Romantic ABC Kisses

I loved Reizbar-Ookami's ABC Kisses, but I couldn't help but wish it had a more romantic tone to the story. I couldn't shake the feeling and asked Reiz if I could borrow the basic concept to the original story, twenty six kissing stories about Seto and Joey. She said yes. However, our styles are completely different. My play on the story is one couple over the course of the relationship. It will be a challenge for me because I will have to keep track of the timeline and make up futures for all of the characters in case someone pops into the story and interacts with the main couple. Yugi and Tea will be a side pairing, if you don't like the couple or her, go away. This is a Tea friendly zone. Also there will be ooc ness, I'm not trying to keep them in character. I start with the character as I see them and as they age they change and alter like people do.


A is for Awareness

Joey was pushed into the wall, but it felt different. Six or seven weeks ago everything changed. One day Kaiba was picking on him same as always. The next day, he didn't. The name calling ceased and the fights ended. Then things got weird. Other feelings surfaced. Now he has been pushed against the hallway wall, classes were over and after school activities were taking place downstairs in the other corridor. They were completely alone. The hands pushing Joey against the wall were slipping down Joey's arms, feeling his muscles. The boy before him had a strange look on his face. It reflected Joey's, fear, confusion, hope, and longing flowed across Seto's face. Joey's back moved away from the wall. Was he moving or was Seto pulling him closer?

Seven weeks ago Seto felt different. On Tuesday he was his normal self, on Wednesday, his world tilted. He saw the Mutt all day and tried to throw taunts as usual, but nothing came out. They haven't fought in seven weeks. He didn't know why and it bugged him. He did not like not knowing something. In time he cared less and less why he changed, he felt better not growling at people all day. He reasoned that this was a sign he was growing up and the fighting was immature. He was suddenly aware of Joey. Soon he realized he liked Joey, but didn't know what to do about it. There was no one he could talk to about it. Not that it mattered, fate stepped in. He found the blond alone in the corridor and shoved, without force, the boy against the wall. Staring at the boy he noted the same feelings in Joey's face that he felt. He enjoyed the feel of his shoulders and arms. Was he pulling the blond or was Joey moving under his own power? Soon the boys were very close. The brunet's hands slipped down Joey's arms to his waist. Joey spoke first:

"I've always liked you, from day one, all you had to do was drop the attitude and…" Seto interrupted:

"I think I always liked you, but I couldn't deal with it, you are my rival and I thought you were straight, and in love with Mai. Eight weeks ago Mokuba overheard a conversation between you and Yugi. He heard that you're bisexual and the relationship with Mai never went anywhere."

Seto trailed off and reached up to tuck a blond strand behind Joey's ear, his fingers slid over his cheek. Joey smiled softly, as Seto continued:

"I guess that is what triggered this, I was suddenly aware of you."

Joey interrupted:

"I was always aware of you, but lately..."

Seto had cupped his cheek. He leaned in and kissed the other boy very lightly. Joey's eyes twinkled. Then he dove in again, this time crushing the lips. Joey moaned and moved his hands around the other boy's neck slipping his fingers into chestnut hair. Seto pulled away slightly and tilted his head like they do in the movies. He wanted to try that tongue thing, pushing his tongue in, both boys moaned; nothing felt as good as this moist heat. Seto curled his tongue around and played with the other tongue. Seto felt chills up and down his spine. Joey's knees went weak. It already surpassed all the kisses Joey experienced before. Joey pushed the invading tongue out of the way. Seto grunted his disapproval before he felt Joey's tongue enter his mouth. Seto pushed Joey against the wall once again to attempt to take over the tongue war. He succeeded and broke the kiss. This new kind of fight was wonderful. Joey and Seto were panting. Seto wiped drool off his face. Joey did the same. Seto asked:

"Are we boyfriends now?"

"We better be."

Seto chuckled.

"Six o'clock Saturday, dinner and a movie is the usual first date, right?"

Joey chuckled and reached for the others hand.

"Yeah, but no place fancy."

"No, the media are outside the fanciest places, and I don't think we are ready for that."

"I'm not afraid of what people think as long as my friends and family approve."

Seto smiled and squeezed Joey's hand. He began to lead his new boyfriend down the hall.

"Very well, I have to go to Kaiba Corp. and I will inform the publicity department, they will prepare a statement for when the media finds out."

Joey nodded his understanding and asked:

"How will Mokuba take it?"

"He's known for a year I'm gay and been pestering me about relationships. I think he will be fine with it, especially since it is you. "How will your friends react?"

"I don't give a shit what my parents think…Serenity, Yugi, and Ryou will be happy for me. Tea and Tristan will worry about me and Duke will make suggestive remarks."

Smiling and shaking his head Seto said:

"Ok then."

By this time they were down stairs just as Yugi, Tea, and Tristan left the clubroom. Seto gave his boyfriend a kiss on the cheek and said goodbye. Joey turned to watch Seto's butt. Joey turned back when he heard a thud and Yugi exclaiming:

"I knew it!"

Joey saw Tea helping Tristan who fainted and Yugi's eyes danced with joy. Tea said:

"Uh, Joey, did Kaiba just kiss you?"

"Yep, he's my new boyfriend!"

Tristan had just recovered when he heard "boyfriend" and conked out again. Tea exclaimed:

"We need to get him to the nurse!"

"Not to worry Tea, I got it." Said Joey

Joey used the fireman lift to carry his friend. Luckily the nurse's office was on the same floor.

"Oh Yugi...will Tristan be ok…will Joey?" Tea whispered

Yugi just chuckled and threw an arm around his girlfriend's waist and lead her down the hall.

"Stop worrying Tea they will be fine. Tristan will soon get used to it and those two have really happy lately."

Yugi noticed when the fights ended; those two boys were more and more relaxed and happy, yet confused. Yugi was glad they ended the confusion by getting together. The others just enjoyed the peace and wondered how long it would last.

"Are you sure?" Tea asked

"Yup, I trust them, even Kaiba, they will be fine."

Tea turned around in Yugi's arms and hugged him around his shoulders and said:

"I trust you, Yugi, if you say they will be fine, then, they will be."

The couple walked down the hall toward the nurse's office their arms around each other.


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