Written for the 2012 IWRY Marathon.

This fic is complete and I will be updating, with very short chapters, every other day until it's all uploaded.

For those of you who are waiting for an update on Lovely Tonight: I promise, I am working on it. It's just being really difficult. I hope to have the last chapter updated by New Years.

She's not used to this. She's not used to him in her home, she's not used to him in her bed, she's not used to watching him sleep, and she's not used to the steady rise and fall of his chest.

She is, however, ridiculously happy about it. He's here and he's not going to leave. She's too happy to sleep and her mind is racing with possibilities.

She wants to teach him how to tan correctly, because she saw him in the sun today and he is so pale. She wants to introduce him to every food she can. And, if she does, she'll have to teach him how to stay in shape. She wants to take him on picnics at noon in the park, and the bakery just down the street and the coffee shop around the corner whose ceiling is made of the most beautiful stained glass.

She wants to marry him, but she'll wait for him to ask because she knows he wants to. She wants to learn and then take his last name. She wants to have his children. She's only ever wanted his and now that they can she doesn't see any reason why they should stop at two or three. When she's gotten her house there were other people living with her, but they had all moved out, and now she has five empty bedrooms, and another one she used as an at home office. She wants at least one child in each room. Their lives will be filled with soccer games and ballet recitals and anything else their future children want to do.

She wants for them to be happy.