Dangerously Evil Xeno-Linguistic Attack Befalls Sector V

The world was a particularly strange place. Sector V alone contained the K.N.D. treehouse as a central operating point, with the Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends ten minutes down the street, Dexlabs two blocks to the left and the Cul De Sac on the outskirts. Sector V itself was directly in the centre of Endsville, haunting capital of the globe. Just South of that was Townsville, with Bellwood thirty seconds to the West and in the North sat The Wilds.

Sector V started off as a codename for the area, used only by the Kids Next Door, but had recently become the commonly used name. The K.N.D. themselves had been enjoying a relatively normal day. Toiletenator was behind bars, several lost imaginary friends had been given a new home, and ice-cream had been enjoyed by all. Nobody expected renowned hero Finn the Human to arrive on their doorstep. He had passed out as soon as Numbuh Two had opened the door, and been safely carried to the infirmary, where the team leader discussed the situation with the group.

"All we can say for sure that whatever did this to him must be incredibly powerful," Nigel Uno, AKA Numbuh One, explained. "My Money is on Van Kleiss, Mojo Jojo or the Lich."

"What's his condition?" Numbuh Five enquired.

Numbuh Two looked down at his clipboard. "Not good" he reported. "He has a severe pudding deficiency. He also has a cracked rib and some major B.O."

Numbuh Three put her hands on the window looking into the room. "What do we do?" she asked.

Numbuh Four loaded his weapon. "We find the scumbag who did this and knock his lights out."

The others silently agreed, and turned to leave when a sudden groan escaped the unconscious hero.

Finn awoke to a boy, probably a year or two younger than him and wearing a pilot's helmet, looking down at him. He groaned again and reached for his sword, but he couldn't find it. He looked around, and recognised a treehouse, but not his.

"Uh, hi." The other boy spoke, "I'm Numbuh Two, but you can call me Hoagie. Welcome to the Kid's Next Door treehouse."

"Finn." the injured hero mumbled.

"Believe me, I know. What happened to you?"

Finn racked his brain trying to remember, but all he saw was a thick green and red spots.

He looked up at Hoagie. "I don't know. Where's Jake?"

Numbuh Two glanced at the door, then back to Finn. "We were hoping you could tell us. You just showed up at our door this morning. Don't worry; my team will take care of you. Are you sure you don't remember anything?"

Finn thought harder than he'd ever thought before. "There was a… a Russian kid. I forget his name."

Numbuh Two thanked Finn, and left the room. He approached his teammates.

"Dexter knows something."

Dexter sat at a desk, deep within his laboratory, finishing the upgrades to his computer. He had now constructed a full cybernetic body for her, with a holographic head. His computer just became a Computress. Proud of his latest accomplishment, he decided to take a quick break. He left his private lab and entered the Dexlabs main facility. Hundreds of Dexbots worked on numerous oddities, all of them only possible at the hands of Dexter. He moved across to a holo-graphic display, and checked his e-mail.

"Spam. Spam. Spam." He mumbled to himself, attempting to find a reason that Mandark could be blamed for his spam filter malfunctioning. Eventually he reached an e-mail that he'd been waiting for. It was from the Plumbers, regarding a request he'd made earlier that week to study the Omnitrix. For the fifth time in a row, they had denied him the greatest opportunity to advance modern Earth-science. He sent yet another request as a reply, then wandered upstairs to see if his visitor had arrived yet. The doorbell rang just as he went to check, and he opened it to see Finn and Jake, two of the world's most renowned heroes. Dexter had asked to study Jake and his abilities. At first Finn had been sceptical, but Jake had leapt at the chance once Dexter had offered to pay them. The heroes followed Dexter down to his laboratory, misusing words like "Algebraic" and "Rhombus" in attempts to describe the facility.

Once they'd reached the lab, Dexter had begun to study the enchanted canine when a proximity alert rang out through the building. Dexter checked the scanner and saw a large, plant-like object falling towards the Earth. It was throwing off energy signatures like Dexter had never seen. He called Finn and Jake down to his bunker, but before they could reach it, the incoming device spawned hundreds of miniscule pods, all of which broke right through Dexter's force field and began to attack the house on a bacterial scale. The building had become affected by an alien contaminant, and everyone inside was about to be killed. Dexter thanked himself for sending his family on vacation while he upgraded the house, then threw himself, Finn and Jake into an escape pod that ejected them from the house, and into the main alien device. They crashed to the ground under the weight of the Terrafuser, and were about to be completely destroyed.

Dexter awoke inside a massive crater that took up a third of Dexlabs. All of his technology had been destroyed, and Finn and Jake were gone. Dexter attempted to climb from the rubble of the escape pod, but was trapped. He glanced down at his leg and saw the bone through the twisted, melted green remnants of flesh. He checked the rest of his body and found only his leg had been affected as such, and hoped that it would not spread. Dexter heard a groan, then turned and saw Jake being dragged away by strange, mechanical creatures that had clearly been assimilated by this virus. Then he saw the Dexlabs logo on the side and realised that his Dexbots were in the hands of the enemy. Whoever the enemy was. Dexter looked up at the sky and saw more Terrafusers falling, attacking, invading his planet. He turned back to Jake and reached out to grab him, then proceeded to attempt to remove the remains of the escape pod that was pinning his damaged leg. He looked up again and saw several gumballs fly at what were once his creations. What's more, the gumballs actually did damage. The Kid's Next Door agents of Sector V ran at the Dexbots, blasting at them with several other unlikely ammunitions. Numbuh Three ran straight for Dexter and helped unpin him.

Once he was free, Numbuh Three carried him to the S.C.A.M.P.E.R., and the rest of the team soon followed. As they flew back towards the treehouse, Dexter looked out the window and saw a mass of planets, held together by a larger green world. A fusion of planets, pulled together into an unstoppable monstrosity. And it just destroyed his laboratory.