Half Human Chapter 1:


Emma was a half human, half Cyniclon girl living in Japan before the war between the Cyniclons and Mews even began. The scientists who turned her half Cyniclon killed her parents, so Emma killed them, and now lived in a parallel dimension of her own creation. Or at least, she did until the day a portal opened up and sucked her into another dimension. And that's where this story begins.

Present time: Emma picked herself up, and noticed there was a suitcase next to her. She picked it up, and started walking toward a sign she saw in the distance. When she reached it, she saw it said, 'Amity Park'. Noticing the sign was in English, Emma decided she was probably in America. Which meant she had to speak English. Great, Emma thought. I suppose I'd better think up a cover story for what I'm doing here.

Before she could think of anything, though, she sensed something. Looks like my powers are still working, she thought. Emma closed her eyes and saw a boy with black hair and blue eyes. I wonder why I sensed him, she thought. He must be special, if I can sense him. I'd better find out more.

She looked deeper into the boy's mind, and saw an image of him transforming. Now he had white hair, green eyes, and a black and white suit. So he's half human too, Emma thought. She looked in his mind a bit more, and found that his name was Danny Fenton, and his parents were ghost hunters who didn't know about his powers. Emma sighed. He might be my only hope in this place, she thought. I'm stuck here, so maybe I could convince his family to take me in. It's useful to know that his parents are ghost hunters, I can concoct a more believable story with that knowledge. I'd better do something about my ears, though… Emma touched her ears, and turned them human. Then she turned back to the boy's mind, and found out his mother's name, his father's name, and his address, and walked into town.

She eventually found their house. It wasn't hard to miss. There was some kind of satellite device on the roof, and the house said 'Fenton Works' on the front. Emma went over the details of her excuse for finding them one more time, and then went and rang the doorbell.

She waited a minute, then the door was abruptly flung open by a huge man in an orange jumpsuit. "Can I help you?" he asked.

"Are you Jack Fenton? The ghost hunter?" Emma asked.

"That's me!" the man said proudly. "Who are you?"

"I'm Emma Heart," Emma said. "My parents sent me here after they heard about your work."

"Who are your parents?" Jack asked.

"Melanie and Adam Heart," Emma said. "They heard of your excellent work on ghost hunting and told me to find you. I think they wanted me to learn more about ghosts."

"Well, you've come to the right place," Jack said. "Come in, and let's hear the rest of this story."

"Thank you," Emma said. She followed Jack into the house, and to his kitchen. A woman was there, as were the boy she had seen and a girl with long orange hair. They all looked up as Jack said, "We've got company, this is Emma Heart. She says her parents want her to learn more about ghosts, and they sent her to me!"

"That's wonderful, Jack!" the woman said. "But Emma, shouldn't your parents be here with you?"

"No," Emma said. "It's a long story, how I actually got here. But my parents were killed in a chemical explosion a month ago in Japan."

The Fentons looked horrified. Finally Mrs. Fenton said, "Um… can you tell us more about this? Let's all go sit in the living room."

Emma followed them into the living room, and sat down on a chair as the others settled down. "Do you want the whole story?" Emma asked.

"If you don't mind," Jack said.

Emma nodded and began. "My parents were chemists in Nagoya, Japan," she said. "They were interested in the supernatural as well, which is probably why they sent me here. A month ago, they were working on an experimental chemical that would allow humans to get special abilities- namely psychic abilities like mind-reading. Unfortunately, their assistant knocked something into a vial of the chemical, and the explosion killed my parents, the assistant, and destroyed the lab. A week later, I was going through my parents' papers and I found a letter for me. My parents knew that their work was dangerous, and they left me instructions on what to do if the worst happened. The letter said to take their money out of a safe, and use it to find Jack Fenton, a ghost hunter they had heard of. The letter didn't explain why, but I used the last of the money to get this far."

"If your parents were Japanese, why don't you have a Japanese name?" the girl with orange hair asked.

"My parents were American, but when I was a baby, my dad was offered a high-paying job in Japan, and took it," Emma said. "So I grew up in Japan."

"You speak really good English," Danny said.

"Thanks, I'm actually bilingual," Emma said. "I had just started high school when my parents died. By that point, most children in Japan know at least some English."

"Wow," the girl said. "Oh, I'm Jazz, by the way, and my brother is Danny."

"Nice to meet you," Emma said.

"How old are you, Emma?" Mrs. Fenton asked.

"I'm fourteen," Emma said.

"Can we enroll you in Danny and Jazz's school?" Mrs. Fenton asked. "I know your parents wanted you to learn from Jack, but you really should go to school as well."

"That's fine," Emma said. "I kind of wanted to see what American schools are like anyways. I heard you don't have to wear uniforms; that sounds nice."

"You had to wear uniforms at your old school?" Jazz asked.

"Yeah, I hated it. I don't really like skirts," Emma said. "I think all Japanese schools require uniforms, except the elementary schools."

"I'm glad I don't live there," Danny said.

"I'm going to call the school and sign you up," Mrs. Fenton said. "Jazz, could you take Emma to the guest room?"

"Sure," Jazz said.

"Oh, just so you know, my name isn't spelled 'H-a-r-t', it's 'H-e-a-r-t'," Emma said. Mrs. Fenton nodded, and Emma followed Jazz up the stairs.

"Just so you know, my parents can get pretty weird," Jazz said. "I hope you don't mind."

"Normal is boring," Emma said. "There's nothing wrong with being weird."

"You don't know my parents," Jazz said.

"My parents weren't exactly what you would call normal either," Emma said. "I loved them, but they were downright insane."

"Good training, then," Jazz sighed. "Here's the room. And just so you know, I always wanted a younger sister." She waved and left.

Emma opened her suitcase, and found clothes, toiletries, and a wallet in it. The suitcase was bigger inside then out, so there was a lot of stuff. Emma started sorting, and finally finished unpacking. She put the suitcase against the wall, and noticed the room was rather messy, and very dusty.

Emma went downstairs and to the kitchen, and asked Jazz, who was doing homework, "Do you have a vacuum? I thought I'd do some cleaning."

"Sure, it's in the hall closet upstairs," Jazz said. "Sorry that room's such a mess."

"I'm sure it's not your fault," Emma said. "I'm a very clean person, and I like housework, so it's fine."

"You LIKE housework?" Jazz asked in shock.

"I learned to do it at an early age, and the vacuum shut out the noise of my parents jabbering on about the periodic table," Emma said. "Still, I learned science pretty early in life."

"Maybe you should help Danny, he's getting solid D's in Science," Jazz said. "Are you good at any other subjects?"

"Math, languages, and reading and writing," Emma said. "Not so good with Physical Education."

"Well, as long as you get your academics, you should be fine," Jazz said. "Maybe you could help Danny too."

"I heard that comment about solid D's," Danny said from behind them. "I got a B on the last test, so it's not solid D's!"

"And you're failing Math," Jazz said. "Have you even started your homework?"

"Yes," Danny said defensively. "I just need to answer one more question on the science worksheet."

"Maybe you should have Emma check it out," Jazz said.

"Do you have to act like you're my mom?" Danny asked.

"I don't act like your mom!" Jazz said indignantly.

"Yes you do," Danny said.

Emma could sense a fight coming, so she said, "I think I'll just go find the vacuum and leave you two alone." She went back up the stairs as Jazz said, "Since I'm the only responsible adult in the house, it's my job to help you."

Emma sighed, and got the vacuum. Then she went back to her room and drowned out the shouting with the vacuum noise.

By the time she was done, she couldn't hear shouting anymore, so she put the vacuum away and went back downstairs.

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