Sometimes she has to work for it to cross something off her list.

It's Saturday and Angel hasn't woken up yet, even though it is almost noon. But Buffy has a plan. So she goes into their room and yanks the blankets off him.

"Buffy," he groans, "I was sleeping." His words are muffled by the pillow his face is still pressed into.

"Well now you're not," she replies sounding, in Angel's opinion, entirely too chipper. "Come on, get up. We have somewhere to be." Once he's up and dressed Buffy drapes her arm over his and walks him out of the house. It is a bright, sunny day with just the right amount of clouds. There is a pleasant breeze, but it's not too cold. They walk arm-in-arm down the street and around the corner and up a hill to a little park where the benches are shaded by trees. After parking Angel on one of them Buffy goes to the ice cream cart and gets a cone of each of their favorite flavors. He smiles up at her when she hands him his cone.

Eat Ice Cream in the park on a sunny summer day.

One day she pulls her list out and sets it at Angel's place at the table.

"What's this?" he asks before he reads it.

"My wish list," Buffy says chipperly, "It's everything that I've thought of so far that I want us to do." Angel smiles at her, then leaves the kitchen and shortly returns clutching a couple of papers.

"I do not call this a wish list," he says playfully, "But I think it might be one."

"We should consolidate them," Buffy says in a mock serious tone, "Make one list. We can put it on the fridge!"

"Buffy," Angel's tone is shocked, "Some of these things cannot be displayed on the fridge." She laughed and kissed him soundly.

"Angel, it hurts," Buffy's voice is small and full of pain.

"I know," he whispers soothingly, "I know. But it's not for that much longer." Buffy's head is leaning against his chest and her hand is clasped lightly in his. Their bedroom is warm and comfortable, and the midwife is monitoring Buffy's progress.

"He's right, dear," the woman says kindly, "it's time for you to push."

Delaney Starkid Summers-Donovan is born at 1:37 PM while the suns shines and the birds sing right outside the window. Her parents are filled with wonder the first time they hold her, marveling at the life they created.

Have a baby.