Malicious Adolescent Nemesis Does Actually Receive Kindness

"Hello, people." Mandark grinned aboard his Helicarrier, oblivious to the fact that only one of the heroes assembled before him knew who he was.

"MANDARK!" Dexter roared. "Where are we?"

"My Helicarrier, Dexter. Of course, you wouldn't know what a Helicarrier looks like, because you don't have one."

"Uh, Dex?" Ben whispered to the boy genius, "Who is this guy?"

"Mandark. My nemesis." Dexter turned back to Mandark. "Where are the Fusions?"

"Safely aboard my vessel." came the smug reply. "They're trapped in an energy field with several magical barriers put in place by my associate, Hex.

A hologram showed the captured Fusions.

"That's not all of them." Ben exclaimed. "There was one more, one of Bubbles. It… it made its' own Omnitrix."

"Are you sure?" Numbuh One inquired.

"Yeah. It grabbed the Omnitrix, pulled its' hand away and it had a red version of the faceplate right in its hand."

"You see, Dexter? You are facing a threat too big for your own forces." Mandark blatantly stated the obvious. "If you want to stop Planet Fusion, you're going to have to join forces with my villainous hordes."

"Villainous hordes?" Dexter inquired.

Mandark smirked. "Even villains need help sometimes. A network simply helps that happen."

Dexter paused. "One condition." he replied. "Stay away from my sister." The boy then turned and left the room, the other heroes following in his wake. Mandark sighed and tapped a small button on his desk.

The group found themselves in the front yard of the Fosters Home, once again thanks to Mandark's teleporter.

"What now?" Blossom asked the group. It was at this point that Mac freaked out.

"WE GOTTA FIND BLOO! Oh god, who knows what they're doing to him! We have to save him before the aliens suck his guts out through his brain! We need to"

Numbuh Four slapped him on the back of the head and pulled his gun. "How many of those things did you say there were?" he asked Dexter.

"Approximately thirty-eight more." the prodigy answered, his accent making the word "approximately" sound much more scientific than it actually was.

"Then let's get huntin'," the Australian ordered, "'coz it's alien season."

Jake awoke deep inside some sort of cave. He was being held to a wall by several tentacles that shone with an eerie green glow. He looked around and saw nothing but an endless labyrinth of tunnels. He had no memory of what had happened since he and Finn had ventured into Dexlabs, and he certainly didn't remember the blue thing that was hanging beside him. He had less idea about who the floating green girl was, but she didn't seem as nice as her pigtails would suggest. A man came to greet her. Jake didn't recognise him, but he could guess how evil the guy was from his haircut and the weird metal gauntlet on one of his hands. They spoke for a moment, and the strangely dressed man handed her something before leaving through a strange red and black void. Jake tried growing, in an attempt to escape. He grew and grew until he couldn't grow anymore. He then looked down at himself and saw he was only a little bigger. He looked back up and jumped. Fusion Bubbles hovered in front of him, somehow managing a sneer despite having no mouth. It grabbed Jake and dragged him into the darkness of the labyrinth.

Mojo's Volcano, Townsville

Entering the long, narrow pathway and through the bolted doors, Mojo Jojo awaited his minion. Assembled were some of the greatest villains the world had ever seen. Father, Mandark, Aku, Van Kleiss, and Vilgax. The group awaited the monkeys arrival in the colossal war room, their focus concentrated on the rotating hologram of Planet Fusion. The monkey minion arrived and opened its' hands to a reveal a snail with glowing green eyes.

"What is it you want, primate?" the irritable Lich snarled through his miniscule form.

"What I want is for our combined forces to maintain their current combined status so that we may prevent the Earth from being destroyed for in order for us to rule the world it must still exist and not in the amalgamation of worlds that it will become part of, for the Earth becoming part of this "Planet Fusion" will prevent us from ruling it!" came Mojo Jojos' snide reply.

"Can you, just once, talk like a normal human being?" Father requested. "Why is there a child at our secret meeting?"

"I am currently your only link to the heroes of this world." was Mandark's reply. "They have allied themselves with me, and by extension, us in an attempt to prevent the Fusion invasion. I am also working on a detailed scientific analysis of the planet."

"Speaking of which, what do we know about it so far?" Van Kleiss inquired from across the room.

"Quite a bit. But Planet Fusion is not to be taken lightly. They have assimilated incredibly hostile planets such as Anur Phaetos, Mutraad and the Glorft homeworld. This makes it highly unlikely that we could possibly survive such an invasion. But until such a time as the world ends, we shall operate as if it intends to spin on." Mandark explained.

"So what's the plan?" the Lich asked.

Aku spoke. "We must ally ourselves with our enemies and stave off the invasion. Then, when we have their complete trust, we'll cut them off at the knees."

Out in the wilds, past Camp Kidney and far out from the Pimpleback Mountains sat Nowhere. Nowhere was populated by an elderly couple, Eustace and Muriel, and their dog Courage. Courage, after an average day of staving off Chickens from Outer Space, was watching TV with his owners heard an ear-piercingly loud explosion. After recovering from the resounding shock, Courage ran past his oblivious owners and out the door to find a colossal spaceship crashed in his back yard. Heavily armed and heavily damaged, a panel of the ship fell of and out climbed an angered samurai warrior and an android.

A/N: The presence of Samurai Jack and TOM will be explained in the next story, "Absolution". Read it. Or not, it's your life.