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Summary: Raven goes to visit Alexander one night thought she finds Trevor smiling exiting the mansion. Thought as when she finds Alexander she gets the surprise of her life and she breaks down in front of Trevor. Though can she learn to forget Alexander with Trevor or someone else? Will Raven forgive Alexander? Will Raven finally get her dream come true and if she does who will turn her?

Raven's P.O.V

I going to Alexander's house because i have to tell him what Trevor did today he kiss me. Why does that idiot think he can kiss me whenever he wants does he really think it's funny? He knows since Alexander doesn't go to Dullsvile High with us he can get away with anything when it comes to me. Well he has it wrong I'll jet tell Alexander, Sebastian, and Jagger so that they can teach him a lesson. As I walk to the mansion I see Trevor's car parked outside the mansion.

What the fuck is he doing in the home of my boyfriend? I quickly walk to the mansion and when I get to the gates I see Trevor get out of the mansion. He smiles at me as he spots me and I just roll my eyes. Trevor tries to make me look into his eyes by giving me complements. Though than he says, "Monster Girl if i were you I'd get inside because I just brought a hot girl into your BF's home. She seems so nice also for a good time if you know what I mean. If you BF is doing that I don't mind being your re-bound."

Trevor walks out of the gates and I run into the mansion and knock the door. Jameson opens the door and says, "Miss Madison so nice to see you again. And Mr. Alexander is in the cemetery with his friend if you'd like I'll tell him you are here."

"No Jameson that's okay I would like to surprise him so I'll just get going," I said trying to keep my temper. Maybe Trevor was just lying and not telling me the truth. Maybe this was another friend Alexander forgot to mention like he did with Sebastian. Then anger hit me.

Why is it that I always have to find out about Alexander's old life by other people? I don't get why Alexander doesn't just tell me all about his life so I won't get any surprises like right now. I keep walking than I bump into the gates and it hurt badly. How can I have not looked where i was walking? As I was walking I saw some of the tombstones were shattered into a million pieces and I heard a moaning sound coming from where seem to be two dark figures.

I panicked in the inside because if what Trevor said than I might have just lost my boyfriend to one of his "friends" he never talked about. I kept walking towards the two figures and I saw girl on top of Alexander drinking his blood. Alexander looks at me he looked sad I guess for me to see him with another girl. Screw that ass whole of a vampire I ran away from him and his purple head friend.

I ran away to the where I saw Alexander and his girly friend. I now know that I should've listened to Luna's warning about Alexander having girls all over him. Ahh I can't believe that Alexander wasn't hiding anything from me anymore. I am such a fool for trusting that vegan vampire. I now know that Alexander was only after my heart and never my love since he can have anyone's love. I began to cry and I don't care if anyone sees me crying screw them. I just got my heart broken by an ass pirate of a vampire.

It seems like I've been crying for hours but only like five minutes and then came Trevor. He looks at me and doesn't say anything thought he pulls his iPhone out and sends out a quick text. I excepted for him to take a picture and to send it to the whole entire student body or the soccer team. Yet Trevor didn't he all he did was send a quick text and sat right next to me. Trevor didn't say a word but just stared at me with a sad expression yet a little bit of happiness.

Of course he would fine my pain his happiness or entertainment. Though he didn't say a word and I want him gone so I said, "What the fuck do you want Trevor? Aren't you happy I am crying my eyes out? Guess what you were right about Alexander and his friend having a good time together and if you want to go watch what they are doing go deeper into the cemetery maybe you guys can have a threesome."

Trevor just looked at me and he says, "Are you to blind to see that I love you? Do you really think that I love to see you suffer? My heart breaks when I see you cry or when I see you that I am not the one that isn't making you happy. I am here because I hope to make you happy and for you to forget that baster of a boyfriend that is making you crying."

I can't believe what Trevor just said this must be a joke or a dream because I know that Alexander will never break my heat. You don't really know him remember he doesn't tell you everything like Jagger, Sebastian, Stormy, Luna, or Claude, whispered a sly voice in my head. Well if this is a dream then fuck this I can do whatever I want this is my dream. I look at Trevor into his beautiful green eyes and pull him to me and kiss him. Trevor looks surprise since he is the one that always usally kisses me and I don't kiss him, well except that time he was drunk. He kisses me with such hunger, yet love that I had only felt when Alexander kissed me.

Alexander. Wait this is a dream so nothing will affect me in the real world this is just a nightmare or one of my fears my mind is creating. As I pull away I notice Trevor didn't have his aerpostale shirt and that I didn't have my red Vampira Corset on. Since this was a nightmare I don't care what happens since I will always wake up and nothing happens. This isn't the first nightmare that I've had when this has happened. This is my nightmare where I can change it to be a dream so I have always wonder what would happen if I ever let myself lose on Trevor.

Trevor in this nightmare his touch is different in all the other dreams everything is forceful though right now he is touching me as if he were afriad he would lose me like in a second. I let Trevor touch me because it feels good and this could never happen in real life because I am with my sweet Alexander. Trevor let a small moan in my mouth and it felt good like really good. Not even in real life had ever moaned when we kissed he always kept everything like Edward had done to Bella.

I pull away from Trevor searching for air because I can't breathe and my lips were burning from too much heat from passion or lust. Trevor than says while taking my comeback boots, "I hope that this is just a dream because if it's real I never want to forget this."

Then again I am in Trevor's arms and it feels good like the pleasure of real love. Wait did he just say if it were a dream. So this is not a dream this is all real. Then the next thing I know Alexander pulls me away from Trevor with force that probably left a mark for a while. What got my attention is that Alexander had his fangs out. Fuck. My. Life.