Chapter 27 – 120 years in the future

Harry Potter stood behind the podium of the International Council of Affairs. It was his last day in politics and he was retiring from the ICA's Chairmanship. He looked at those gathered in the crowd and saw many friends and he saw Hermione, Bella, and Iralan. They had spent a majority of their lives in the Elven realm where they never aged. They still looked to be in their early thirties,

The Press and others had speculated many things through the years but Harry never revealed this secret about how they looked so young. The mystic of Harry Potter and his legend only grew larger from this fact that he was ageless. Today he had been given the Order of Potter. It was crafted by the Goblins from a special blend of Gold and Platinum and was the highest award that could be given to anyone.

"I leave here today knowing I have left a far better world to our children than I was welcomed to one hundred and thirty-six years ago. We now have every species of magical and non-magical beings represented on this council. We have coöperation agreements with every member nation and a fully integrated government of magical and non-magical in all but a few countries.

Eighty years ago we had the first working team of Aurors and Non-magical police who joined their ability to help keep up control and order for our world. I have read reports where the Non-magical officer has saved the Auror and vice versa. We have watched each other's backs and we are better for it.

Thirty years ago I saw the first teams of magical beings join forces with the Auror and non-magical police force. Together they have forged new bonds of friendship that have helped all of us live better lives. With the merging of magical, non-magical technology we have rid the world of many diseases, hunger, and our society has begun to go out in the stars. Our diversification has made us stronger.

Along this happy road we have built we cannot forget the many conflicts that we have had. There have been magical beings and non-magicals that have tried to sow the seeds of mistrust and gain control based on that mistrust. They were unable to do so because we fought back by providing the truth and more importantly compassion. I am very proud to say that we can end each conflict without battles and wars being waged."

Harry turned to his successor and handed him the gavel "Lord James Harrison Black I leave knowing this inheritance is in good hands. Good luck and may the gods help you."

500 years into the future –

The Wizengmont was in full session when the doors to the chamber were blasted open and in the doorway stood the legendary Harry Potter and his three wives. The four walked calmly to the center and Harry looked up at the main daïs and found the Protector of the Realms seats no longer there. He looked over and found that the Potter, Black, and Emry's seats empty.

As he looked around the chamber and reviewed his members he saw no Goblins, no Elven, Centaurs, Werewolves, vampires or any other magical being. He shook his head in shame and realized he had walked into this chamber pretty much the same way four hundred and eighty-four years ago. Hermione, Bella, and Iralan gentle gave him a mental nudge "Our children, Harry, what has happened to our children?"

The present Minister yelled at them "How dare you intrude and barge in upon this great and noble body. Identify yourself?"

Harry walked up to his podium and picked up a name plate and read it with disgust Cornelius Fudge. He sat it back down "My name is Harry James Potter-Black, Lord and protector of the Realm."

Fudge's face fell "That is impossible. That was just a myth, a legend."

Harry went behind the podium and revealed the blood runes that allowed the Chamber to find blood lines. He saw that the runes had been altered to deny seats to the Emrys, Potter, and Black blood lines. Harry quickly changed them back to their original form.

Harry then strode over to the Heritage line stand and stood on it. "I Harry James Potter hereby reclaim the Emrys, Potter, and Black seats within the Wizengmont and I claim the Protector of the Realm seats, so mote it be."

The Ministers podium was moved forward and another bench above his appeared with four chairs. The Emrys, Potter, and Black seats glowed with a golden hue indicating that the magic had accepted him and verified his inheritances. A gasp was heard from many members throughout the chamber.

Harry sat down in a center seat and proclaimed loudly "As protector of the realm I hereby revoke all powers given to the minister in my absence." Harry and Minister Fudge both glowed white and then Minister Fudge's Aura glowed blue and then went out.

"Now see here you cannot take all my powers on a whim. You are an imposter. You have done something to the Blood Runes." Fudge stated with irritation.

Iralan strolled up to the minister's podium "Why do you think my husband altered the blood runes… I caution you to answer truthfully."

Fudge appeared to struggle with himself for many seconds and lost the battle to answer with a lie "Because I charmed the Ward runes to not accept any Emry's, Potter, or Black into the Wizengmont, which means that he had to alter them to be accepted." Fudge gasped out.

An uproar was heard throughout the room as Wizengmont members were becoming enraged. Iralan grabbed Fudge and flung him towards the accused stands. It was there that Bella and Hermione placed him in bindings in the accused chair. She flashed her eyes and punched him in the face. Bella then took a dagger and placed it at his throat.

Bella with extreme anger "Listen little man you have just seconds to tell us where the Emrys, Potter, and Black families are or I will begin to start cutting little pieces from you."

Fudge's Eyes were wide open in fear "They… they are in my dungeon at my home. I was waiting to dispose of them later."

Two pops were heard as Iralan and Harry disappeared. It was an hour later that they both reappeared with thirty people. Harry came up to Bella and Hermione "Five people were taken to St. Mungos including one little boy named Harry James Potter. He had been tortured for two days." Bella and Hermione gasped and then turned back to Fudge.

Both said at the same time "Your Dead… nobody hurts our family." Fudge was deathly scared as they moved toward him.

"Stop… I will end this here and now!" Every one turned to see Harry with his green eyes with flames in them. "I claim a Blood and line ending feud with the Fudge Family and the Umbridge family. These families have caused enough grief and pain to my family long enough. It is obvious to me that they do not deserve to live."

A Wizengmont member stood up and loudly proclaimed "It is no longer legal to claim blood fued, it is against the law."

Harry turned around and held his arms open to encompass the thirty members of his family that had been rescued. "Fudge has already tried to end my family line and I have thirty pieces of evidence to prove it. Technically I didn't start this but I will be man enough to finish it."

Hermione stood straight and ignoring "Why Umbridge, how is she involved?" she asked Harry.

Harry didn't respond to her but gave a projection of Abigail Delores Umbridge torturing a little boy with a dementor. He then brought a memory up of his uncle beating him for his eight birthday.

"Who was that second projection of?" the Wizengmont member asked.

Harry looked at her "That was me and the present I got for my eight birthday. I will not tolerate child abuse. His great-great grandfather was minister of magic when I was a child and allowed dementors to attack me. This is not about me seeking revenge, it is about his family always hurting and attacking mine. Are there any more stupid questions?"

The Wizengmont member remained standing "What you are doing is not justice, it is barbaric."

Hermione spun on her "Did you make this much fuss when thirty people from three families went missing?" The Wizengmont member did not reply "You are nothing but sheep. You follow anyone that suits your fancy and then cry foul when they lead you off the cliff. Where are the Elven, Goblins, and other magical beings? Did you cry foul when they were led in shame out of these chambers?"

Hermione huffed in disgust. She then got an evil glint in her eyes. She raised her hands and chanted in a long forgotten language.

Bella turned back to Fudge "Name all of your associates who helped you pull this off and any other corrupt Ministry employee?"

Fudge tried for over a minute to fight the compulsion to tell. He finally began listing many names. He finished in two minutes. The senior male from the Emrys line answered "We know of these people but the most troubling is Headmaster Malfoy. It appears that he was in league with this worm as well and it also explains how they got to our children."

Bella screamed out "I Lady Bella Emrys-Potter-Black hereby call a blood and family line ending feud with the Malfoy Family. This is twice that they have attempted to end both the Black and Potter lines. It will end today."

The chamber watched as the room had a brilliant flash of light and then a Phoenix landed on her shoulder. "Fawkes please bring Lord Malfoy with or without his permission." Fawkes chirped happily and then flashed away. Within moments the Headmaster of Hogwarts was brought before them.

The headmaster looked up at Emerald green eyes and his eyes widen in surprise. Harry interrupted his thought "Don't tell me your name is either Lucius or Draco Malfoy?"

The blonde haired man stood up straighter "My name is Lord Lucius Malfoy. Why have you brought me here?"

Bella walked up and hit him square in the nose. She heard the sickening crunch of broken cartilage as he fell down "You are as much a pompous git as your ancestors were."

Harry walked to the center of the chamber and conjured a vast dueling stage. He released Fudge and threw his wand to him. "You can either get on stage and fight like a man or I will kill you where you stand. You cannot escape."

Fudge with a little arrogance walked up on the stage "You shall see that your legend means nothing here. Magical skills are what count now. Your name and fame will not help you."

Harry began to grin and then he removed his shirt revealing a still chiseled and muscled upper chest and arms. "Well in that case then I will not use magic at all. I will only defend myself with my bare hands and defensive shields only."

Fudge waved his wand "It is your funeral Potter."

Before the start gong sounded Fudge began a series of spell chains that headed straight for Harry. Harry merely smiled and stood there. The spells hit and flashed against his shield. Fudge continued for three more minutes and everyone could see the sweat forming on his forehead. Fudge stopped to catch his breath.

Harry began to walk towards him "I guess since you are tired it is my turn." Harry snatched the wand from his hand and broke it before throwing it to the ground. He then began a series of punches and kicks that Fudge could not even defend against. Within minutes Fudge had a broken leg and a broken arm. Fudge was a bloody mess as he lay on the floor awaiting his fate."

Harry went to the center and summoned for over two minutes. When he finished a form coalesced by Fudge. It appeared as a fire-breathing demon that was over fifteen feet tall. "This Mr. Fudge is a magical being that even the dementors fear. Since you and your family are so fond of dementers I thought I would let you know what they fear most. The being grabbed Fudge by his ankle and swallowed him whole. The entire time you could hear Fudge's screams of pain.

Bella came up on the stage as the Demon stood off to the side. She called Malfoy out and he hesitantly came forward. "I do not wish to fight and I do not recognize your call to a blood and family line end feud."

Bella laughed "You lost your choice when you attacked and attempted to kill my family. If you don't fight then you will die and your family line will end… all of them."

Bella began and Malfoy was able to shield for almost thirty seconds before Bella ended the duel with a slicing curse that went across Malfoy neck. The Demon came forward and swallowed Malfoy. Soon Fudge's and Malfoy's screams could be heard.

Iralan stood holding her staff in her hand "Let this be a warning to all that wish ill to our family. Those two men will spend at least one hundred years digesting in this beast. We are the legend of Harry Potter, known as Lord Emrys, known as Lord Potter, known as Lord Black, known as King Iranoth of the Elven Nation, and known as king Fang of the Goblin Nation. We are not dead, we are immortal.

We will always return in times of family need and if your family has attempted to harm our family we will end your family line. So say my magic, so mote it be."

The four disappeared…