fawkes." A flash came from behind her as she felt a feather brush her fingers and held on as she and the Phoenix flashed from the room."


A lone goblin sitting at his desk received a magical note. He read it with great interest and his eyes almost smiled. He promptly leaned back and picked a thick account book that on the front had the "Lestrange" name on it. He transferred all of the gold and silver from the vault into the vault of the black's. He placed the note into the ledger before he closed it. He promptly left his office as he muttered "As the prophets had predicted it has begun. I wonder how the Lestrange's will take the news that the Black Dowry has been returned… with interest and leaving them penniless?" he smiled with much mirth.

4 Privet Drive

A Blacked hair teenager lay passed out on the floor. Yesterday his uncle had finally cracked and he had become intimately familiar with his uncles cricket bat. He had not awoken since his uncle had hit him to unconsciousness before throwing him into his room until he could dispose of the body. He had not been able to defend himself as he still had twenty some days before he would come of age and the ministry was already gunning for him.

Into the room, a flash of light, came and a lone woman landed beside the dying young man. She looked around the unfamiliar room and finally noticed who she came to see lying at her feet. She cast a lumos and gasped at what she saw. The face, head and neck were severely bruised and distorted from the blows it had taken.

Before she could do anything to help the door burst open and Vernon Dursley stood at its' entrance with a smug smile and a cricket bat. He gently tapped the bat on his leg as the woman's eyes narrowed. "He will be dead soon, if he is not already. His freakishness could not help him, as yours will not help…"

Vernon never got to finish his sentence as the woman had raised her wand and severed his head from his neck. His body fell heavily backwards. A shrill scream was heard coming from outside of the door. The woman moved quickly and placed a silencing spell on the screaming woman. Another door across the hall opened and a very fat teenager, walked out of it. His eyes opened wide as he noticed his father's headless body lying in front of him.

Before he could do or say anything he felt a very strange sensation as his perspective of the world changed drastically and he lost all sense of reality. The woman had summoned the newly formed glass to her before she looked at the scared woman still trying to scream out.

The woman walked up and promptly slapped the hysterical woman "Listen up! If you value your son's life…" She shook the glass that was Dudley in front of her scared eyes "…You will do exactly what I say."

The crying woman took a couple of minutes to calm down some before the woman holding her son began again "What is your name?" she asked her.

"Its' Petunia" She answered.

"Petunia your son's life depends upon that person behind me living. If he dies then so does your son. Do you understand?" Petunia's eyes flashed in fear before she nodded her head in agreement. "Good, then get me some hot water, towels, and bandages."

The woman turned back around and looked at the horrific scene before her and her heart leapt in her chest. She realized that her life was tied to this black haired young man living. If he died then any hope she had would die with him. It was very sobering and she thought about it for many seconds before she transfigured the broken bed into a plush bed and levitated him on it.