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So this is the last chapter. I hope you like it.

They start traveling. Angel wants to show her places he's been. Buffy just wants to explore. Their friends and family get postcards from all over the world: Brazil, Egypt, China, Japan. Sometime they'll get something more: bracelets from South Africa, Aboriginal art from Australia.

It takes two years for Angel, the planner of their trips, to take her to Ireland. Their friends don't get anything, but they find a small piece of jewelry for each of their kids.

Make love all over the world.

"We raised seven children," Angel says in exasperation, "We should remember how to do this."

"But it's been twenty years since we had a baby to take care of," Buffy pointed out. "And think about how Glen was. Honestly, we're lucky she's behaving at all." Glen and her husband had had to go out of town and, instead of crating baby Emma cross-country, had graciously left her with her grandparents. ("Mom," Glen had said, "Think about how many grandkids you and dad are going to have. You need the practice.")

Later, after Emma had finally fallen asleep, Buffy poured Angel a glass of wine in an effort to calm his nerves.

"What if we do something wrong?" he asks softly.

Buffy took his face in her hands. "Angel, look at me." She waited for him to comply before she continued. "We raised our children, and we raised them well. Now it's time for them to raise theirs. We give them help if they need or ask for it, but otherwise we let them be." She kissed him on the forehead, "Come on, let's go to bed."

A week later they watch the car carrying their daughter's family drive away.

"Ya' know," Buffy says slowly, "There are perks to being a grandparent."

"Really," Angel asks, play creeping into his voice, "Like what?"

Spoil our grandkids (but not too much).

As time goes by they add things to the list less and less frequently, and they cross things off more and more often. They cross off every item except the half of one they know they can't.

Grow old together,

Their children do it for them.

And die in each other's arms.