"Which first t-shirt or jeans?" He smiles at her a little nervously.
"I don't care as long as they come off within..."she looks at her watch "say five minutes."
"Oh." He winks at her. "So ya want me to take it slow do ya?"
She leans in and ruffles his hair. "Fast or slow it doesn't matter to me. I want you to be comfortable with this. That's what's important."
"Having your shoes and socks off is a start." She smiles encouragingly. "Would it help if I shut my eyes? Or took them off for you? I'm sure you've nothing to be embarrassed about. I bet your body is in good shape. I know you jog and work out."
"My body is in great shape." He pulls off the t-shirt and tosses it across the room knowing that her tease was a dare but still unable to resist it. Unable to resist her, whatever she asks. He turns around slowly in the centre of the room and she lets out an appreciative wolf whistle. He bows.
"Why thank you little lady."
"I know you're nervous but there's no need."
"Nervous? Who me?"
She simply smiles at him knowing him too well to believe the lie. She walks to the far end of the room and looks out the window pretending to be interested in the view. He sits on the low slung couch and with more reluctance than he'd anticipated having at this moment peels off his jeans and tosses them on top of the t-shirt.
"There. Done."
She still doesn't turn and glances at her watch again. "I suggest you get comfortable. Just lie back and enjoy this. Are you wearing what I suggested? This really is a briefs not boxers situation."
"Why don't you turn around and see?"
She does and can see he has complied with her suggestion as their heads both turn at the sound of laughter and people entering the building.

"There's just one more thing."
"Well I thought...that is I told them..."
"That you'd be comfortable with total nudity. It really helps if they can see the entire body and..."
He grins at her. "You're not staying are you?"
"And you won't tell anyone about this especially Ziva?"
"Of course not Tony."
"Well I did lose the bet so it's okay. It'll be fun. Now scram."
"Thanks so much. Bye."

She dashes from the room before he can change his mind. As the group of women enter and begin setting up their various easels and other bits of equipment he has just one thought, that Gibbs would never find himself the model for a life drawing class. He smiles and stretches out making a mental note never to make a bet with Abby again.