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Something More

April 10

"This is Ann Gora of Kats Eye's News, here on the steps of city hall where Mayor Manx has just signed a new contract with Augustus Purstein of Roarco Corps. In just a few months Roarco Corps has become the leading juggernaut of medical science, biochemical break throws and weaponry. Rivaling with Megakats own biochemical labs, the new contract would require the two labs to collaborate with each other to bring forth new studies to better kat kind as we know it. Pumadyne will also be working closely with Roarco Crops, to help advance defense technology for enforcer use. The new labs and company building are said to be completed within eight months."

"For now Roarco Crops occupies Megakat city towers, which was recently remodeled by the company for their personal use. When asked about where the company plans to work on their research and development, Mr. Purstien refused to comment about its exact location but did mention that for now they are working in a secure area where their work is safe. He also confirmed that both the mayor and deputy mayor have seen the center for themselves. Today also marks the one month anniversary of Roarco's Medical Hospital, as well as the new lines of sports drinks and food products. Mayor Manx was quoted saying that 'Roarco will not only improve the health care of the citizens of Megakat city but also aid in advancing Megakat city's defenses and Enforcers units.' This is Ann Gora, Kat's Eye News."

Johnny gave Ann his usual thumps up as he set down his camera. Ann was ready to head back to their news truck when an explosion was heard not too far from them. Without being told Johnny pickup his camera as Ann ready her microphone to report on another attack on the city and hopefully catch some Swat Kat action.


Six months later

Jake Clawson, age 27 and ex-enforcer, was staring down at the simple everyday machinery before him. He was not what you call a reckless kat; in fact he was the exact opposite. Cool and collect, this slim cinnamon colored kat rarely did anything reckless without careful thought. Unless of course it was an emergency, like saving the city from disaster for example. But even then his quick set rational mind would asset pros and cons.

Now here he stood in the dim lighted office of the garage, where he lived and worked along with his best friend Chance Furlong, about to commit a reckless act. He sighed heavily as he right arm moved to support his left, while his hand came up to his face, his fingers pinching the bridge of his nose. This was the tenth time today that he stood staring at the silly outdated brown phone sitting on the desk. Jake could almost swear that the stupid thing had grown eyes and was staring right back at him, daring him to pick it up. Great, a phone was making him feel self-conscious, just another sign that he need to get this over and done.

He dropped his hand from his face and leaned back a bit to look outside the office for his friend. 'Good, still not back.' He leaned back in and turned to face the phone once more. Reaching inside his pocket, Jake pulled out the slip of paper he had managed to get out of the trash bin last week without Chance noticing.

Call me hotshot. 551-525-355.

'He could make a collage with all the number he gets.' Jake thought jokingly to himself as he set it down. It never ceased to amaze him how the burly tom couldn't walk down a street without being pounced on by the fairer sex. Jake rubbed his neck as he looked back at the phone, feeling a bit out of practice. However, this was not what made him uncomfortable or even that he was going to call a number that was not his to call. No, it was the idea that for the first time he was going to infringe in his best friend's personal life. But as stated before, Jake Clawson never did anything reckless without careful thought. So he sat down in a chair near the desk and thought about what he was doing, again. Feeling like a complete idiot his warm honey colored eyes fell on the wall calendar hanging on an old rusted nail, it was then that his train of thought was able to moving along the rails of logic in his mind.

What was the situation that led a very practical kat like Jake to start playing match-maker?

It started back five months ago to what Jake and Chance referred to as 'the void'. When for the first time in over three years the Swat Kats were not needed. Sure they went out on their patrols, continued updating weaponry along with the turbokat and trained. But for three months they were not called into action. At first they didn't notice that a week and a half went by with no major calamities or unnatural threats that the enforcers couldn't handle. By the end of the fourth week however the two toms were almost at a lost with what to do with their spare time. Jake chuckled as he remembered Chance cringing when he had asked him if this is what it was like to be normal.

"Yeah, nothing more than a couple of ex-enforces working the shit end of the stick."

Nothing more than just junk kats. Well, that was just plain depressing. Still, at least the city was safe, it's not like they would want it in ruins every day of the week. Things were slowly looking up for the city that was a glutton for punishment. Feral had managed to keep Dark Kat under lockdown without any problems, once the Swats Kats handed the creep over to him before the void started of course. Hell, the Commander even got just a tad bit wise enough to put what was left of the metallikats in a heavily guarded volt deep with Enforcer HQ. A lot better than just tossing then in some cage among other pieces of junk with nothing more than a guy at a desk to watch over it. Gold star for Feral.

The second star came when a strong head she-kat by the name of Felina Feral became the leading force of the special tactical unit. For once, the Enforcers had been able to up hold their name by bring down more than the minor threats. Yep, that sure earned Feral another star for being smart enough to put his niece in that position. Favoritism or not Felina was the best enforcer they had. Jake couldn't help but smile at the thought of the lieutenant; she was defiantly not your everyday she-kat. As hot-headed as she was she was also quick-witted, strategic, and open to new constructive ideas. This was a lot more than he could say for Feral, but let's not go there.

Two months passed since, 'the void'. Again the city need the Swat Kats' aid . They had been on three missions over those two months, not too bad. The first was Hard Drive trying to steal another major piece of weaponry from Pumadyne, too easy. The second was some weird kat clown trying to spread a deadly laughing gas throughout the city. That was neither Jake's favorite memory nor his brightest moment, that villain did not help his phobia of clowns at all. Plus it supplied Chance with a lifetime of shit 'n giggles. He was just grateful that karma was a bitch because the last mission involved giant kat eating spiders. Yeah, the big guy was not laughing then, than again neither was Jake, who shudder at the every though of the giant eight legged monsters.

Yep, life couldn't get any better. If they weren't defending the city from every kind of crazy evil that could exist then they were working their tails off to payback their debt to Feral. Anytime left over was up to them, and now that time was slowly increasing. This got Jake thinking, then asking a very dangerous question. Was there anything missing? And if so, what?

The answer that came to him was so corny, so cliché and so unoriginal that it almost hurt him to think of it. But it was what it was and like any genius Jake tested his theory on himself. While the 'right one' had not been found just yet he knew he was on the right track. Of course with the cliché solution came the even more cliché draw backs, forcing him to ask a few more questions.

Was it possible to find not one but two she-kats that could handle keeping a very dangerous secret? Willing to understand that the mission would have to come first? That not coming back from a mission was a possibility? And most importantly, be okay with the fact that even if they were not Swat Kats they were nothing more than a pair of mechanics. Force to labor away in this shit hole.

"Hell no!" would be Chance's answer and once he shared that opinion too.

Now that their roles as Swat Kats were changing, however slowly, he was not too sure about that. The true was that they never really tried or had the time. They will always protect this city, make no mistake about that. Jake and Chance have done it for four years starting next week and will continue to do so till they were no longer need or dead. Whichever came first, but there just had to be more to their lives than just vigilantes and two nameless mechanics.

Jake pick-up the phone slowly as his ears twitched at the dial tone and slowly began punching in the numbers. Chance was not going to be happy about this, but there are worse things he could do. Setting him up with a date with a very good-looking she-kat that they both meet last week, at the rental store, was not one of them. She was average height, slim, long curly dark blond hair with light tan fur. Pretty, a tad too bubbly for his taste, but she seem like a nice kat. Chance was a natural when came to turning on the charm, it was the follow through and the commitment that was the problem. Being a Swat Kat did have its down falls. It was never a rule that they couldn't date, but what was the point if they would have to pussy foot around why they had to go every time the city was endangered. A towing emergency? That excuse would get old real fast.

Jake knew that there would be a time when they would be no longer needed. After all, everything did have its end. Sure he didn't know when that would happen and that the situation now could change at a moment's noticed, but somewhere in his gut was telling him that it was time to start something new. He groaned, thinking that last thought was just to cheesy, as the call was patching through.

"Please pick-up." Jake said to himself as he drummed his fingers on the desk. He had a feeling that his time was running out. Then the tone stopped and…the answering machine picked-up.

"Dammit!" he cursed as he listened to the sound of a bubbly she-kat. "This is Lila Fairclaw. I'm not here now, but leave your name and number and I will get back to ya. Bye!"


The words were caught in his throat as he heard his best friend's voice calling out for him in the garage. Slamming the phone down, he quickly grabbed up the slip and stuffed it in his pocket.

"Hey Jake! Are you here or not?" called out the tall yellow tom as he came through the garage with two bags in his arms. Chance Furlong, age 28 ex-enforcer pilot, caught the sound of the phone being slammed down as he turned the corner.

"Oh hey buddy, need any help with that stuff." The smaller kat asked as he tried to act normal. Chance raised his brow at his partner "No, I got this. Having phone problems?"


"The phone, I heard you slam it down just as I came in." Chance said as he walked over to their fridge.

"Oh that, it's nothing. Just another telemarketer."

Before Chance could question him the phone rang causing Jake to quickly swipe it up.

"Megakat city salvage yard towing and repair, Jake Clawson speaking. How can I help you?"

"Oh, hi Jake." Answered a soft voice. "This is Lila; I think Chance tried to call me and I was just…"

"Hold on a moment." Jake said as calmly as he could. This could still work, she was more than willing and all Chance needed was a little push.

"Hey Chance, it's for you." The big kat stopped what he was doing and waited for a bit for Jake to tell him who it was. When it was clear that Jake wasn't going to tell him anything he got up and took the phone. "Hello, this is Chance. Lila?"

Moving over to where Chance was the sly tom began to finish putting away groceries. Nothing like busy work to make you seem innocent. Good thing too, cause Chance was glaring over at him with a suspicious eye.

"Hey how are you?" The yellow tom said as he turned on the charm in his voice. "Well I'm doing just great now that you called." Jake rolled his eyes as he grab a can of milk before closing the door on the refrigerator. He settled down on the couch as he listened in on his friend conversation.

"What? Oh really." Chance lead against the desk as his deep blue eyes attempted to burn holes in the back of his 'friend's' head. "So did I leave a message when I called?"


Oh he said that with a deep charming voice that could make almost any she-kat faint with lust, but Jake knew him long enough to hear the threat in it. Time for evasive action! The red tom turned on the T.V and kicked it back like he didn't have a care in the world, totally ignorant of what Chance was talking about.

"No, well I'm just glad you called back. Huh? Thursday night? Well, I would love to, but you see…"

"Hey Chance!" Jake spoke up, cutting off Chance before he could finish giving Lila his excuse not to see her. "I thought I should let you know that I'll be test driving the cycletron, so no patrol. And no I don't need your help."

"Are you crazy!" the blond tom hissed as he covered the phone. "She'll hear you!"

"Oops." Jake shrugged as he went on being invested in the T.V.

Shaking his head, Chance went back to the phone, "Sorry about that Lila. My pal was just saying something to me. So Thursday sounds great, I'll meet you at six 'clock at Joe's diner. Okay, I'll see you then, night."

Jake felt a pang of triumph as Chance hang up the phone, now all he need to do was tap dance out of getting in trouble. Oh he knew he was caught, but it didn't mean he had to admit it. The smaller of the two toms continue to watch the David Litterbin show as he sensed his friend move to the couch and settled in next to him.

"So that was Lila, if you were wondering." Chance said in a neutral tone, his eyes glaring at Jake who just went on watching his show.

"Oh that's great, how is she?" Jake asked, not looking away from the T.V. He then burst into a laughing fit at one of the jokes on the show.

"Good, she was just returning a call that she missed. That I apparently made."

"Well that's one way to break the ice." The slick tom replied before taking a sip of his milk.

"Yeah, only I never gave her the number to this place." Chance watched as Jake shrugged and looked over at him saying, "Must have used a phone book. Hey Chance look, your favorite company has another drink out."

Chance frowned has his attention shifted out to the T.V. and watched as Roarco Crops. Announced their new reenergizing sports drink, now with zero calories. "I'm already drinking something like that, it's called water."

Chance muted the T.V, before another one of Roarco's commercials could pop on. Jake shook his head as he chucked lightly. The day they caught Dark Kat was the same day the announcement was made that Megakat city had a new occupant. The next day the followed was when 'the void' started, a bit too coincidental for Chance's taste.

"I never took you for being the conspiracy theorist type."

"Yeah well, I just don't get a good vibe from them. They got too big too fast to not be bad news." Jake rolled his eyes as he sat down his drink, and then picked up the latest issue of Technology Today. The front cover showed a picture of Roarco's latest invention.

"I know what you mean Chance; they are pumping out some wicked tech and weapons. But look at the good they are doing and the Kats that they are helping. They say that this machine can stabilize brain waves and help comma victims, it might even bring them out of it."

Chance glanced at the magazine and shrugged. "Look, I'm not saying the stuff they come up with is bad. It's just that I find it unbelieveble that none of our old 'friends' have tried to ram shack the place. Dr. Viper wouldn't think twice about robbing Megakat Bio-labs, but now the creep hasn't once stepped anywhere near that place now. And what about Megakat Towers, nobody has been able to move in it without trouble. But somehow Roarco has and if you ask me, if the bad guys are avoiding that place than there must be a good reason."

"Come on Chance, Callie wouldn't…"

"Callie wasn't the one who dealt with them or even did the paperwork. I asked her about the last time she was here and she told me that it was one of the Manx's pet projects. Guess he was trying to play Mayor from once."

Jake sighed as he took what Chance said into consideration, then looking at the T.V, he saw that their little chat had caused him to miss the rest of the show. Frowning he got up and stretched before saying goodnight to his friend.

"By the way Jake, was there a special reason to nearly blow cover while I was on the phone?"

Jake looked over his shoulders at the yellow tom who looked at him knowingly. "No, just giving you a heads up. I just thought that it wouldn't hurt for you to get out for a change."

"Hey I get out!"

"You know what I mean Chance. Now before you cough up a hair ball at me I just thought that it would be nice to start meeting other kats. As much as I would love to grow old with you, you're too much of a pain." Chance chuckled at that last remark then sighed as his features soften.

"Jake, I know things are slow but we need to be ready for anything. What do I tell her if I have to run out on her?"

"Towing emergency?" Jake replied as he leaned against the door frame.

"That would get old fast if and I mean if, we started to see each other more." the lager tom scoffed.

"Just give it a chance, unless of course you're afraid you lost your touch." Jake laughed as he dodged an empty milk can.

"Alright smart guy I'll go. But aren't you going to start going out too?"

Jake grinned at his question. "Oh I get out enough. I'm just not one to tell." He almost again laughed at the surprised look on Chance face but it quickly fell away as he grin right back at him.

"I see that you've planned this for a while. Just remember that we can't get too involved. I know things have been slow but we still got a mission to do and a secret to keep safe." Chance reminded him as he got up to close up the garage.


It was all Jake could say, but maybe, just maybe, something will happen to change his friend's way of thinking. He knew the big guy liked the deputy mayor a lot, but he couldn't help feel that it was more of his protective nature that was drawn to her. This whole 'look but don't touch', 'dream but don't act' was not them and was no way to live. Lila may not be the Kat meant for Chance but at least it's a start. And Jake plan to keep looking for himself too.

Chance's little word of advice connived Jake more than ever that it was time for a game changer.


Deep within the canyons of MegaKat desert a storm was brewing slowly over head as a lone middle-aged sliver Kat in a tore lab coat stood alone with his machine, looking at the sky above him.

"Not much time left." He muttered to air as it whirled wildly around him. "It will start soon and when it does that poor city will crumble and fall. I can only hope that…"

His coughed harshly into the sleeve of his coat, as his free hand grasped the small cold metal around his neck. As he coughed he could taste the copper flavor of his blood as it splattered on his once white coat. He closed his eyes so not to look at it and pulled out the small pendent to open it. His grey eyes only opened when he heard the faint 'click' of gold metal opening. He sniffed has he looked down at the picture of a young she-kat, someone whom he will never be reunited with again because he was going to die. Possibility within the next few minutes but his will was strong and he had much to do still. Dying would have to wait for now.

He looked up at the dark sky as the storm grew bigger. And for the first time in a very long time, prayed.


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