You Don't Know Me

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Raven's P.O.V.

I woke up with huge agony on my neck and I could see Trevor next to a tombstone crying as I lay far away from him. I was confused but then as I started to get up I remembered the whole thing that had happened. I remember me seeing Alexander making out with some purple headed girl, me running away from Alexander, and Rae, Trevor locating me and telling me that he loves me, me making out with Trevor, nearly playing hanky panky with Trevor, Alexander turning Trevor into a vampire, Rae well the whore she knocked me out, waking up, then all the voice mails left on my phone, and me letting Trevor drink from me and threating him if he nearly killed me.

Yeah pretty much I have been having a rough day finding out that Alexander really isn't an Edward type of vampire more like a Jagger evil type of vampire, Trevor essentially caring about me also Jagger, and Trevor being turn into a vampire by my ex-boyfriend. Then it hit me Trevor was now an official vampire before me which sucks and why the hell Trevor was crying he thought that he had killed me and that I was dead because of him. Trevor did care for me as now I am seeing him shriek because of me supposedly being dead. I stare at Trevor still on the ground just staring him cry thinking he just killed the girl he loves. Unexpectedly I saw Trevor turn around and look at me with so much pleasure, joy that I have never seen him with not once in the entire life I have had with him in Dullsville even when I accepted his expensive gift and I didn't return it.

One minute Trevor was far away from me and the next thing I know he is on top of me picking me up bridal style. I look at Trevor and his green eyes are sparkling as the water does in a waterfall. Trevor looked at me and said in a voice full of fear yet happiness, "Please Raven tell me that I am not dreaming and that you are alive in my arms."

I gaze deep into Trevor's beautiful green eyes and try to see his soul that I know must not be hidden anymore from me but to everyone else it probably is. He looks deeply into my eyes and says, "Oh Raven please talk to me I don't want to lose the girl I love. Raven please talk to me! Raven I love you."

I am shocked to hear the last part that Trevor said. He has never said that. Well I guess I have never heard Trevor say I love you to anyone not even to his mother or father who always gets him whatever he wants. I stare at Trevor for a seconds but they seem to be more like hours or even years and I don't like feeling like that. I put my arms around Trevor and pull myself into his lips without asking for permission.

When my lips came to contact with Trevor's lips they felt like a burning fire that needs to be kept alive and I have never felt this before well maybe with Jagger once but I think it was because I got drink because he did something to my drink. Trevor seemed to be pulling me closer and closer that I began to feel dizzy because I couldn't catch my breath with all the heat and passion going on between us. I started to begin to moan and as did Trevor and then he pulled away and says, "So those that answer my question or not."

I can't help but smile as Trevor has proven that I don't know him as well as I thought but I don't care I think I love the guy. As Trevor sees my smile he lets me down and I just don't want to touch the ground. Trevor sees that and says, "Is the monster girl that I fell deeply in love with not talking to me because I nearly killed her because I was now becoming my true self as her new vampire boyfriend."

I smile and reply, "First you are not my boyfriend just because you say so because you are starting to sound like your old self the one that gets on my fucking nerves-"

Trevor cuts me off and says, "Well you know that you love my old self but I guess you are going to love my vampire self now since you know that we both know that you love vampires if not you wouldn't have befriended Jagger, Luna, Scarlet, Onyx, Sebastian or even had become the girlfriend of the monster boy or should I say demon."

I pretend to not hear the last part of what Trevor said about Alexander. I can't seem to ignore it so I look at the ground and see that my iPhone is ringing and by the ringtone of Blood on the Dance Floor singing Frankenstein + the Bride I know that someone must be calling me. Trevor graves my phone and looks at the screen and doesn't look happy about whoever the caller is. I answer the call and I hear Jagger's say, "Oh My Fucking God Raven finally you answer your fucking phone I was about to have a search party go looking for you."

I feel really happy at hearing what Jagger said and I feel I warm feeling inside of me like the one with Trevor. I reply, "Well don't worry Jagger I am fine you don't have to worry about me right now and you really were going to send out a search party for me and anyway who would search for me in this town they all hate me or don't like how I dress?"

"Like hell yeah I would sent out a search party just for you and I you know what I would have searched for you so would have Scarlet, Onyx, Sebastian, Trevor, Matt, Becky, Valentine, Billy, and hell even Romeo and Luna would have searched for you and this messed up town. Like I told you before I love you with all my cold heart."

Something inside of me starting to start getting warm and fuzzy like when Trevor told me that he loved me or when the first time that I had met Alexander. I don't know what the hell was happening now but it all seemed not real at all. Like I guess hell must have frozen if Jagger and Trevor both had just admitted on being in love with me. I turn to see Trevor and notice that he is growling like a stupid wolf now what the hell was that about. Then I heard Jagger say over the phone, "Hey Raven are you still there or are you not listening?"

"Oh sorry Jagger well I don't know how to response to what you just said but I have a question can I meet up with you ate the Crypt and also Alexander turned Trevor into a vampire so I am going to need for you to help him. Please for me Jagger."

I heard Jagger groan and say something in Romanian and I am pretty sure it was bad because he sounded pissed even more pissed when Alexander found me making out with Trevor. Then Jagger says, "Yeah sure whatever I'll help him but both of you come through the back secret door the one that I had showed you. And please tell me that he has fed on something."

I didn't want to answer that question to Jagger something was telling me in the inside to lie to him but I didn't want lie to him. Though my heart told me not to tell him because it was going to break his heart and I didn't want that to happen. Yet I knew the answer didn't lay in my heart but in my conscious and I decided not to lie to him so I answered, "Well he fed on me since we don't want anyone knowing that they are vampires living in this town and now Trevor Mitchel is one because of me so yeah but I am fine and Trevor's eyes aren't scarlet anymore since her drank enough I think."

I heard I long sight before Jagger answered me and said yelling the last part and hurting my ear drums, "Where are you know Raven I am coming to pick you up and Trevor and tell Trevor to stay away from you because today might be his last day alive if he drinks from you ever again."

I turn to tell Trevor what Jagger had said and Trevor didn't seem too happy about it because I am pretty sure he heard what Jagger had said over the phone. I began to open my mouth to speak but Trevor says, "Don't you say anything I heard it all with my vampire hearing and who the hell does he think he is saying that I can't drink from my own girlfriend or tell her that he loves her when I am right fucking here listening to the fucking conversation even though I don't want to fucking listen to that ass hat."

I look at Trevor stunned that he said he is my fucking boyfriend just because I had let him drink my blood that doesn't need to start acting like a douche bag the douche bag that used to torture me. I ignore Trevor and say, "Hey Jagger I consider you should pick me up and Trevor will go to the Crypt so no one notices anything is up anyway he is covered in my blood so I kind of feel awkward here."

Trevor stares at me like what the fuck did you just fucking say about me look. I walk away from Trevor because I can't believe I just made out with an idiot who thinks he owns me when I can't even stand him. Then the next thing I know Jagger is right next to me. The guy I was just on the phone with. The guy that said that he loves me and the guy that is making me feel butterflies in my stomach. The guy that seems to have had been crying over me as well. And I see that Trevor isn't too happy that he is here but I am.

Jagger looks at me with worried eyes and I swear I can see that they are sparkling like if he had been crying. His diverse blue and green eyes looked so hypnotic. I pull Jagger for a hug but he at first looks disbelief and then he returns to the attention. We both hear a growl from Trevor and I don't care Trevor is being an ass. Jagger pulls away from our hug and pushes Trevor to a grave and says with a dangerous growl, "Oh My Fucking Fang what the hell did you do to Raven? She looks extremely pale more then she already is!"

Trevor snarls and says, "I did nothing to her. She offered me her blood and I didn't want to be turn into a fucking vampire but I didn't have a choice cause monster boy and his fucking vamp girlfriend turned me against my own fucking will."

Jagger pulls away from Trevor his eyes now scarlet red in anger eating him from the inside. Then Jagger says, "Are you sure you are talking about Alexander Sterling the vampire that won't let Raven join our wonderful world and the annoying Rae Snow who happens to be Luna's BFF?"

Trevor replies looking at me, "Yeah that same ass cock and his bitch anything else you need to know?"

"Well I am stunned that he turned you and not Raven but that doesn't matter nevertheless what I mean Trevor catch up with us at the Crypt I'll take Raven there just dance like usual and then head into the dungeon also if you get thirsty ask Romeo for a Bloody Corpse tell him I told you or just show him your fangs if not he won't serve you what you need to survive without killing anyone in there," said Jagger being all dictatorial then turned to me. "And Raven get on top of me and hold on to your breath as you are going to have a vamp piggy back ride all the way to the Crypt."

I march behind Jagger and hurdle on top of him holding my breath as he stated me to do so. We hear Trevor snarl and I can sense a smirk on Jagger's face. The next thing I see it's just a blur because it was and five seconds later we are in the Crypt. Jagger positions me down and I feel wobbly and I tumble towards the ground. However beforehand I can level touch the ground Jagger catches me and holds me bridal style like Trevor did earlier. Yet there was approximately something different between both guys I felt safer more with Jagger than I did with Trevor because with him I felt like a snack.

So I say, "Jagger make happy let me down I am reasonable for right now let's go inside now though it's getting kinda chilly out here remember I am still mortal here which is sad."

Jagger does as I told him too but utters, "Raven please tell me that you are not with Trevor because if you are I might have to die well my soul will shatter along with my cold heart. Please tell it's all not true."

I look at Jagger wanting to cry because no one has ever said that not even Trevor or Alexander. Jagger seems to notice it and exclaims, "Please Raven don't cry a girl like you should never cry I know you have it hard being a mortal when most of your friends are never-ending blood sucking gods and goddess and when you own nemesis is one now."

I still keep on weeping and we stay in each other's arms what seems to be an everlasting time. Jagger pulls away and gives me a sweet kiss on the lips. This kiss is different it is only full with love but nothing else unlike the ones with Alexander and Trevor which were full of hunger and lust. This kiss was like one I had only had with Alexander when he first came but then it was gone. I loved the kiss that I didn't pull away at all until Luna barged in and said, "Looks like my Alex now belongs to sweet Rae well hope you are happy with my brother he is the devil."

Jagger growls as if he were to attack his own annoying twin which I wouldn't mind to see and kisses me again but still the kiss stay clean from any lust or hunger. We still hold on to each other and it feels great I think I have found my perfect vampire who isn't what everyone considers he is. Luna just rolls her eyes at us and walks way complaining about us. We ignore Luna and walk into the club were we see Alexander and Trevor fighting and it's all bloody. Why the fuck are they fighting and thank goodness they are not fighting in front of the mortals if Dullsville.